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Little people 🖤
Da sønnen kom hjem med hjemme snekret krakk (helt til venstre i bilde) 🙌🏼 Små gleder! Vi er små folk (120-161cm) i denne lille familien og en krakk er en helt genial gave 😂 Det ER tanken som teller 🎁❤️ Tenke med hjertet! Venter besøk av foreldrene mine i kveld! Det blir kos 💋 God helg søtinger! 🍷
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Meine Pileaaufzucht hat begonnen. ☺️Da meine gekaufte Pilea schon ein paar kleine Ableger parat hatte, habe ich heute mal die Gelegenheit genutzt und ihnen ein neues Zuhause organisiert. Hoffentlich wird es was. Soll ja angeblich ganz gut klappen. Allerdings hatte ich tatsächlich nicht genug passende Töpfe parat, da muss ich wohl doch noch mal los: SHOPPING. 😍😉Mein grüner Daumen bzw die Leidenschaft für Grünes wird jedenfalls immer größer. Habe ich vielleicht doch ein paar Gene von meinem Pa abbekommen, ein leidenschaftlicher Biologe. 😉🌿 #hausbau2017 #neubau #bauupdate #pilea #pileaableger #pileacuttings #ableger #sprig #grünerdaumen #grünerdaumenundso #küche #kitchen #lacucina #nobilia #magnolia #neff #tupperware #interior #inspiration #living #livestyle #meinzuhause #lovelylittlelightbox #scheuerich #pflanzen #pflanzenliebe #plants

Switch to 360 🌴🌴🌪
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Una vez más lo dimos todo en la montaña. Gracias chicos por otra increíble Skiweek 🤘🏼
Setiembre 2017 • Skiweek / The British School, Woodlands e Individuales. @soulmaxuruguay @neff_uruguay #skiweek #snowboarding #bariloche #cerrocatedral #neff #planet01

@Delfiferrari en el @CerroCatedralok, equipada con estilo ❄️🏂 #Neffsnow #neffargentina #neff

October is about to be spooky. 👀 The 8th Annual Neff Halloween party is on deck w/ sounds from @matty_mo, @flaredaddy, and our very own @boyork.boyork! We'll be in the house as well helping pick out the flyest costumes of the night (there will be prizes, so bring your best). If you a freak and you know it, come out and play! 👻☠️🎃
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Temporada 2017✔ 🔚💥🗻❄ #neff #armadaskis #nordicaskis @armadaskis


It took me most of my 20's to understand my relationship to work and money. I refused to go the "normal" route even though I had been taught it my entire life. What were you taught? Get good grades, get a scholarship to a good school, get the job and work to retirement?
One of my earlier memories is of my parents telling me that my dad had just been laid off. I didn't know what that meant fully but I did know that money was tight. I watched the corporate world bounce him around for the next 20 years. Despite being an Air Force Vet and having 2 degrees he became older and more expensive than the competition when interviewing. His last job before being diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's was handing out samples at Costco. I still have a hard time taking a sample.

I jumped into entrepreneurship full force in my 20's. Hellbent not to have the same fate as my father. I decided to take the jobs that offered adventure and freedom even if they paid less. However the poverty mindset remained. Something like that you can't shake quickly. It takes reflection and understanding how you feel/treat money and then identifying if that is a truth or just a belief you hold from your story.
Many of you are struggling to change a belief or break a cycle in your life. I get it. I hope you can find these words inspiring that you have the ability to make your life everything you want it to be. It won't happen overnight and it will take sacrifices but if you set your mind to changing and bettering your life then I know you can do it. It doesn't mean you have to want to live in a van. We get it, it's not for everyone. #40hoursoffreedom is about flipping the script. Finding a way to make a living pursuing what you love and sharing it with the world.

Solo disfruta los pequeños momentos como si fueran los últimos , la vida es muy corta para estar triste 💨🍻❣️🍃 #l4l #instachile #neff

I know... terrifies you, doesn’t it? #alteredbeast

Inmigración USA|Solicitud de Ciudadanía, Green Card y visas.

Contáctenos 809-241-8707
#Neff&;Asociados, Consultores Legales.

Ajustando los últimos detalles de el nuevo showroom de @dmfdiseno donde incluimos nuevos productos de alta tecnología de @hbt en herrajes y los artefactos de alga gama de #bosch y #neff

110,000T - 50% = 55,000T

It was fantastic welcoming so many people to our showroom, thank you for making our opening such a great day. We feel Horsham is the perfect location for Alexander's new showroom, and now look forward to offering kitchen and bathroom installations in Sussex on a wider scale.

110,000T - 50% = 55,000T

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