Now we are in December I am trying to read different Christmas stories to the kids.
This evening we read the snow queen and read the first chapter of the stories of Santa.
Both children enjoyed these books. The illustration is enchanting. My little lady was reading with me the young reading Santa story.
I love how both my children enjoy looking at books.


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Book of the Month - Lizards

Lizards is a brilliant reference book, revealing the world’s many varieties of lizards, from tiny geckos that could fit on your fingertips to fearsome Komodo dragons and long-nosed Pinocchio lizards.

Find out which lizards can walk on water, why some lizards have very long toes, and how one type of lizard uses its extraordinary blue tongue to stay safe and scare off other animals. Discover new elements of the lizarding world with every page - our favourite is ‘Blending In’, which explores how lizards change the way they look so the insects they hunt can’t see them. We loved trying to spot the gecko hiding on a branch!

Full of fascinating facts, beautiful photographs and step-by-step visual explanations, Lizards is an intriguing introduction to the lives of this scaly species. The easy-to-read text is perfect for young children to dip in and out of, whilst the factual content is ideal for children who prefer non-fiction reads. Its hardback format also means it is robust and easy to carry – great for keeping more enthusiastic little readers entertained. Best of all, it is part of our Usborne Beginners series which is packed with collectible titles that are fantastic for libraries, schools or any family bookshelf.


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We love magic paint books. This is my little man he is 22 months old and loving the fun.

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Saturday Christmas activities.
Have fun with you little ones.
If you would like the book they came in please send me a message.

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Delivery day.

There are a few orders here some more stock for December Christmas events.

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True stories of polar adventure

Guarded by frozen seas and vast fields of snow and ice, the North and South Poles are no place for humans, as the explorers who set out to unearth their secrets found out... Part of the Usborne Young Reading series, this book is ideal for newly independent readers who prefer fact to fiction. Includes links to websites to find out more.

Key Stage: KS2 E/H; Age 8+

BIC: C3N79

Price: £5.99
ISBN: 9781474948135
128 pages
190 x 160mm

Author/Editor: Paul Dowswell

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This magical book arrived today.

Each month my mentor does a club 120 and my name got pulled out. So pleased as this book is beautiful. (If you would like to find out more pop me a message)

The left page you colour in and the right page you can do the unicorn transfer. If you know someone who us mad about unicorns this is a great book for them.
If you would like to order this book I am putting an order in this weekend as have a few events coming up so making sure I have lots of amazing books for Christmas.
Or you can order via my website

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True Stories of the Second World War Box Set - now only £12.99

Bring the realities of the world's most dramatic conflict to life, through real-life accounts of bravery and heroism, with the three paperback books in the True Stories of the Second World War Box Set. 
The set includes: The Blitz, D-Day and The Second World War.
Suitable for age 9+, this set would make great curriculum support for any classroom.
Now only £12.99 (RRP £17.97) this offer is available while stocks last.

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We will remember them' with the First World War Activity Pack

The First World War Activity Packis designed to help children understand about the cause and effect of World War One.
Ever wondered what it was like for people fighting or working for the war effort? True Stories of the First World War includes ten compelling tales of experiences in the war from nurses, pilots and soldiers around the world. Maps and line drawings are included, as well as sources and ideas for further reading.
Sticker Dressing: The First World War will fascinate budding historians as they follow the men who took part in the war, from ambulance drivers to recruitment officers. There are over 170 historically accurate stickers to help get them all ready for action.
The Usborne Young Reading - Series 3 account of The First World War tells the whole story of the war and the people who lived and died fighting in it. Children can discover why it wasn't "over by Christmas" and enjoy looking at photographs, maps, illustrations and recommended websites.
100 years since it all began, children can open this jam-packed First World War Sticker Book to discover why it happened, what military strategies were used on both sides and what life was like for soldiers in the trenches, plus much more. There are over 100 stickers to add to the pages, including photographs and artefacts from the time.
This educational pack will bring a whole new significance to children about why we wear a poppy every November, in an interactive and engaging way.

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Book of the Month - Science Scribble Book

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, whether it's the natural world, the solar system, machines, our bodies or technology. Our new Science Scribble Book is perfect for these inquisitive minds, helping to find out about how things work. Investigate forces, turbines, mirror writing, skeletons, animal migration and lots more.
This write-in activity book is packed with puzzles to solve, objects to design and colour, inventions to brainstorm and experiments to do - using only the book and the contents of your pencil case.
Each page includes a different scientific subject, helping children to think independently with the use of clever activities and experiments. Test yours and your friends lightening reactions by measuring your reflexes. Design your own turbine to make electricity by thinking of things that spin or turn. Or have fun designing your own robot by thinking about what it will be used for and how it will get around. Let your imagination run wild!
We love the brightly illustratred pages and child-friendly pictures and diagrams which makes the subject come to life for budding scientists. It is a 'random access' book, enabling the reader to 'dip in and out' as it suits them. Perfect for ages eight and above, this book supports Key Stage Two and STEM learning.

It includes internet links to download the templates for the projects in the book so you don't have to cut up the book. In addition there are links to websites with more activities to do online.
Science Scribble Book is a fun filled book that is sure to enthuse any child. It provides a great balance between exciting activities and imparting scientific information to bring the world of science into context for young readers. It is the perfect introduction to science for your curious children.
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Book Review - Moonlocket

Cogheartfans get ready for another fast-paced adventure with Robert, Lily and mechanical fox Malkin!

It's the start of a long, hot summer and trouble is brewing for Lily and Robert. Master criminal, Jack Door, has broken out of jail in search of the Blood Moon Diamond he stole from Queen Victoria fifteen years before, and Robert is about to discover a dangerous connection between himself and one of London's most notorious men... Robert is restless, while he likes living with Lily and Professor Hartman, his heart yearns for the life he used to have with his father. Desperate to reconnect with his past, he goes back to visit the burned-out clock shop he used to live in and it is there that he comes across the dangerous Jack Door. Searching for a mysterious Moonlocket, Jack is prepared to stop at nothing to be reunited with it, and he knows that it's hidden somewhere within Robert's old home.

Finding it first, Robert vows to keep it safe, especially when he realises that the locket must once have belonged to his estranged mother, from the family picture inside of it. With further research, and help from Lily and Malkin, Robert starts to put the pieces of his estranged family together, and realises his own terrible connection to Jack Door. Fearing for his mother's safety, and with Jack Door hot on his heels, Robert sets off for London with Lily and Malkin in search of his mother and the answer to all the questions about his past.

But Jack Door is not to be messed with, and Robert, Lily and Malkin find themselves playing a dangerous game of hide-and-seek where Robert's Moonlocket is the ultimate prize... Cogheart fans will love this second instalment to the series. It provides all the fast-paced adventure of the first novel as well as the magic of the mechanicals and airships, with the delight of reuniting with favourite characters Robert, Lily and Malkin.
Moonlocket is perfect for fans of action, adventure and mystery and is a real diamond of a novel, sure to be treasured by any reader.

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Looking after your mental health
We talk about our physical health - but not so much about how we’re feeling. With lots of practical advice, this lively, accessible guide explains why we have emotions, and what can influence them. Covering everything from friendships, social media and bullying to divorce, depression and eating disorders, this is an essential book for young people. “This book empowers youngsters with honest advice about ways of looking after their mental health in a fast-moving world.”
Sharon Jones, City Kids Magazine


Key Stage: KS2; Age 9+
BIC: D5N79
Price: £6.99
ISBN: 9781474937290
272 pages
198 x 130mm
Author/Editor: Alice James & Louie Stowell
Illustrator: Nancy Leschnikoff


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