@sayantanighosh0609 shares her #naamkaran memories #neelamaa All India television industry ki superb strongest and perfect maa 💞

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When we say words fall short to its a lie, but legit it's true when it comes to Mother. Even if we bring the whole universe to her we'll never be able to fulfill even 1% of what she hav gone through, sacrificed and done for us.
It's a huge debt we will never be able to payoff. A mother doesn't have to be the one who brought you into this world but anyone who cares for you and loves you the way you are. Life is so short as a blink of an eye.💝
Look at these women who have been on the chapters of a beautiful story, they have thought us soo much about Motherhood relationships, love and sacrifice.💕
They are among those whom we follow as an example. The story may hav end for now, but the memories and the lessons stay in our hearts for a life time. ❤
Here wishing them a Happy Mothers Day❤
#HappyMothersDay 💕
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Happy mother’s to all the moms around the world. Mother is the greatest gift that we have got. I love you soo much mom that I can’t define them in word😍😘❤️👩‍👧
This is one of my favourite characters neela maa @sayantanighosh0609 the bond of her and Avni @ad_aditirathore93 @arsheennamdar in the whole show was amazing love their friends talk, mother daughter talk just loved them. First with the small avni @arsheennamdar she @sayantanighosh0609 showed us how to be friends with the kids who had suffered like that and then with the big avni @ad_aditirathore93 she @sayantanighosh0609 taught her how to be a strong girl she @sayantanighosh0609 has always been on avni @arsheennamdar @ad_aditirathore93 side.
Just love you soooo much @sayantanighosh0609 best mother I have ever seen in daily soaps ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #neelamaa #avniayesha #aditirathore #arsheennamdar #sayantanighosh #lovenaamkaran😘 #wemissyou

Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.” .
#NeelaMaa : the woman whose life was a testament of that saying

@sayantanighosh0609 you truly imbibed life into that fictional character and made her so relatable...feel so real.
Happy Mother’s Day to all fellow mothers in the NK fandom! ❤️

Happy mothers day 😘
I am proud of our NK for having the most beautiful and lovely mother-daughter relationship...
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Mother first teacher of a child
And the only person who can understand what her child needs the most more than anyone else!!
I actually don't believe in these cuz it should be celebrated everyday unlike a day
But this one is for all those mothers and to the very special mother of #avneil #neelamaa ❤❤
Happy mothers day!!❤❤❤
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