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Walt & Jesse 🎈
By @davecollinsonart

For those who watched, what are you thoughts on the Netflix series? 🤜🏻🔥
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De acordo com Emma Watson, quando a Bela teve que ser atingida intencionalmente na cara por uma bola de neve, a sequência inteira exigiu várias tentativas até que um take satisfatório fosse realizado. Para conseguir, Emma teve que ficar movendo seu rosto, a fim de aumentar as chances de ser atingida diretamente.
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What do you want see in the new episode?

P.S. I would binge watch this show in a heart beat!!
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Girl you're like Netflix... I could watch you for hours.

Looks like I'll be in bed watching Netflix for the next week or so. I hurt my back and had to spend Friday night at the emergency vet. Feeling a little sorry for myself... Any babes wanna keep me company?

Check out my ER visit @tobylittledude

Netflix this week released its trailer for Death Note, a film based on the Japanese manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, and people aren’t too pleased with the casting choice for its main character. ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Death Note stars Nat Wolff, a white man, but the manga comic tells the story of a Japanese high school student who discovers a supernatural notebook. Now, granted, when the news of Death Note hit, the movie’s producers billed it as an “Americanized” version. But a lot of people are wondering, why does “Americanized” immediately signal, “Cast this white actor and not an Asian one”? And sure, the series may be set in Seattle, but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that Asian people live there, too (/s). ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・
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Can't wait to see if the #Netflix version can compete with the #anime . #DeathNote #Light #L

Another Nancy outfit finished! My jacket still needs to be modified and dyed again but I'm so happy my SA sweater finally arrived 😀 -----------------------------
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Quiet house so netflix and Rekorderlig it is #quiethouse #rekorderlig #netflix #relax #smiles

Bom dia! ☕️

Nuovo video online. Parlo di Santa Clarita Diet, una produzione #netflix che mi ha rapito l'entusiasmo. Buona visione #santaclaritadiet #youtube #serietv #telefilm #tv

A beautiful soprano voice but behind the scenes it was a life in later years marked by tragedy and little happiness. Born in Chicago Susanna Foster (1924-2009) named by her agent after the song "Oh Susanna" and its composer Stephen Foster was brought to MGM at 12 yrs of age. Despite big plans being announced there and training for her debut, after she turned down "National Velvet" as it wasn't a musical, they never eventuated. Instead she signed at Paramount where she made her debut in the musical "The Great Victor Herbert" with Jones (from MGM) and Martin in her debut. Cast with Jones again in "There's Magic in Music" and then former child star Cooper in "Glamour Boy" she was lovely on screen but it was at Universal where her career took flight. Opposite Nelson Eddy in the Technicolor "The Phantom of the Opera" she replaced top star Durbin as Christine when she turned it down. A major hit and now a star Universal kept her busy trying to duplicate her first success. "Top Man" and "This Is the Life" both with O'Connor were hits. "The Climax" was more Technicolor musical horror but less popular. "Bowery to Broadway" and "Follow the Boys" featuring separately her idol MacDonald were both successes. After two more movies she walked away from her contract, turning down a planned concert tour with Eddy, later on walking out of her marriage to singer actor Wilbur Evans which were by her own admission, all big mistakes. When she decided to focus on singing and not the movies his star rose in "South Pacific" in the West End and she would eventually leave him with two young sons in tow. From welfare to receptionist, living out of a car, then with a fan, dealing with an alcoholic mother and mentally unstable sister, losing a son to drug addiction she ended her days in a nursing home. Like every young soprano of her generation she said, "I thought I was Jeanette MacDonald, my idol. When I looked in the mirror, that's who I was. I did not see me. When I first saw myself on the screen, I thought, "Oh my God, I'm not Jeanette MacDonald!" I was so disappointed. I never liked myself on screen." A young musical beauty with a B above C or as a critic once said "a lusty larynx."

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