So a sideways look at the second attempt at this image of the "heavy heart" ( I like that as a title for this image concept)

This is a bit more of what I had envisioned using the white outlines in the first attempt... But the blue background was throwing me off.
I've had this craft paper for awhile and thought it would add a vintage look to something, and doing a neotraditional tattoo design seemed perfect.

So same as the first one, I like this, but it still is nowhere near what I thought I was going to come out with

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Another week 4 challenge piece.
Well, this one was an adventure, finished late last night (early morning)
Sacred heart weighted down by an anchor. So originally I just wanted to do a version of a sacred heart tattoo, as it's pretty traditional. But something was missing, so tried an arrow, didn't really work then was suggested an anchor (thanks @mercedesj0y ) which stuck.

The adventure was with the colouring, still not sure what I think of the finished piece, tried some new stuff and some I like, some I don't. If you see the earlier stages I was not expecting this end. So much so I tried another approach, and edited out the wings. (I'll post that too) and I still think I'm gonna go back and do a third.

I still had fun, learned some stuff, so at least it was a good adventure.

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Fun of having a light table. A process video of my detailed rough sketch is underneath in orange/red and the clean up in a 4H pencil on top.

#weeklychallenge #process #lightable #colerase #vermillion #red #4Hpencil #hamont #hamontartist #tattoostyle #neotradiotional

Next piece for this week of Neotraditional designs.
I was told to play with my line work more to get this style right. So I did. Haha I could push it even further, but I like this.
Included lots of process pics, as I did this full traditional. Sketch, to detail sketch, to thin outline, to colours and nib and brush inking.

So much fun, but time consuming as I haven't gone this route in a while. Need to keep practicing to speed up and get that feel back for traditional inking.
The details at the end show the line variance better.

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Updated my Website. Check it out. 🤙🏼😄 ✉️ Link in Bio.

Occasionally I like to throw out some colour neo trad work 👊 would love to do this piece would suit calf 👌
If your interested DM me for enquiries 💯 #neotrad #neotradiotional #neotraditionaltattoo

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