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I beg to differ #nevergettingmarriedagain

I may have started packing for my hen do today because I feel stupidly stressed about how quickly the months are flying by & how much wedding prep I still need to do 🙈. In other news I absolutely can’t wait to wear these BEAUTIFUL @primark fluffy pink heels my secret Santa bought me. As for the tassels they are definitely coming on my hen with me!! Has anyone read the little black book? I’m only a few pages in & I’m hooked #notandad #thelittleblackbook #workingwomen #wedding #stressed #nevergettingmarriedagain

A year and a half after my wedding I finally get my pictures (long story, no fault of the photographer) and excitedly put them into my computer to load up. The first disk ports perfectly and hubby and I are super excited looking through them. Second disk goes in. I can see them in preview. The won't open or port. It's quarter after 2 in the morning. I'm cold, pissed off, and exhausted. A year and a half later and this wedding is still pulling shit. I emailed our photographer so hopefully she can either get me another disk or digital copies for the over 200 photos that wont work correctly. #weddings #photos #imsodone #nevergettingmarriedagain

Engagement photos (for those who like such things::not I but w/e)
Taken frm online. "Toronto couple Vanessa Lawson and fiance Josh Morden celebrated their recent engagement in Halloween style by shooting a series of Friday the 13th-themed engagement photos with photographer Brandon Gray.

Vanessa created the Camp Crystal Lake sign herself and did such a great job that during the photo shoot several passersby tried to find the nonexistent summer camp." #nevergettingmarriedagain #cuteengagementphotos #painday #horrorlovephotos #tildeath #friday13th #boredaf #nolife

He doesn't hate my family, he doesn't spend all my money, and he loves me unconditionally. #nevergettingmarriedagain

Bubba and I have called it quits already today. Done. 🖕🏼you day. #needsomelovin #tiredofstartingover #nothingisgoingsmoothly #redstripe #bubba #nevergettingmarriedagain #whiner #tantrum

😂😂😂 yea I don't sink soooo...neva again..... #teamCancersaysnono

This bitch got divorced today!!!! #byebye #nevergettingmarriedagain

Dinner. My man loves a good steak and asparagus is my favorite food. 😋

Had to go back to the print shop a gazillion times because
a) they were not ready on time,
b) they printed the wrong colour (and so we had to change paper after spending $70 on our initial card), c) the invites were not cut,
d) they were the wrong size,
e) the print guy just wasn't there.
But they're finally done! I'm so grateful for all the people who offered to help out and for my longsuffering fiancé who stays with me at Starbucks in the middle of the night even though stationery is not his thing. Your kindness means the world to us and we are so blessed to have you guys in our life.
P.S. After all that hassle I only managed to get a $10 discount on the printing 🙄 #needtoworkonmybargainingskills #whatistheweddinghashtag #nevergettingmarriedagain #orjusthiringaplanner

A big THANK YOU to @davidseee and @remelgumabon of @fatestudios for capturing our special day. The day went by so fast, that without the pictures and the videos, I wouldn't be able to relive the moment I married @eyemee_
And Thank YOU to all who were able to share our Wedding day with us, and those that have wished us nothing but the best and for the gifts and blessings. God bless you all!
Direct Link is in my bio!


#igmoewedding #eeniemeenieimheemoe #fatestudios #fatestudioscreative #nevergettingmarriedagain

Finally on the plane to San Diego after taking 2 hours to check in because of my name change! #girlstrip #vacation #vacationtime #motherdaughtertrip #nevergettingmarriedagain #california

I finally found my soulmate! Now where is he? This guy is seriously perfect. #nevergettingmarriedagain #stilllikeprettythings #whoishe #noguessinggames #blunt #manorwomanofmydreams

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