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They're back 😢...the facial twitches and spasms have returned. They're mild in comparison to 2016, but I'm not happy to see this! I'm having difficulty holding a smile and my muscles quiver and give out. I'm detoxing so I don't know if that's causing problems....or....
I've been off antibiotics since July and then off and on herbal killers since then, but I completely stopped slaying in December. I swear the bacteria, viruses, and parasites are having a fucking rave in my central nervous system.
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Did you know?
"Nightshades contain various alkaloids that have definite toxic effects on the body.  Nightshades may contain up to four types of alkaloids, although only two are of major importance.  These are called steroid alkaloids, and are toxic to the nervous system and affect calcium metabolism.  The two that have been studied the most are solanine and chaonine.

The nervous system effect of these chemicals is to act as a cholinesterase inhibitor.  Some pesticides kill insects by this means.  A cholinesterase inhibitor can cause agitation, twitching, tremors and other harmful effects upon the nervous system.  This is damaging for most people, whose nervous systems are already overactive and stressed.

The effect upon calcium metabolism appears to be to contribute to excessive loss of calcium from bone and excessive depositing of calcium in soft tissue. Once again, this is a very harmful effect.  Solanine is also a very pro-inflammatory substance.  In particular, it irritates the joints, causing arthritic symptoms.

Not everyone is affected equally by the nightshades.  However, even if you do not notice any effects, please avoid them on a nutritional balancing program because the toxic effects can be subtle."
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Reflecting back on the last 9 months a lot lately. & there is so much to say all the time. I wish I was better at condensing my thoughts, but they're just so big. So descriptive.
Maybe that's because my heart is so incredibly full and I'm trying to convey that back to you. Normal sentences or one-liners just won't do. Not when we're talking about life-changers, not when we're talking about crown 👑 straighteners!
A big huge hug and thank you to everyone new and old in my life, who has chosen to stand, feet firmly planted, by me! (including you, my IG Lyme tribe!)
Thank you to everyone who heard my cry and took me in. Thank you to everyone who believed me and to everyone who believes IN me. Thank you to everyone who's been an ear to listen when I desperately needed one most. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to drive me back + forth to appointments or cook my family meals. Thank you to everyone that had any part in helping with my fundraisers. Thank you to everyone who has ever donated to my treatment fund.
I am here, in part, because of you.
I am out of a wheelchair with YOUR help.
I am allowed to fight another day with the aid of your gratitude and giving.
I am propelled forward by your constant encouragements and reminders of v i c t o r y and remission ahead.
Your prayers secure me. They surround me. & I am EVER grateful. Truly. #lavenderandlyme #healingfromlyme #remissionisstillmymission #latestagelyme #healingtakestime #ittakesavillage #mylymetribe #neuroborreliosis #neurolyme #spoonie #chronicallyill #lymie #chroniclyme #babesia #bartonella #dysautonomia #gastroparesis #pots #lymelife #lymewarrior #lymedontkillmyvibe #lymedisease #mthfr #msids #neurologicallyme #almostdied #backfrombedridden #stillfightinghard #borrelia #multipleorganfailure

Hosted by @lionharts
Day 7~reveal the unseen cards that correspond to 3 things I don’t love about myself~
💔People pleaser💔
👸🔥The Queen of Wands👸🔥::
Ist impression is the prominence of blue at the queen’s throat chakra. This is all I need to remember my own Truth and then putting voice to it. That very act renders pleasing everybody impossible. 😇Perfectionistic😇 🔥3 of Wands🔥:: Another wand! Wands symbolize our creative force, either latent or active. I notice the orange cylinders all perfectly aligned. I feel soothed by that sense of perfection/absence of chaos. Control. Of the 4 queens, she is typically most organized. I’d like her to topple these cylinders over, let them bob to and fro in that calm water. Do you think she can? Can she let go of perfection so her authentic creativity (orange chakra-creativity) can blossom into vitality that pleases her, not caring if it pleases others? 😶Feeling not good enough😶
🗡4 of Swords🗡::
This card shows up for me often. I’ve been living with a dibilitating chronic illness since 2008 and most of this time I need reclusion & retreat from my former creative life,amplifying FOMO! Look at all the higher chakra colors. Like the theme of swords, indigo and purple are very much aligned with the mind. I’ve been living in these higher chakras because it feels safer than the lower, bodily chakras. But look! Isn’t her blindfold orange?! My eyes are closed under there, not wanting to acknowledge my own creative energy, thus comparing always to others, thus feelings of not good enough. I can take off that blindfold with the sword right at my disposal. Now I know it’s there. I’ve always known it’s there. ✨Your Intuitive Illuminista ✨

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I got a little emotional in today’s video (link in bio) for #feedingtubeawarenessweek. The topic: the long-term consequences of malnutrition, and how feeding tubes save the lives of those who need them for a myriad of reasons.

