Yesterday was a good day!
A book signing in my hometown, support from the ever supportive parents & a night out to celebrate with great friends & a cute doggie called Lily!
Today’s all about relaxing before the freshers start tomorrow.
On a final note: never take your parents for granted. Mine mean the world & more to me! 💙⚓️
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Found my moms favorite mug
Enjoying some black rifle coffee C♤F blend. She sure did love owls. She also liked the BRCC #justdecaf God I miss her.

Thank you @blackriflecoffee for such a good decaf, she said "all the other decaf was crap compared to it." Thanks so much guys, keep doing what yall are doing, you're amazing!
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While my family and I were traveling to Syracuse we came across this beautiful opening in the sky and all that I could think of was my dad. Like my dad was looking down on us, guiding us, making sure that we know that he's there and that he will never leave. I see you papi I hope that it's amazing up there and I wish you could see me now!!❤️😌 Sleep In Peace papi I love to infinity in flight ❤️🌹ROCK THE HEAVENS LIKE YOU ROCKED THIS WORLD POPS💛🙌🏽🌹 #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted #puertorico🇵🇷 #thebestdadever🇵🇷👨🏽

Yesterday was a hard day, remembering the anniversary of losing my best friend, My Mother. But the most beautiful gift she has ever given me was my desire to explore and travel. We didn’t have any money growing up so we would take road trips in the Jeep, day trips or sometimes weekend trips sleeping in the Jeep or cheap hotels. So when I was old enough, I started taking her to new places whenever I had the chance. Now, those are my most cherished memories & she will always be in my heart wherever I go ❤️
Passion is free, never let excuses hold you back from doing what you love to do. Life is too short to wait.
Thank you my sweet Angel for this beautiful life 🐚🧜🏼‍♀️🌊☀️
#NeverTakeYourParentsForGranted #NeverTakeYourLifeForGranted

Humans of MakeSpace -
Receiving unexpected bad news is never easy, especially when it relates to a loved one. It can take you on a roller coaster of emotions. In my case, having had both parents diagnosed with cancer approximately the same time was absolutely devastating. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and my father with Leukemia (CML). My mother died after 6 months of treatment. My father died 8 months later. Losing both parents in the same year has changed me forever. Despite outward appearances, I was broken as something shifted inside of me. This great loss left me feeling like a ship floating about without an anchor. I felt as though I was no longer anyone’s daughter. As painful as loss can be, you never get over it but you will get through it. It is like your life is one jigsaw puzzle and one of the main pieces has been removed. No matter how much you rearrange the pieces, they just never fit quite the same. In this life, everything must change to assure our growth. Our parents were placed in our lives to assure we rise to our greatest potential.
I will always consider myself blessed as I had the privilege of taking care of them during their brave fight against this devastating disease. My time with them afforded me the opportunity to show how much I truly loved them. Nothing was left unsaid as they both passed on in peace Alhamdulillah.

So, my dear sisters and brothers parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving. If you have parents that love you and are there for you, feel blessed and let them know you love them because you never know when they'll be gone.

#Nevertakeyourparentsforgranted #HumansofMakeSpace

My heart is so full of gratitude 💓 Got to do some vacation shopping with my mom .... dinner with just the parents & I ... and sat down to watch the Disney movie “Coco” that my mom has been wanting to see! I know how blessed I am to have my parents around. I don’t take any of it for granted. One day, I’ll only be left with amazing memories. My parents and I didn’t always have the perfect relationship. I was their wild free spirited non conforming No F%¥KS given child to their super conservative religious views. Over time we found the perfect balance where neither of us had compromise our beliefs, and love our differences! I can proudly say I ❤️ hanging out with them! #family #gratitude #parents #qualitytime #blessed #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted #makingmemories

Me with my dad, 1980. I miss him all the time. #meandmydad #christmasespast #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted #theyarealwayswithme

Miss my dad. Never forgotten. #Daddysgirl#nevertakeyourparentsforgranted#

I haven’t seen my dad for the last 3 years. Tonight I had the sudden urge to paint a seahorse. Since I was little, I was always fascinated by his seahorse tattoo whenever I sat on his lap. So on this New Year’s eve, this painting is dedicated to my dad. #seahorse #watercolor #kuretake #kuretakegansaitambiwatercolors #dedicatetomydad #formydad #newyearseve #noexplanation #loveyourfamily #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted

You guys best Christmas present ever is my momma binge watching Star Wars with us!!! #welcometothedarksidemomma #thankfullsheisbetter #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted #starwars #starwarsfam

This gents 77th birthday tomorrow . I wish I had his words of wisdom this last year . But I do hope you're reunited with frankie (mum) and I hope she's not giving you to much grief. I miss you both, my folks ❤️ #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted

It's been over two years since I lost my Mom to cancer. It's never gets easier as anyone whose lost a parent can relate. You learn to live with the pain and make the most out of life because that's what they would want you to do. On a side note, this week has been exceptionally hard with having to find a wedding dress. Most people would be excited for the experience which I was but at the same time I knew the one person I wanted to be there the most wouldn't be. You know you always picture as a little girl wanting your Mom to be by your side when planning or picking out your wedding dress. Sometimes life has other plans though. I never expected to cry. When I found my wedding dress, I bawled my eyes out. I don't know what's after this life on Earth, but something told me she was there with me. And I think she approves too 💙 sorry this got sappy folks #missyoumom #myangelinheaven #twoyearstoolong #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted #cancerstillsucks

I'm extremely blessed to still have both of my parents in my life thank u for all the sacrifices that u both made to make me the man I'm am today #NeverTakeYourParentsForGranted #MyMomLookedSoInnocentAndMyDadLookedLikeAThug #YoungLove #WhyMyDadGotThatLookLikeIWishAMuthafuckaWould #LoveYallWithAllMyHeart

He doesn't even know that I snapped this pic but the older I get the more I realize how blessed I am to have this man in my life. He always keeps it 💯 no matter how I may feel about the situation. His love is unconditional and he would give all that's in him to make sure the family is good. I love you pops...you're truly a blessing. #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted

In the meantime we've been having a blast with my dad visiting! These two crazy cats have so much fun together. So blessed to have him with us at the moment. She has her grandfather wrapped around her little finger! 😊Making memories is what it's all about ♥️ #mydaddy #grandfather #specialbond #love #makingmemories #visiting #nanajaan #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted

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