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From @opalslutuniverse: 👋🏾 I'm Janice, a New York based artist, and my work is informed by how I see myself existing in an alternate universe that I call the Opalslut Universe.
I try to cover her up a little but only bc my last page got deleted over her nudity 💔
Tag #postvision if you want to join, follow if you want to know.

Biology is expensive and limited, data is cheap and forever... #netart #webpunk #aesthetic #memory #digital #transmogrification #cyberwave #human #trash #glitchart #timetravel #art

hi here's a really dorky picture of me waiting for u guys to come to the show later lol (i promise ill look much cuter there) :))))

true/false – The audio/visual choreography of an algorithm / @onformative → http://ca-n.in/2yVSAYB
Created by Berlin based onformative, “true/false” is a kinetic sculpture comprised of arrays of circular black metal segments set in mechanical columns. Interlocking and rotating around fluorescent light tubes, the cylinders cover or expose the light to display an endless number of patterns. The transformation of the sculpture is based on the shifting elements and their correlation to each other. As the segments do not move independently, for any of the cylinders on a column to change, the segments affected must work in unison to achieve the command.

I waited so long for this to render and I had a few other angles that were really cool.
My computer froze and I lost the whole project. This was the only export that made it.
Unfortunately I didn't save, and I waited forever for the damn render. For nothing... but this loop.
Sometimes things fucking quit on you.


congratulations, celebration 'cause my heart is the hardest to break


In the Middle of Nowhere | Available soon @curioos


u built this

A little snippet from our pavillion for @thewrong.biennale , Life 2.0 , considering the second selves we inhabit online, throwing off the shackles of appearance and allowing our true inner personalities to run rampant in anonymous forums, chat rooms and Facebook threads. Send us a DM or email at isthisit96@gmail.com for the link and password to see work and essays by @jadeannaw , @anne_de_boer , @evil_bonfire , @maxcolson , @juan_covelli , @naomi_hf_89 , @gatto21 , @roxmangatt , @baby_peach123456789 , @helenrhamilton , @willkendrick1 , @wednesdaykimm , @kobalska , @thealazar , @__m__e____ma , @jake_d_moore , @pagy_olivir , @elsa_philippe , @routalice , @lava_baby , @petra_ssz , @getrichnever , @100_percent_sad and @franciscolacarnum ! Curated by @bob.bk1 , the site launches officially on 1st November! #onlineart #videoart #wrongbiennale #biennale #art #artwriting #secondlife #digitalart #netart #gif #filmart #narrativeart #sculpture #animation #soundart #presspreview #opening #artopening #artexhibition

Broken colors

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