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Vcera jsem se odhodlala jit ven. Na pizzu, do stinu na zahradku. A vecer to prislo. Chvilkovy navaly potu. Bokest celyho tela. Paleni v krku. Kamarad Streptokok je po trech dnech bez ATB zase zpet. Ale prej do mozku neleze a ja nemam snizenou imunitu. No nevim nevim.
Kdyz me ale videla Kristynka a ptala se co mi je...
K: "mamiiii a co ti je? Si nemocna?"
M: " ja se prave moc bojim abych uz nebyla nemocna a nemusela jsem zase do nemocnice vis"
K: " mamiii neboj, ja te budu hlidat, budes tady (doma) a do mocnice (nemocnice) uz se nevlatis. Nikdy mamiii, neboj se." 💗💗💗
Tak snad to moje telo aspon jednou samo ustoji... uz se mi do Motola fakt nechce 🙄

I am the giant amongst these 2 petite ladies 😭😅#gainingvslosing #neverendingstory #gengjalanjalan

Most everything in my life ends up somewhat backwards. I bought a car before I had a license. I sleep most of the day and stay up all night. I'm punished for a wrongdoing before I've done it and I eat cake for breakfast more often than I eat it for dessert. So it's no true surprise that I saw the cult classic film The Neverending Story years before I read the book.
Upon reading it, however, I immediately fell in love and set to work designing my next tattoo.

AURYN, the amulet of the Childlike Empress, is blessed with a powerful magic that protects its wearer from all harm. Having been through much in the five years since getting this piece, I can promise you the ink has done no such thing - but it's still been a small comfort to remember that love and protection encircle us even when we can't see or feel them.
In the novel, AURYN is described as an oval formed by a white snake with green eyes biting the tail of a black snake with red eyes. In the movie, AURYN is functionally a gold and bronze Celtic knot. Those of you who have experienced both versions know that the film is, at best, a loose adaptation of Michael Ende's novel. But I grew up with it and love it still, and so I decided to combine both descriptions. The end result: AURYN in the shape as it's known to movie audience, but formed by black and white snakes with colored eyes.
I didn't feel like pulling my pants down for a picture today (it's on my left hip, opposite the Dawn Treader), so this shot is from the day it was done. The artist, a friend-of-a-friend named Nate who worked independently of a studio, did it for a steal. He ended up doing two more pieces for me. But we're not there yet.
Bonus Shep Factoid: This was the first of my tattoos to have any color added.


Schadeeeee, ich will meine langen Haare zurück 😂 Man will ja immer die Friese die man gerade nicht hat oder?! 🤔 Jetzt heißt es also waaaaaarten 😴 #tb #throwback #longhair #longhairdontcare #short #shorthair #shorthairdontcare #haare #hair #kannmichnichtentscheiden #neverendingstory 💁🏻#duckface #immerdieseschnute #traveladri

👉 swipa
#tb #onceuponatime #wedding #neverendingstory Två bröllop samma personer. Sista bilden är 25/6-99 (proffsfotograf) Dom andra/första 25/6-10 (dottern @aliciaternebring som fotograf) Tycker Alicias bilder blev så mycket bättre än den från studion. Lite kul med gamla bilder och tillbakablickar 💕

Ахахахаха, всем хорошего вечера 🤣💑🔥 #riga #jokes #relationship #neverendingstory

#neverendingstory eg ønske meg ei klevaskedame med ihopbrettingsfunksjon og automatisk påplasslegging.. ja, det hadde gjort livet SÅ mykje enklare! #ilandsproblemer

Wspomnienia przeniesione z instagrama na lodówkę! Polecam Never Ending Story - www.nesy.pl 👍👍👍#memories #nesy #neverendingstory #magnesy #magnesyzinstagrama

Hiszünk abban, hogy a barbecue egyfajta Isteni ajándék.
A bbqval, a tűzzel foglalkozó embernek egyfajta Isten adta tehetség, hogy tud bánni a húsokkal a fával és a pittel.
Hiszünk abban, hogy minden darab hús, egy megnyilatkozás, mindegyik étel, szendvics egy alkotás, amelyben lelkünk egy része is a Tiétek lesz!
Hiszünk abban, hogy az igazi barbecue mindenek felett áll!
One smoke, One family! 🙏❤️✌️🐷🔥🕟✔️
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