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Experiencing old Hong Kong in Japan #九龍城寨 // see Stories for more!

↟ Arriving in Iceland feels like landing on a whole nother planet. It has been two very intense days so far with almost no sleep and 1200km of driving through sand and snow storms. It's a though life if you want to catch sunrise at 4:45h and the northern lights which are on around 1-2 AM. You can check my stories to get some first impressions. Thanks @wowair for giving us a lift ❄️🌋🐴🌊🔥 ↟

Procida 💗🌊🌞

What to do when your 'bucket list' is getting longer than your life expectancy 🙈🙉🙊 @eurostar #OlympusxEurostar #ohdear

They're back. [link in bio] #campingwithdogs @swissyorkie

Pack up and let's go. #MontanaMoment l 📷: @vitamin.bets.c

The peace that comes when finally getting to your campsite and the joy of making it home away from home.
@sleepingatlast @wheldenseth @treelineoutdoors #wearestillwild

Berlin Mitte errands as an escape from packing!!


Hypnotising lines in the sand, I could spend hours walking around these pristine sand dunes on Fraser Island

View from the top of North Berwick Law.

Finding new perspectives.

When Instagram forces you to crop your picture: 🖕🏽😡🖕🏽

Basically a scientist, astronaut and technician now 🤓🌎🇺🇸 #techmuseum #silliconvalley #scientist #labcoat #neverstopexploring

Soaking up the scenery in Queenstown, NZ en route to the Routeburn Track #themountainsarecalling #neverstopexploring #glenorchynz

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