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We need three things desperately!!!! (I do mean desperately- please please please)
Puppy food
We have puppies, puppies, and yes, puppies. All ages, shapes and sizes. If you agree to foster, we promise to loan a kennel, deliver food, cover the vet care w our veterinarians, and to praise you on an almost daily basis for being an amazing humanitarian. (You rock!)
If you can spare some puppy food, we promise to pick it up and the pups promise to enjoy every morsel. (Yummy!)
For you who have donations, we promise to use them wisely. To spread them as far as we possibly can. No one stretches a penny the way Marcye can.... We also promise to praise you and send a tax donation receipt.
In case you needed to see a few of the faces you will be helping (see below) ......
Now. In case you need a little more encouragement, I am humming in the "arms of an angel" by Sarah McLaughlin........... Need foster for
the white and black below needs a foster to come into the rescue (urgent) She is 12 weeks old #donationswelcome #needfosters #dogrescue #helpthepups #paypalmoney

Need foster or shelter bound ASAP! HELP! #needfosters #needfosterhomes #needfosterhome #shelterbounddog


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Butuh orang tua asuh sementara untuk ke dua anak lucu ini, karena saya akan pulang ke Kalimantan dari tanggal 14 Mei-16Juli. Semoga ada di antara teman2 pencinta kucing yang berkenan untuk membantu saya dan kedua anak bulu saya ini. Untuk biaya makanan insyallah akan saya bantu semampu saya.
Jenis : kucing lokal
Miki : betina
Kenzi: jantan
Belum steril: bagi orang tua asuh sementara yang mau mensteril mereka lebih dulu boleh, biayanya akan saya ganti ketika saya balik lagi k sini (harus di sertai bukti pembayaran)
Daerah: Cipayung Jakarta Timur

Untuk kontak nanti saya DM
@doniherdaru @animaldefendersindo @_furrytails_ @straycatdefender @khairunnisarurin @febrirchmwt @cintasatwariau @meowholicid @diandental

#urgent!!! #butuhfoster#needfosters#catlovers#pencintakucing#pecintkucingkampung# #needfastfoster #pedulikucingkampung

@Regrann from @gardasatwaindonesia - Dear guardians

Kami membutuhkan bantuan kalian yang bisa, untuk bantu kami memfoster beberapa anjing dari shelter karena sedang ada sedikit masalah dengan warga, intinya adalah kami harus memindahkan beberapa anjing yang frekuensi gonggongan cukup tinggi alias bising, jika ada yang mau membantu silakan hubungi via WA ke nomor 081326017568. Terimakasih #Regrann #needfosters #jakartafosterparents #jakarta #help

This boy could be euthanized any day! He is currently at a Dallas shelter, please swipe left on the pics for more info! @houstonchow #network #needfosters #share #willdiewithouthelp #shelterdog #urgent #chowchow

Don't let them die. #foster #needfosters #fosteracat

Sooooo!! I'm with my battle buddy @richsbabydoll61 and we just left a fosters home. She needed litter and only Walmart was open. So I say "Sure! I'll go with you!" We pull into the parking lot. Me:"wtf is that?! " Debi:" oh shit" Me: "is that A CAT?!" Debi: "omg it's a kitten !!!!" Me: "i have food" Debi: "i have a trap... I said I wasn't taking in any more kittens" Both of us: "lets trap it". 10 minutes later, we had this little one about 14 weeks old. Didn't seem too feral. Scan for microchip in the morning. Tonight its in a crate with food, blankets, water and safety. Not too feral, just scared. Tomorrow will tell! It never fails... They always find us!!! #tnr #kittenrescue #tnrvolunteers #needfosters #lovetorescue

We still need a foster for this handsome man we found Saturday night. As you can see he's skinny/ emaciated, this poor guy was starving and scared when we found him. Even though he was visibly neglected Hes the sweetest boy you'll ever meet! He's good with other dogs, very calm demeanor, super sweet and goofy! We think he is about 1 year old, well find out a more approximate age tomorrow after his vet appt. Anyone in CA please help, I'll bring him to you or arrange a transport.
Big thank you to @buriedinbullies for taking him for a few days, we couldn't have saved him without you!! Anyone, if you can Foster or give him a permanent loving home please contact me by commenting here or email elkazolot at gmail dot com. #dontbullymybreed #pitbull #stray #availableforadoption #needfosters #pitbullsofinstagram


Hello there... any fosters out there for two or three of us? We still need to be kept together in pairs of at least two but two is better than one!!!! Fill out a foster app today at Allieshaven.org #needfosters #puppies #lovebug #adoptdontshop #adoption #adoptionrocks

Don't let them die. #foster #needfosters #fosteracat

The South LA Shelter is OPEN!
(8am - 5pm)
Go check out our adoptable & upcoming available pets.
With our shelter getting full, that means more dogs cramped up in kennels, red listed dogs will possibly be at a higher risk of being PTS, and with this horrible heat coming, we want our dogs to have space to move around.
Our trained volunteers work with the dogs to know their behavior, energy levels and train them on commands. And you'll find out that a good amount of our dogs do great with volunteers, with the public and in play groups. we really cant ask for anything but more adopters, fosters & rescue to step in to help. Rescues are a BIG HELP!
So what do you say, can you help?
Dogs: $122
Cats: $50 - $76
Bunnies: $76
Hamsters: $16
(Includes spay/neuter, license, micro chip and vaccines)
Head over now, thank you.
#adoptdontshop #southla_animalshelter #southlaanimalshelter #southlashelter #adopt #foster #rescue #adoption #cityshelter #needfosters #lacityshelter #southlosangelesanimalshelter โค

This boy could be euthanized any day! He is currently at a Dallas shelter, please swipe left on the pics for more info! @houstonchow #network #needfosters #share #willdiewithouthelp #shelterdog #urgent #chowchow