#FeedingTubeAwarenessWeek! Yep, that’s an Eevee hanging out around my stoma/button! Pokétrainer for life! Seriously, though, it’s hard for me to share this because of the potentially embarrassing skin pigmentation condition I now have (it’s called “erythema ab Igne,” and it may be permanent) as a result of having to so frequently use a heating pad the past 5 years. BUT, I’m not gonna let that stop me from showing off my strength and J-O-Y! If it takes a tool like my #GJtube to help keep my body functioning and give me my personality back, then I think it’s worth celebrating! Having a feeding tube DOES NOT MEAN you are lazy/just choose not to eat/are looking for attention. What is DOES MEAN is that you are a warrior who refuses to give up the fight for your life, and who is willing to use any and all medical tools and accoutrements you may need to help your body, when it needs it, how it needs it. Thank You, Lord, for access to such lifesaving medical care.🙌💚

😂😂😂 The things I've said...funeral truck instead of hearse is one! What have you said during brain fog that cracked you up?
#brainfog #confusion #wordloss #shorttermmemoryissues #lymebrain #Lyme #lymestories #lymelife #lymeslayer #chronicallyawesome #chronicillness #chronicdisease #whatdidyousay #neuroborreliosis #neurologicalLyme

“Why I Have My Feeding Tube” (link in bio) Not the greatest screen grab, perhaps, but @katefarms is da real MVP of #feedingtubeawarenessweek, so naturally they had to make it into my first thumbnail for the topical videos I plan on sharing this week in lieu of some traditional vlog footage. Why do I have my feeding tube? Watch and see! Also, find out why having it now is doubly important given my history with mental and physical health.

“Why I Have My Feeding Tube” (link in bio) Not the greatest screen grab, perhaps, but @katefarms is da real MVP of #feedingtubeawarenessweek, so naturally they had to make it into my first thumbnail for the topical videos I plan on sharing this week in lieu of some traditional vlog footage. Why do I have my feeding tube? Watch and see! Also, find out why having it now is doubly important given my history with mental and physical health. #FiredUpAboutNutrition

Knowledge is Power:: If you are unhappy with how you feel and your overall health then start educating yourself. For years doctors told me I was perfectly healthy. I was also told I was crazy because I would ask for so many different tests that came back negative or said my blood work was great. I started reading everything I could about all of my symptoms. Then I would go back and get tested for one thing after another until I got somewhere.
#takechargeofyourhealth #knowledgeispower #lymeresearch

Highly considering IV Metal chelation with DMSA/DMPS. HAS ANYONE TRIED THIS WITH SUCCESS? Every time I try oral EDTA or DMSA I have a major increase in neurological symptoms-brain fog, vertigo, neuropathy, fatigue, pain and more. After almost 8 years of various treatments and slow decline I’m desperate and this is one treatment I’ve never succeeded at. #chelation #dmps #dmsa #edta #neurologicallyme #ivdmps #ivedta #neuropathy #vertigo

God is so incredibly gracious with me.
I have learned some tough lessons this last year, and He has patiently shown me things, and held me as I sobbed from the pain of my lessons. Hard ones.
My PT said something to me this weeks that really hit home. She was talking to me about being a traveling PT and how she was offered a full time position in Maui, Hawaii after working there for just three months.
& I was just wide-eyed at her next response. "It was too comfortable." she said "there was no potential for suffering, which means no potential for the kind of personal growth I was looking for." So she declined the offer without another thought.

Talk about gaining perspective.
I don't know about you guys, but I want to grow. 🌱#lavenderandlyme #healingfromlyme #latestagelyme #chroniclyme #lymie #lymedisease #neuroborreliosis #neurolyme #neurologicallyme #lymelife #lymewarrior #lymedontkillmyvibe #chronicallyill #chronicillness #chronicpain #babesia #bartonella #pots #gastroparesis #dysautonomia #remissionismymission #healingtakestime #selfgrowth #childofgod #daughteroftheonetrueking #thoughyouslayme

Still recovering from my shenanigans last Thursday when I took this picture. My necklace says "courage" bc every day I need the reminder to stay strong.
I completely broke down last night because I'm having a really hard time with neuro symptoms. I couldn't multi task by the end of yesterday and completely melted down during dinner prep. Things spilled and leaked, my blender blew up, nothing was washed, I feared the meal was disgusting, and my bf was going to work soon...time crunch. I was sobbing over a sink of dirty dishes. My brain just couldn't comprehend how to handle these tasks. He gave me a big hug and eventually it all worked out, but FUCK neurological late stage Lyme and all his asshole buddies. I want my brain back.
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My latest Lyme project! Having Lyme myself it makes me feel good to help bring more awareness. I take orders! #lyme #lymedisease #lymewarrior #lymedontkillmyvibe #lymesucks #lymediseaseawareness #spoonie #chronicillness #chronicpain #chroniclyme #neurologicallyme #lymestrong #strong

