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I thought this was stale until @lami_cray just did his,and since its Thursday I decided to make Mine a tbt...lol
20 things about me you should know
1.My full name Ebunoluwa Adedoyin Atiyah Agbolade 😊😊
2.I'm mix(Nigeria\sierra Leone)
3.Devoted Christian, I practically live for Christ only ✌
4.I tend to act like fag with @_yomiie_
5.@theejhar @hoyeencutie @thatnigga_sharon @i_am_niyi are my main🙋
6.Ribena is true love & dodo is bae😍
7.new found love for table tennis (don't try me on that🙅)
8.I'm extremely playful+always ready to snap pictures 📷📷
9.biology makes me happy🙌unilag#2017👊
10.I fantasize a lot bcus that the only world I get everything to workout the way I want it...lol
11.so @omotayoyetunde told me how obsessed I'm with doctors😭😭
12.I like to sing but people tell me I don't know how to. Haters😏😏
13.Not a fan of make-up but lipsticks gives me joy💋
14.Early 90s baby(June 27)
15.I'm softhearted and too emotional; I cry at every little thing🙈
16.my glasses are my bestfrd#4EyeGang #nerd👓'I'm pretty with them ON trust me
17.I have anger issues 🙈i use to control my anger by playing games(I hate games)
18.let just waste this one
19.I love junks and fruit(excluding pineapple,shawarma ,burger,pizza)my dad thinks I'm from another planet, bcus of this!
20.finally.....my political ambition seems strong!

Seja inteligente, saiba que nem todos pensam como vc, evite discussões desnecessárias.

#Nerd👓 sqn kkk
#Blogger #Blogueira

About $500,000 worth of junk I'm sittin on...going all to recycling!

You underestimate the power of the dark side! #starwarswedding💍 #forcechoke😈 #nerd👓 #onlygoodvibes✌

Presi benissimo🤓💋💓#nerd👓
@carlottamortara @_carolinafara dove siete?🤔


😁😁 today's date is the same forwards as it is backwards 👏🏼👏🏼 #date #nerd👓 #7102017

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