Staying honest to one's heritage is the matter of pride you take in choices your forefathers made. Always expose your next generation to your heritage! Little nephew in #kurtapjama #never_stop_exploring

삶의 영감을 주는 시간과 공간ㅡ!


They are not only my nurturers, but my gods, my idols, and my companions. What a day spent visiting one of the greater achievements of Mughal emperors at Red Fort. #never_stop_exploring

Getting somewhere takes never giving in and keep going on, either with companions or without. #nobullshit #never_stop_exploring

One has to be like a tiger, fully vigilant while following the target and ruthless when claiming it. Somewhere in middle of Jim Corbett forest with the bestest of people. #never_stop_exploring

Seeing Christmas through the eyes of Santa is a wonderful experience to celebrate the joyous festival. Little nephew dressed as little Santa for the celebration. #never_stop_exploring

Spark in your eyes might vary through highs and lows, but going on is part of the life. The wall in front of you can always be climbed over, one way or the other. #never_stop_exploring

We always grow, as an individual, as a society, as a planet, and as a universe in cosmos. Growing out beard was mere symbol of that realization. Never stop growing! #never_stop_exploring

Posing is always hard though sitting by burning coals in sub zero temperatures definitely brings smile on your face naturally. What would have been the feeling when man felt warmth of fire the first time! #never_stop_exploring

There trails might look as a hiking place to most of us, but it's daily path for people living in these villages. Strange why we ever built cities? To come out of such beautiful nature. #triund #dharamshala #never_stop_exploring

Travelled all night from always loud, always croudy and mostly concrete Dilli to tea gardens of Himachal with best bud. Even with no sleep feel much fresher than felt in the capital on any day. #lovenature #teagarden #never_stop_exploring

The mighty beast might be slow but is so invincible! Riding a camel the first time. #never_stop_exploring

One of the best movies of 2017 with the best friend at the favourite place in the town. #Bahubali #the_epic #CP_Delhi #never_stop_exploring

The beauty in carved marble is devotion to God. The most beautiful temple so far I have come across. #krishanmagan #never_stop_exploring

Krishna is the most powerful guide. Just let yourself immersed in his prayers, you will find things which you look for. #Krishanmagan #never_stop_exploring

Two awesome years spent at Delhi with the legends of the industry. Thanks for all the love!
#logisticsmanagement #never_stop_exploring

By his logic, his shades shall fit every one. Di's kid. #first_kid_of_the_family #never_stop_exploring

With water so blue, why won't a smile burst out of you? First time in ocean! #sereneocean #never_stop_exploring

First time at beach, what a memory! Breathing In Life Of Sea #sereneocean #never_stop_exploring

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