Okay you guys. It is the day (well, it’s actually the 3 days) that I have been putting off for the last 4 months😂 It is the day I start my 3 day cleanse preceding the autoimmune nutritional protocol that I stumbled upon back in September.
The regimen is designed to heal the gut, to detox the body, and to bring down inflammation. If these things occur, we get more ENERGY. That is my objective and I’m willing to do just about anything to achieve it.
Here’s where you come in. I have invested dozens and dozens of hours researching nutritional protocols and turns out there are a few that look promising. I am in a unique situation where I have the time, the means, the support at home, and just. enough. strength. to be a guinea pig within our little online community. I want to put these protocols to the test and with 100% adherence on my part I can give you objective feedback. Nutritional protocols are never one size fits all because we all have different conditions, genetic make ups, and we’re all at different stages in this journey. But the one thing we do have in common is THIS JOURNEY. I am intimately aware that several of you are very very ill, confined to your homes and your beds with hardly enough energy to microwave let alone spend hours in the kitchen. You don’t have the strength & the capacity, I get it—because I didn’t either. I understand how much effort it takes to accomplish the most basic of tasks in your situation. It feels helpless because you will do absolutely anything to get well but at the same time, how do you do that when you can’t stand up for longer than 30 seconds? I found myself right where you are for many many years, and believe me when I tell you that I get it. You are not alone.
I am laser focused on optimizing my own health beyond what my medication has given me, and because of my unique position as a high functioning chronically ill person, I want to take you along with me to see what we can find to help you optimize yours. We are in this together. I do not claim to be an expert at any of what I’m setting out to do (YET) but I’m learning as I go and I am committed to being a resource for you❤️

🚨 New Story Alert 🚨 from @lymewithitrockwithit Danielle shares her story from childhood - when she first started battling #lyme at the age of four - “I came down with flu-like symptoms, Bell’s palsy, and a bulls-eye rash. I was diagnosed with Lyme and treated very quickly. The doctor gave me twenty-one days of antibiotics. The facial paralysis resolved itself, and I started improving. Soon after I stopped the medication, I started feeling worse again. My mom took me back to the doctor who told her I was “cured.” I got the flu every month like clockwork, but my siblings never got sick. I would complain about pain in my back, my fingers, my toes, and other weird joints that a young child would never think to complain about.” To read her full story click the link in my bio or go to itslyme.com/daniellesstory 💚 thank you for sharing @lymewithitrockwithit and we are so proud to have you in the community and spreading awareness 💁🏼👏💚Share Danielle’s story to keep Lyme awareness going! 👭👭👭 #SHAREYOURSTORY #itslyme #brucella #chroniclyme #babesia #neurologicaldiseases #neurologicallyme #lymeawareness #lymewarrior #lymeisreal #lymedisease #chronicillness #chronicfatigue #spooniesunite #spoonies

Can you even believe that all my doctors told me to abort my pregnancy?😳
Wow. This babe.
You were worth it all baby girl. I'd fight for you all over again. #lavenderandlyme #lymebaby #lymemom #momof5 #baby5 #lymelife #neurolyme #neurologicallyme #neuroborreliosis #latestagelyme #lymedisease #fucklyme

Greetings y’all! I am coming at you fresh off a spectacular 2 weeks with the shingles virus😳😳😳 FINALLY getting around to posting something!!!
Ok so shingles. Not a good time, in case you were wondering💁‍♀️ I was forced into some serious down time, something I probably really needed...of course not exactly the way I pictured it, you know with blisters and all🙄 Idk about you guys, but my body has a way of making sure I listen to it when I’ve neglected the signals to rest for too long.
So getting to my point👉 when the shingles {shit storm} started to calm down I spent some time narrowing my focus for 2018. I have a goal that is two fold. Part one is to optimize my own health so I can deliver on part two, which is to begin my health coaching practice and get some good content for you over on YouTube. My content will be directed at those of you with conditions & illnesses like mine who have reached out. Essentially this is my way of not allowing the past 10 years to be in vain. To whom much is given, much is expected and it’s time for me to step up and pay it forward.
Today on insta-stories I talked about what’s on deck for me going into next week. A few weeks back on Facebook I mentioned a nutritional protocol that I have some high hopes for. I will begin this on Monday and I am crossing my fingers and toes that it’s every bit as great as I’m hearing. If it is, I will be sharing all zee deets with you!😉
I am feeling a little nervous but with me, that’s usually a good sign that I’m going in the right direction. All of what I’m working on to accomplish is 100% outside my comfort zone. That said, I’ve spent many hours in prayer & meditation. I’ve been writing and reading more than I ever have just trying to download my own intuition. I think I’m on the right path. I hope I am.
I will do my very best for you🙏

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