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Tailgating w/ General Bondi and little did I know her late father was friends w/ my mom. So much she knew Dr. Bondi's favorite lunch and drink of choice.
#FSU #OldSchool #NeverMeetAStranger

I have no idea who this is...... #nevermeetastranger☺

So I am on a random trip to Tallahassee for the weekend... I've spent the day entertaining myself... had a great mani and pedi then stopped at this cute place for lunch and ran into these WILD ladies... I have never laughed so much!!! I think everyone of them could drink me under the table. Just because you're "old" by a number doesn't mean you have to be old in spirit!! God bless my new best friends!! #nevermeetastranger #mademyday

Can't take her anywhere. #nevermeetastranger #therapysession with Lil Momma #canttakeaDivaanywhere

"Learning a new language is a passion because its not an obligation!" - @andreadeclap #NewFriend #Madrid #NeverMeetaStranger

The kids love going to see papa at the nursing home. They make themselves right at home. #ifoundthemhere #musicinthelobby #mylittletalkers #nevermeetastranger

"Let us snap with you"
I'm LMBO, but of course I obliged😘
#waitingonhubbysfood #snapchat


During the NYC photo shoot.. no strangers in the #bigapple #nevermeetastranger #londoner #timesquarenyc #mitechnyc #newfriendfromlondon

Sweet lady at restaurant: thank you for having lunch with my girls. They enjoyed the company and conversation #nevermeetastranger #charlieandpiper

#ldr #nevermeetastranger
My phone my girl friend ~lol~

The journey continues...we met Robert who’s a retired vet wearing black to honor Veterans as Johnny cash did back in the day. He’s now a truck driver and shares the gospel everywhere he goes. Like WOW - what a life story to tell. (His hat is bought to you by Turner Hat co in WI). Military people find Military people everywhere I tell you. @dr_acook #nevermeetastranger #nctotx #honorpeoplewhogaveitall #youneverknowsomeonesstory #robertthevetturnedtruckdriver #amazinginteraction

Do y’all remember that time I went Live about that clear, plain water pedicure that I didn’t get because they wanted me to pay more money for the salt/soap?? 🤔 Well, that day I went to a different nail salon in Cedar Hill and I’ve been going ever since. I was able to get my pedicure with the salt/soap at no additional charge and the service I receive is outstanding! •

Well guess what happened today?! The owner (she does my nails) and I were talking and she asked me about my business. I explained to her about what I do and how I do it, she was so intrigued that she asked for more information and is strongly considering partnering with me, she is going to allow me to leave marketing material at the salon, AND she purchased a wrap from me!! Yassssss!!!! 🙌🏽 I just made $25 and ALL I did was tell her about the products I love and how they have helped so many others! Easy.....P E A S Y!! I love how I can take lemons and turn an opportunity into lemonade!! If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income send me a message, I would love to chat!!

Two of my very favorite things: fall and this little boy who never fails to surprise me. Let me share a story from this day: We were on a walk and Drayk was swinging a stick he'd picked up on the way. A teen passed us on the trail. Drayk never meets with anybody he doesn't try to engage so in his usual Drayk fashion, he says, "Hi! Do you like my stick?" The teen ignored him and passed by. Drayk responded, "fine. Don't talk to me". We all started laughing, including the teen on the trail who then turned around and said, "yes. That's a very fine stick". Lol. #nevermeetastranger #mylittleman #fallleaves🍁🍂 #personalityfordays #nevergrowup #lovehim

When you never meet a stranger it pays off! Park and Rec guys in Montgomery are awesome! Not only did they help load the trailer but I got a ride back up the hill, lol.
#newfriends #nevermeetastranger #headinghome #finallyoffmyfeet #joyride #alwayshavingfun #😂

This is my friend "SENT" yes Sent (sent from God) she came over to me at the gym and said God told her I was a "MOTIVATOR". That was my gift and purpose...I enjoyed every minute talking to her. Everyone was extremely nice... I THANKED them for their service . The gym was filled with BEAST! Awesome time.
#armyairforcenavymarines #theydomorebefore9thanmostdoallday

So wild. Last night I met @coachrobbins1 who's wife and mother in law were from my hometown. I never met his mother in law before last night, but after talking with her, discovered that her mom and my dad used to work together! #smallworld #oxfordohio #miamiuniversity #networking #nevermeetastranger

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