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Mother's day is coming up this weekend but I have to give props to my dad for being the best 'mom' after our mother passed away when we were quite young. Dad, you've handled these years as a single parent with such strength and love. Thank you for always loving us and being the best parent. ❤️ You really are amazing and I hope you'll always know what a wonderful parent and person you are. Full of love and kindness. Wanted to start this week right with a happy thought. Love and light this Monday morning. 🙏#grateful #family #blessed #dad #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted

Happiest of birthdays to my favorite man on the planet my dad!! I love you more than words could ever say and so blessed to have been given you as my dad! Thank you for teaching me all of life's important lessons and helping me grow each and every day :) thank you for your unconditional love and sacrifice your the best! #daddysgirlforever #sept18th #happybirthday #blessed #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted

So grateful for my mom. Ever since I'm supposed to be due soon, she hasn't allowed me do anything or drive anywhere this past week because my carpal tunnel has gotten worse and just in case I go into labor on the road (which means not being able to go grocery shopping and cook anymore), and instead she has been cooking for me and Khoi everyday.
First, she made bun rieu, and now coconut chicken curry...all our favorites! I know she doesn't have much time, and strength (as well as live far), yet she's insisting to do all this for us. Truly touched by her love as well as my dad (who has been having really bad back pain and going through a cold--please keep him in your prayers), yet drives her to go grocery shopping everywhere and all the way out to our place to deliver all the food. We are truly trulyyy blessed, indeed. Love them both! 😭❤️ #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted #blessedwiththebest #gratefultoGodforthemsomuch

Dad & "Dog" taking a little nap. I couldn't love them more.✨🏡🌕💕 #myhearts #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted #crazylove #quietmoment #cattledoglove

I have the best parents in the world! 38 years ❤️ #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted #artinthepart


In the meantime we've been having a blast with my dad visiting! These two crazy cats have so much fun together. So blessed to have him with us at the moment. She has her grandfather wrapped around her little finger! 😊Making memories is what it's all about ♥️ #mydaddy #grandfather #specialbond #love #makingmemories #visiting #nanajaan #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted

I wish so much you would have never left, I'd give anything to be a quarter of the parent you are, I'd give anything to just be able to hug you not say a word just hold you. Dad your my everything and I am forever and ever lost without you here. Happy Fathers Day Daddy! Love always your little girl ❤️😔 #imissmydad #iloveyoudad #mydadsmyhero #sleepinparadise #myguardianangel👼 #mydadsbetterthanyours #nevertakeyourparentsforgranted

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