It’s been exactly 2 years since I made it onto the OR board and today I just happened to be with the one who got stuck with me in the first place!!!

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So many good days have been happening lately. Whether it’s been amazing interactions with some of my patients or even just good shifts that genuinely remind me of why I decided to become a nurse. A few weeks ago, I had a week full of shifts that I’ll be honest, were super tough. So tough that I felt defeated and even stupid. Then I had one shift - just one - that changed EVERYTHING. .
I finally felt like the nurse I had always dreamed of being. I had helped save the life of a patient. It was at that point, I had realized that all of the bad shifts, all of the days I had spent time to cry in the break room because of frustration or sadness, all of the days I never believed in myself; they didn’t matter anymore. I had finally gained that confidence that I was lacking. Six months ago I may have become a registered nurse after passing my state boards, but it wasn’t until that day that I truly felt that I had eaRNed the title of RN. 🧠👩🏽‍⚕️💜

Christmas in August day at work #merrychristmas #nerdynurse

Wowza! We totally know that bacteria can make itself at home on a surface, but seeing these numbers are eye opening even for seasoned nurses. It is important that we use clean technique, do our best to keep the surfaces out patients into contact with sanitized, and practice impeccable hand hygiene. •
Deleted and reposted due to influenza surface time being listed as days instead of hours.

Show a little love to those that make you work life better today! ❤️

Oh she was so sweet for 8 hours and as soon as the sun goes down she is ready Conner McGregor you! 😑😫🤣

As a nurse, there are just some things you can relate to. 😊 Good Morning Y’all!

Tromsø 💕
Chill evening after a day at work. Next shift tmrw night. 😊
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They got questions y’all! Haha we do our best to answer them!

I’m that one.... 😂. Should really get new shoes, but these are my favorite!!
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Everyone told me that sooner or later, there would be one shift where I would suddenly have the wow moment; the day when I would finally feel like the nurse I always dreamed of being. That shift finally happened. I finally stood up for myself and changes I observed in a patient. I advocated for my patient when I had a gut feeling that something was wrong. I called for backup when I needed extra hands on deck. I helped save a life. And I still can’t even believe it. Never doubt your gut feeling. Never doubt your intelligence. You don’t study or work your ass off to pass the exam that you dread taking in the first place, but because someday, you’re the only thing between your patient and the grave. 💜👩🏽‍⚕️🧠 #RealCaregiversRealStories

Getting lovely jawline results with #kybella 🎉
Recommend 3-5 treatments spaced 6-8 wks apart. Expect some swelling for 3 days to the areas injected 😳
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Day off from work. Been walking around in the centre of Tromsø. 😊
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Smart girls are a dime a dozen!! #nurselife #nerdynurse #get you a girl with brains #smartbeautifulsuccessful

Dreams and goals are pretty stinking awesome, but without effort and planning they are null and void! So dream BIG, PLAN accordingly, and WORK Hard! You got this!

The glorious moment that you only have a week till you start your dream job and then find perfect scrubs that you feel beautiful in right off the bat! #nursingassistant #futureernurse #nursingschool #edtech #nursingcareer #nerdynurse #futurenurse #futurern #futureednurse #traumanurse #scrublife #nurselife💊💉

At my street, beautiful views.
5 shifts done and so far I really enjoy working here 😊 Can't also wait for my first free day coming up, latest by then I believe I'll go for some minor hiking. 😊
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This past week I had some of the most difficult shifts of my whole life. I picked up an extra 12hr shift, so with that and my already scheduled time combined, I was using every once of my being trying t hold my composure and use critical thinking in every moment. Being a new grad is so much more difficult than I ever could’ve imagined. I could easily beat that statement like a dead horse. New situations have been around every corner and the feeling of not being able to know what’s coming next has surely made things so much more difficult in the long run. I know there are many others out there who are feeling the stress much like myself & I’m thankful to know I’m not alone at all. Every day this week I’ve used my amazing @teamiblends tumbler, rotating between my favorite Teami Skinny & strawberry infused water to help keep me both awake and hydrated throughout my shifts. To all my fellow new grads: Stand Strong. We’ve got this. 💜
Use the discount code thenurselyss15 for 15% off of your @teamiblends purchase at checkout! You’ll be like 👉🏼👩🏽‍⚕️ instead of like 👉🏼🧟‍♀️ with any of the Teami products! My favorite is Teami Skinny 😊

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