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what is that face he's trying to make though?! 😂

Winter is here ❄️

So whom shall it be, king or queen of the north?🤔👑

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[GoT+#coldplay - red nose day 2015] 😂 I love her eyebrows. She's so beautiful and sooo funny😻


I've been wanting to do a roleplay as Theon pre-Ramsay, if anyone would be willing? DM me if you'd like.

— the starks in 1x01 💞

I miss this :(

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I'm so bored I'm actually glad I go back to school tomorrow 😱

[video from youtube] I just don't understand why people are so mean with Sophie because of a stupid joke. She didn't offend pansexuals or anyone else. If she did, she must apologize, okay, but people should stop being so mean with her.
X: what does Sophie Turner smells like?
M: Sophie Turner smells like..
S: Heaven.
#goodday to everyone. (sorry for the quality of the video, but I wanted to post it anyway😹)

Sansa! 😍

@sophiet and @joejonas! 🤗
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Starks sempre sendo traídos. Qual dos dois foi o pior?

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