Did a training on the Entrepreneurial Mindset @Woodforest bank in Austin, Texas. It’s a good thing to understand how the brain works (aka neurotechnology) in this robust time of innovation! Maybe it’s time to take a neuroscientist out for lunch? 😉🙌🏽💥💥

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For the past few months we have been interviewing braintech entrepreneurs, neuroscientists and non-profit organizations to find out how we can make neurotechnology more available for patients suffering from brain-related disorders.

We found out that we can help the patients faster by creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe with experts, mentors, scientists and entrepreneurs.
For this reason, we founded Braintech Ventures, Europe's first neurotechnology startup accelerator.

Together with our ecosystem we will help startups to develop their products and ideas to treat dementia, depression and other brain-related disorders.

We are based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The axillary nerve. It forms from the posterior cord of the brachial plexus (C5/6 nerve roots). It provides:
✔️ motor innervation to the deltoid (anterior branch).
✔️ motor innervation to the teres minor (posterior branch).
✔️ cutaneous innervation of the superolateral arm.
Nerve conduction studies can be done in brachial plexus neuropathies and C5/6 radiculopathies (and other less frequent causes like proximal humerus fractures). ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️
The active electrode is placed on the middle deltoid and the reference electrode is placed 4-5cm distal to the active electrode. The ground is placed over the acromion. I personally prefer to have the patient supine. This is a one-point stimulation study, where the cathode is placed slightly above the clavicle and the anode is superolateral. Stimulation needs to be supramaximal. This conduction study is very uncomfortable for the patient, especially if the stimulation duration needs to be increased in order to record a response
Both sides should be done in order to have proper comparison, and a >50% reduction of amplitude on the affected side would be abnormal. I this example, there is not a >50% difference between right and left, so it is normal 🙂
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Prince Constantijn of The Netherlands talks about the efforts of @startupdelta to improve the Dutch startup landscape.

An example of an EMG data obtaining set-up, as seen in published research in Nature.com!!! https://spectrum.ieee.org/the-human-os/biomedical/devices/tummy-tech-tracks-electrical-activity-for-signs-of-indigestion.amp.html Tap the products to Shop Now or go to shop.openbci.com!

Use with our Gold Cup Electrodes and #Cyton Board to get EEG/ECG/EMG data! We're answering all questions at contact@openbci.com! Shoot us an email

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A Picture Can Really Say
a 1000 Words❣️ Adam and I attended the very first VoxxLife celebration together here in Vegas. I finally got to learn that the developer of VoxxLife is Sikh. Though Jay said he doesn’t believe all the answers are in one book and that’s the way I feel.
One of my greatest teachers in life has been Yogi Bhajan who had been raised Sikh. He brought Kundalini Yoga to US in the late 60’s and naturally his Sikh philosophy came through so I learned all about it and even practiced many of the traditions when I lived in Espanola, NM near Yogi Bhajan’s Ranch. It was a very magical time in my life.
Yogi Bhajan honored all religions and he even created Peace Prayer Day during Summer Solstice to honor all the different faiths.
Kundalini Yoga opened my whole world up to the limitless possibilities and a better understanding of energy through movement and sound.
VoxxLife was created to help move energies through the body using vibration through touch on pressure points.
Kundalini yoga was always my favorite yoga of all because it uses many mantras and the voice for healing. Yogi Bhajan always said the voice was the most powerful healing tool.
Voxx means the Voice! And the products help to create a healing vibration through body.
Adam is my partner and we are going to do this together. I met Adam on Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday. It was completely random and I didn’t even know it was same day till years later.
The synchronicities don’t end there... it’s amazing how things can fall into place so beautifully. Especially when all these things are not as common in America and the company is so new and how I found it by a happy accident in Canada because my luggage was lost and I needed socks when I was working a health and wellness show in Toronto.
My luggage came back to me the night before coming back to US, so in all it was a happy ending. But it’s really just the Beginning. 🌈💕😍✨💫 My store link is in bio JkRising.com

Use #neurotech to balance your brain and body. The results will amaze you! $30 can change your life and your #performance.

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Our Area!
Create this place! Coming soon!
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Socks and insoles on display!
Next month new have new products that will take #neurotech to a new level of convenience!

L👀king for Forward thinking 💭 Practitioners in the USA 🇺🇸 & Canada 🇨🇦 wanting additional options for their patient base.
Those in Florida, I can come to your office and Demo our products ❗️😍👊🏼
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Let's Help 1 Billion People Improve
Their Health❗️❤️
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Are you coming to the Post-Doc Open-Mic tonight?
Tristen Blake - @machine_learning_society and @nemoalexnemo - Omniome will judge scientific talks by passionate scientists. Special thanks to Nanostring @scrippsresearch and @salkinstitute for your incredible contribution to science.
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