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hoomans, i dont know what to say. This is what happens when i dont get my morning walk! 😈 plus i really have it in for that kale book, @scpassaro #50shadesofkale #puppycam @nest #nestcam #wheatensofinstagram #neverthelessHEpersisted #naughtypuppy #wheatenlove @hshpetcare, adopt me?

Nevertheless She Persisted. UP FOR BIDDING!! 60% Goes to NOW(National Organization for Women)! This is a pretty large abstract, 36x48 with black and white varnish as well as some neon pink and some teal. BIDDING ENDS WHEN THE PAINT IS DRY
#shepersisted #neverthelesshepersisted #neverthelessart #elizabethwarren #nationalorganizationforwomen

Marching with my resister sister in Hyannis today. Great turnout for the Cape and Islands Women’s March I’m inspired to keep speaking up to make our country better. *note my sister is on crutches. #neverthelesshepersisted #WomensWeekend #womensmarchcapeandislands2018 #WeekendOfWomen #WomensMarch2018

Let me present you a very special person who has a big place in my Mama's heart.
This is Ethan, aka Super E! Ethan made the news @abcnews with this video credit by @milliondollarbeast.
Mama knows him since he was a little boy. When Ethan turned 8, he became very ill. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is now 18. He is blind.
10 years of Dr appointments, of surgeries after surgeries, of visits to the ER, of chemotherapy, of meds, of therapies, of ups and downs...
Let me tell you something, ... No don't let me tell you, look at the video and see by yourself how brave, strong, funny and handsome he is! He just earned his brown belt, it took him 3 years, HE NEVER GAVE UP!
And his family? ... Not sure where to start, they have been through so much, too much! .
So I would like to ask you a favor my friends and please visit @abcnews or @milliondollarbeast (video credit) and give it a big LIKE and a COMMENT for our buddy E.! Because, he and his family @megalamegan @tinggayderick so deserve it!
Thank you for reading! Thank you for caring!
#SuperE #neverthelesshepersisted #bravery #kickingcancerbutt #video #rensta #CHAMP #survivor #cancersucks #inspiration #hapkido #brave #bestrong

Being a 2nd generation #artdealer I come from a long line of artists and am fortunately to have grown up with aesthetics surrounding me daily. Ray H. French, my grandfather was an internationally exhibited and recognized #20thcentury #multidisciplinary #artist Ray was head of the art department @depauwu He helped train my eye from an early age and while he passed before he could see me attend #artschool or become successful myself both as an artist and art dealer, I would hope he would be proud of his #blueeyes. Some of us are fortunate to be surrounded and grow up with art, Ray’s family did not support such artistic pursuits but suggested he continue their #coalmining lineage. The Great Depression, coal miner’s son, art school student, army air corps, WWII, Artist, art teacher, printmaker, sculptor... blind. Ray persisted and you can view a few of his works here. Rather #surrealist and #abstract his style evolves throughout his lifetime culminating in completely #nonobjective pastel works depicting his #cataracts and macular degeneration through closed eyes. His assistants placed specific colors in his hands and he drew strictly through muscle memory. #neverthelesshepersisted #midcentury #midcenturymodern #printmaker #sculptor #ww2 #thegreatdepression #bisexual #iowa #engraving #graphicconstruction #moma

About a year ago I had some “epiphanies” that at the time, I believed were life giving/changing. And #eyeseecolor began, transformed by the week, even the day and hour at times. The juxtaposition of feeling the most loved and most abandoned I’ve ever felt sent me into a tailspin.
What was real to me was far outside of the ordinary and alarming to everyone who loved me. I could not see the forest through the trees.
As time moved on and we pulled myself up from rock bottom, I wasn’t sure what I wanted or “should” do here anymore. What was birthed in a manic response to the election of #hewhoshallnotbenamed wasn’t my focus (getting healthy was) and I felt like my creativity had run dry.
The first thing I posted as #eyeseecolor was a picture of a painting I’d made as a creative exercise by copying a drawing my daughter Sonora had made. My kid’s’ art was and continues to be a main source of inspiration. They explore line, shape, form, and texture so freely and beautifully. And while those elements are ever evolving, my kids and being their mother is constant. Despite what felt like my darkest hour, I still wanted to be their mother. They’re a piece of me, my heart, and nurturing them is my proudest and most significant job.
So, to end this here “project” I’ve made this piece. I looked at Sonora’s and Holly’s paintings, added my own flair, and topped it off with some gold pattern play, because, who doesn’t love pattern?

Story time with Kether and Pepper. Tonight we are reading #NeverthelesShePersisted

At last the antibiotics for my sinus infection kicked in, and I found a small window of time all to myself before going back to work for the year. This hike seemed doomed; Franklin was closed in parts of Hollywood and I got lost in the detour (which did lead to a sighting of two deer crossing the road in the middle of the day). Eventually parked but found the Beachwood trailhead access closed, the people apparently having lost the latest battle with the neighbors. Like the Elizabeth Warren of urban hiker moms, I persisted. I kept asking and asking until I found an alternate park entrance, and then once inside kept asking and asking again until I got connected up with the old familiar trail, and then I hiked to the top. And that’s the symbolic new year victory I was looking for. 💪🏼🙏🏼✔️#nevergiveup .
#neverthelesshepersisted #momwin #fitmom #wellnessjourney #holistichealth #hollywood #hollywoodsign #hollywoodsigntrail #hollywoodsignhike #la #urbanhiking #momgoals #thefutureisfemale

Never the less....she persisted. Depression and anxiety version. Came across this beautiful account by artist @courtneymprivett . Loved so many pieces of her art, it was near impossible to choose just one to share. I love the power of art & the power of artists.

Apparently Ben could not wait for Christmas this year. He's learned what those Bark Boxes are and couldn't leave well enough alone under the tree. Again, I should've known better. Steve snapped this after coming home the other day. We had a pretty good laugh at the thought of him trying to get the box up the stairs in his mouth. We had to have a talk about delayed gratification and what bad puppies can expect in their stocking from Santa Paws next year. Love how Todd is his accomplice in the background trying to look all innocent...or maybe just faintly annoyed that the dog did something...again. Ben loves those Rockettes by the way. Done ripped Judy's face right off. #wherethersawilltheresaway #neverthelesshepersisted #lifewithpets #barkbox #keepingitreal #decemberbarkbox

Not how I’m used to getting my workouts in, but she seems cool with it so that’s what we’re going to do. #babymuzungu #dadlife #neverthelesshepersisted #cycling #nevernotballin #hobbyproaf

Life lesson: Don't let anyone tell you "there is no snow". Oh there's snow, alright. They just don't see it.

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