How ridiculously adorable is ABTR foster Buddy nuzzling into my arm pit? ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿถ๐Ÿพ Do you want to cuddle a cutie like Buddy? Apply to become and Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue. Visit abtr.org for more information. #rescuedogfosterhome #bostonterrierrescue #bostonterriersofinstagram #bostonterrier #fosterdog #needfosters #dogsofalabama #alabamabostonterrierrescue #abtr #foster #rescue #donate #rescuedogsofinstagram

Still begging and pleading for a foster for this rock and roll pair. @takemehomerescue is paying for all their medical. Please open up your home. #adopt #rescue #pittiesrock #pitbullsofinstagram #foster #needfosters #pitbulladvocate #twoisbetterthanone #rockandrollrescue
@Regrann from @takemehomerescue - Please please, there has to be a foster somewhere out there. Take Me Home will supply everything that you need. Join us, and the amazing LA band Ward for their benefit show for these deserving bonded pair. They have been in the shelter for over a year! Be there June 16th, at Molly Malone's in Los Angeles. Let's Rock Out For Rescue at 9pm. Tickets are only $10 donation www.ward.band/tickets.php. Email Us with any questions TMHrescue@gmail.com #benefit #rock #show #mollymalones #losangeles #savelives #pits #foster #pit #pitbullsrock @friendsofwestvalley #takemehomerescue - #regrann

@Regrann from @furanimals17 - #Repost @apurposefulrescue (@get_repost)
We are officially in the worst time of year for shelter dogs. Pre July 4th. Fireworks start going off and dogs get out. Because of this the shelters have to make space. If you have ever wanted to foster now is the time to do it. Foster apps available on our website. #Repost @southla_animalshelter with @repostapp
Sadly our shelter is getting packed!
We would appreciate if you all shared to help spread the word.
51 dogs are on the ๐ŸšจRED LISTED๐Ÿšจ
51!! That's a Big Number.
Can you or someone you know help by fostering, adopting or rescuing.
Come check out our dogs & cats.
We are located on 1850 W 60th St
LA CA 90047 #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #saveashelterdog #foster #needfosters #fostersneeded #california #ittakesavillage #notthisonenottoday - #regrann

Fosters, I have a very special case. This little one is 14 years old and was found when his owner's body was discovered. His owner had been dead for a week. We need to get this kid out of the shelter and into a warm, soft, safe, loving home to heal and be pampered. I know I've got some foster parents who like the seniors! Who are you? Message me!! #abtr #alabamabostonterrierrescue #mobilealabama #fosterdog #rescuedog #bostonterrier #seniordogsofinstagram #rescuedogfosterhome #needfosters #dogsofalabama #bostonterrierrescue #bostonterriersofinstagram

Yippee, getting two more foster kittens. #adopt #rescue #kittensofinstagram #fosteracat #foster #needfosters

Hi. My name is Heather. I am a pretty black lab female. I came to the rescue with my sister. I have had a rough time. I have come a long way but I need help. My weight is perfect and my fur is coming back. I love being with other dogs and prefer a home with dogs as this makes me more comfortable. I love to play and run. I enjoy car rides. I love napping on a dog bed or outside in the sun. I do need a 6 foot fence cause a 4 foot is meant to be jumped. Right? I enjoy chew toys and my foster dad taught me that remotes are a no no. I enjoy scratches. I am not hyper and I am submissive. I am a petite 40 pounds. I am now in a foster home with two kids and it is wonderful. I love being with the kids. Honestly the foster mom could not do bedtime without me. I help read the bed time stories and tuck the kids in. She could not do it without me. I prefer a home w only females. If there is a male I need one that is gentle and calm. Dominant men scare me. I need a foster home. I lost mine recently cause I could not adjust to my foster daddy. Can you help me? @legacyofhopedogrescue #labradorretriever #labsofinstagram #blackdogsrock #needfosters #helpme #longjourney #transformation

Are you looking for a handsome male? Maybe a stunning redhead? Maybe something is just missing? Want to have adoring eyes follow your every move? A companion that just want to be with you?
Victor is a stunning boy. He is fully grown male lab mix. He is very friendly and loving. He thinks he is a lap dog. I do not have the heart to tell him he is a bit big to be a lap dog. He is close 60 pounds. He loves toys and to play. He is good with most dogs. He loves fetch and chew toys. He would enjoy going for walks and would make a great companion. He would enjoy belly rubs and a chance with a family and a home. @legacyofhopedogrescue #adoptdontshop #needfosters #labsofinstagram #labradorretriever #pitbullsarelove #PitbullOfInstagram

We would like to move him to a foster closer while looking for his forever home! Meet Duke! He just turned 1 year old on March 2nd. He's brown and yellow with a black tail. He was raised around other dogs and cats and, though he has a tendency to chase the cats, he has never hurt any of them. He is a sweet, mellow dog who thinks lounging on your lap is the best way to spend the day. We think he is a shepherd mix. He would love a home. @legacyofhopedogrescue #adoptdontshop #needfosters #inneed #inabind #help

๐Ÿ†˜๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ†˜๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ†˜ ~~PLEASE SHARE~~ We need fosters for five 8wk old adorable puppies!! We have 501(c)(3) rescue backing with approved application! Please help these puppies! The owner will take them to the shelter if we can't get fosters๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿพ They are currently living under a trailer ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข Contact me ASAP for more information! #rescuedogsofhouston #hhfr #needfosters #pleasehelppuppies

This loving bonded pair are still at @friendsofwestvalley. @takemehomerescue is paying for all their medical but they still need a furever or foster home to recuperate. Please consider opening up your home and heart #rescue #adopt #dog #foster #needfosters #pitbulladvocate #pittiesrock #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull

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