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May as well not even walk in... 😢 #neverforgetthat

You are valuable👱👱👱 #neverforgetthat

Ain't gonna say much ere coz D bday don pas😂🙈...But all i can say is, I love nd appreciate u nd all dat u do fr us💯#neverforgetthat ...Mrs Antar👰💏#😎 .#wce #wifey #myown👸 . Try kam tek u position ya🙄

Overstand to Understand.... "While the world is busy with Distractions, the enlightened are moving in Action" #NeverForgetThat #AreYouNotEntertained?

#AppreciateTime one thing I just realized is how fast time flies! Now don't get me wrong I got goals and aspirations I know I'm gonna accomplish one day isa but it's just that I always keep stalling! Like i know what I need to get done and how exactly to do it but it's the execution part I keep stalling! Now i want you guys to avoid stalling and go get shit done instead! Granted we all stall on what we actually need to get done but remember it might be too late when you finally wake up! The window of opportunity closes so quickly!! #NeverForgetThat

Who said your one in a millon, you're so much better than that

#tb to the time where I wasn't lifting, the time where I didn't even know what "fitness& #34; was. The time where I wasn't feel reallly good in my body. 3 years separate those photos. I now lift since 1 year and when I see this old picture of me, I'm really proud of who I've become and what I've accomplish. And that's just the beginning.

With a strong mind, perseverance and efforts you can accomplish so many things #neverforgetthat #bewhoyouwanttobe #liveyourdreams

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@kinglucif i love u bro, happy b day. Think of all the lessons learned and begin applying that knowledge in your life and continue to not care wat ppl think, stay different. Big bro got u to death #NeverForgetThat #StocksNBonds #FamilyHustle #designers


He loves you. He's with you. You're always on His mind!! #NeverForgetThat 🙌🏿

Honest, Integrity, Hardwork & Family #Neverforgetthat #Evolve #StayPositive

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