#q Should I start posting on @ttsau again?

Bella + Jacob + Renesmee 💜 these manips were so hard but fun to make!

I’m working on tonssss of new edits that you guys requested!!! 💜

Jacob + Renesmee parallel: the reason Jake felt closer than ever to Bella while she was pregnant!

Happy birthday to these angels 💜💜 (Renesmee’s birthday is September 11th 2006, and Ana’s birthday is September 10th 1989) For those of you who don’t know, the Fifty Shades series started out as Twilight fanfiction so I thought it was appropriate to post them together. Also, imagine what your fanfictions and short stories could turn into! Never give up on your dreams (:

I love this scene. We got to see Aro vulnerable, which like never happens.

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