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Have humans created a high-tech poop-harvesting machine? Millions of cats believe that we are harvesting their poo for profit using the ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Litter Box. Follow the Catspiracy and decide for yourself! #Catspiracy
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Good morning❤❤❤

Daily goals 😂🐾 Tag a friend who would love this kitten! 🐈

Someone is strategically placing himself in the background of my pictures nowadays.

This is my breakfast. 😉 What do you usually have for breakfast? 🍳🥘🥗

🐱🐱 .

またこの顔!!ヾ(*ㅿ*๑)ツ三ヾ(๑ ³ㅿ³)ノ .

NEWキャラ明日登場します🦉🐾 .

It is the face when the thing of interest is in front of me.😳 .





📺57 channels and nothing on📺
🐾Thats makes me angry😾🐾

-how's everyone doing ? I'm hungry but I have dinner in 20 minutes so I'm going to wait

Fat butt, watching the rain ☔️

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