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Repost @kadzii_porter "Gyal inna di bed get up get up, Ah dah sumn deh mi wah fi tump it up🎵 #BigBadChugIt #Negril #May28th #BeachReady& #34;

Wow‼️ BREATHTAKING view of #Negril .
Tap your heels 👠 3 times and say, "There& #39;s no place like Negril!" .
Negril has some amazing white sand beaches but also beautiful and high cliffs. For sunset we went to the famous Rick's Cafe, arriving in our boat. That was a sick experience! Sunset and cliff jumpers are a rad combination!


Room 28. Perfect for a last-minute #getaway . (Also perfect for a well-planned-from-far-in-advance getaway) Visit www.rockhouse.com or call 876-618-1533 to book your trip to our #tropical #paradise . 🏝 #vacation #holiday #luxury #travel #adventure #boutiquehotel #hotel #rockhousehotel #caribbean #negril #jamaica 📷: @coreymus

🌿 To me marriage is not finding or being the perfect partner. To me marriage is two people joining together and helping each other to become the best versions of themselves through life experiences. Marriage, buying property, children, business, death, success, failures, hurdles, triumphs - you name it. Marriage is forgiveness and patience, it is compromise but should never be a replacement of one's self, beliefs, values, more so an addition to who you already are. This past week my hubs and I celebrated two years of marriage, the beginning of a lifetime together. Good days & bad days. On those days when it doesn't click as seamless as others, and we seem to speak a different language for a few moments - I remind myself that I could lose him, and he could lose me - a reminder that keeps us trying, listening, giving in, holding our ground, building , doing more for each other - never taking for granted the presence of each other in our lives.
Thanks everyone for the love and wishes this past week.
It was definitely special. 😙 #reshandrush2015

2017 Jamaica SUP Retreat was a blast!! Thanks for hosting us @oneloverastacottages! @pauhanasurfsupply @kialoapaddles @sperry @kokatatusa @bonviebikinis

This is @couplesresorts 🌴
One of the best all inclusive couples only resorts!
Check them out to see more properties!

Gyal inna di bed get up get up, Ah dah sumn deh mi wah fi tump it up🎵 #BigBadChugIt #Negril #May28th #BeachReady

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy 😄😊🙌
📷: @kimberleytiffanny


#Negril #Jamaica 2015....he was singing "everything& #39;s gonna be alright" ....❤

Chill day with the boss and yeah she is making her way around the other features on my fone 😂😂😂😂 #daddysgirl #capturethemoment #negril #aboutthatlife #chilaxing #downtime

Y'all . I'm awake and feeling all the feels right now. Although I'm going for work and for a short time, I'm going back to Jamaica. 12 days away. Y'all don't understand how I feel about this place. Do you feel that way about any place on this earth? Where on this planet resonates with you most? The people here. The food. The sun. The beach. The vibe. The smoke. Shit even the scams. I don't selectively love Jamaica. I love the good and the bad. Last year was the worst/best year of my life. I fucked up in so many ways. I learned so many things. My creativity in Jamaica gets an unbelievable charge. My ability to think freely is unparalleled. As adults, do we all fantasize about at least one day where you can actually be alive? I'm gonna hold space for my g's while I'm there. For all my love ones who wish they could get away but can't . I'm going to heal the pain from broken relationships. I'm going to dance. I'm going to talk with the elders. I'm going to be alive. I'm going to be home. I'm just a muthafuckin girl right now and y'all gon let me be emotional real quick. Lol #jamaica #negril #belladonna #westend

goodnight from the west end ☄ #westmoreland #westenderinn #negril #blessup

Yah Mon, wicked sunset over here! #jamaica #7milebeach #negril

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