We visited some Chinese gardens yesterday. We saw flowers, fish (mommy called them Koi first) and buildings. #learning #culture #nevertoearlytostart #twins #twinsisters #twinsofinstagram

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I'm pretty sure he is working🏋️‍♂️ out in there. Because #legday 😄. .
This is my queue.... "mami,let's go"
Him🤰 and my girl are going to be my greatest followers, challengers,motivators, cheerleaders,and supporters when bouncing back!!! .
For now, to embrace this view, and all the feelings...😍.
#32WEEKSPREGNANT #babybump #babymoves #nevertoearlytostart #mypregnancyjourney #watchme #igpregnancy #burhamamama #preggo

Now that we are settled in our new house 🏡 and enjoying living in NJ so much, I’ve decided it’s time for me to start coaching again!!! As you all know, my passion is health and helping people reach their goals. It’s not just physical, but mental and spiritual; it all goes together! You can eat perfectly, drink tons of water and exercise daily, but if you don’t deal with the crap going on in your ❤️ and 🧠 you’ll still be unhealthy 😐. So please come join me for an amazing journey to a healthier lifestyle! I will provide you with structured workouts, a community support system, nutritional guidance and accountability 🤝! I promise if you stick with it and come along on this journey you will achieve awesome results all around 💯 and go into 2019 healthier, sexier, and happier. So stop blocking you from living your best life! Just send me a message if interested and I will give you all the details! Next round starting October 1st and there are a few spots still open so let’s chat ! Cheers to a healthier you !!
Chat soon ✌🏼

Today was a pretty exciting. This little man gave his 1st tithing.
The tooth fairy made a visit last night and left a $20 (the tooth fairy missed the last 10 teeth but no judging here right 🤦‍♀️). So this morning, after all the excitement. We talked about tithing it. When i asked him why we tithe. “Because we give back to GOD, jesus died on the cross for our sins and we need to say thank you!” Can you say melt me! I ❤️ that we get to share with our children the importance of tithing our 1st fruits.

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"Bake It Happen" spatula in navy with measurement chart on the back. Perfect as a housewarming or Christmas gift paired with cookie mix! $7.95 each. 2 available. Comment sold! #bakeithappen #nevertoearlytostart #christmasshopping #housewarming #cookies #lesshouse #morehome

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Beloved gingerbread - I waited 9 months for you and now I'm blessed.
Btw I have no kids... #already #gingerbread #germangingerbread #christmas #nevertoearlytostart #inlove #foodporn #ig #instagram #insta #lebkuchenliebe #cake #berlin #yummie

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Mini Skateboards for Mini Groms👶🏼. 6’5 First push soft top complete skateboards are back in stock @blindskate available in store and online #microgroms #softtop #completeskateboards #beginner #supportyourlocalgroms #gromlife #nevertoearlytostart #truckstopdontstop

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Hoy nos toco trabajar desde casa, la cría 👧🏻 esta enferma y en la guardería no reciben enfermos. 💪🏼
Nunca es muy temprano para presentarle modelos a seguir importantes sobre mujeres a lo largo de la historia. Hoy estamos aprendiendo sobre Harriet Tubman y Sonia Sotomayor, con el libro She Persisted de Chelsea Clinton. 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️

#shepersisted #persistir #nevertoearly #nevertoearlytostart #leeunlibro #harriettubman #soniasotomayor #mujeresqueadmiro #modeloaseguir #rolemodels #earlydays #earlyyears #earlychildhood #homeoffice #trabajodesdecasa

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