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She "needs" to leave with multiple bags always "mommy I NEED that bag" #justlikemomma #onthego #toddlerlife #nessecities

Baby number 1, check. Baby number 2, check. Beer, CHECK #nessecities

"Wake up in the morning and I gotta win" ✨


Early birthday presents from the whanau

The last stop of the day for this stage manager: calling Arcadia! 🎭 what a great day at #Dramafest2015 😊 #LakerTakeover #OswegoTheatre #mountaindew #nessecities

#nessecities 🍧☀️


Great quality affordable headphones! Anker Soundbuds Sport IE20 🎧 These wireless headphones have great sound quality, battery life and I have both lifted and done cardio in them with no issues! The base of the sound might not be similar to that of other brands, but considering it's less than 1/4 of the price, that's totally fine. These were just KD15.500✔️ around 50$ (You get several bud sizes, use the one that fits you properly). Fitness is for everyone. College students, those with limited budgets, everyone. Fitness gear, healthier food options, equipment, all these things are now available at more affordable prices. Do a little research and you'll be pleasantly surprised🖤
وايد بنات يسالوني عن سماعات للتمرين بسعر مناسب.. ادوات الرياضه، ملابس الرياضه، سماعات، معدات، كل هالاشاء لله الحمد متوفره الحين باسعار و انواع مختلفه.. مو عذر انه الحياه الصحيه و مستلزماتها غاليه.. صارلي اسبوع تقريباً وانا استخدم هالسماعات.. الصوت ممتاز، البطاريه ممتازه، و وايرلس (يشبك على البلوتوث) .. تمرنت فيهم مقاومه و كارديو و كانو ممتازين للاثنين.. انصح فيهم و بشده .. سعرهم ١٥.٥دك (تقريباً ٥٠ دولار امريكي)✔️
اسمهم: Anker Soundbuds Sport IE20

Loving my new set 😊every girl needs abit of sparkle 😍 thanks @megg_ward @blushbluff #prettynails #nessecities #bling #overlays #newset #love #burgandynails

DAY 4 of LOVE!! Currently I am in LOVE with my vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Sandy beach, warm weather, beautiful ocean and my AMAZING husband. What more could a girl ask for on day 4 of LOVE 💗💗 I also couldn't leave home without my @hey30a hat, @australiangoldbrasil tanning oil, and @janeiredale make up!!! #nessecities #cabo #sun #love #valentines #lovelovelove

The beauty of a bag // Gold cross-bodies never disappoint. #shopitnow #bags #golden #nessecities #shoplocal #asheclothing

Everyone should have a cardboard cutout of themselves in they're faux jungle foyer #grandmashouse #nessecities

Creation from nessecities! 🤓😴
Where I was sleeping there was too much light and I needed a good sleep.. so I created some eye-covers! (from my fabric scraps) Its a frenzy when I have new ideas!
#sleepingbeauty #nessecities #creative #powertomyhands

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