My body likes New York.
And honestly, my bod's the HBIC here. So we goin' back. Just for another taste of the magic.
At some point in my fibromyalgia healing journey I decided that the bod gets what the bod wants. And it's been a good call.
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Thought it was about time to get a reminder of the journey I am on and why I will never turn back no matter how hard it gets. Recovery is worth it and this will remind me of that everyday. #NEDA #fuckanorexia

Been doing “ehhh” lately. I feel better about myself but I still lack the positive body image I want. I have been trying to eat intuitively and exercise regularly, but it hasn’t going as well as I thought it would. I don’t feel like I’m making any progress towards my goals. Plus, there’s this really annoying voice in my head telling me I “suck” and I’m “fat”, which is dumb as hell and I know it. In line with all this, I decided to go back to the therapist and see how that goes again. Always trying to get better.
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Hi instagram,
This is my very first post, inspired by a quote I’ve had hanging over my desk for a few years now.

Separador #neda

Separador #neda

Separador #neda

“How would you encourage others who are hesitant to enter eating disorder treatment?” Entering treatment was an incredibly hard decision to make. It wasn’t hard for me to admit I had a problem- that was clear to me. What I didn’t really understand is how much of a problem it really was. When I saw one of my doctors after I had gone to treatment she told me “You know, you were really acting like you had your shit together. We all really knew you didn’t.” She was proud that I had made the decision to go to treatment on my own. Although I did go willingly, it was two close friends that really helped me realize that it was time (@hfrike and @kelseyamabale I absolutely cannot thank you enough). I was told that in order to be a better runner, friend, teacher and above all, a better wife- a change needed to happen and it absolutely could not wait. So, after countless tears and a hard conversation with my husband and mother we agreed that it was time. The next day I checked myself into a residential center for those struggling with eating disorders. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done. It was painful, emotionally draining, degrading at times and exhausting. After 30 days I was discharged into partial hospitalization which is when you go to treatment from 8 am to 2:30. I was still struggling, but I was changing little by little.

I have been out of treatment for almost a month. I have fallen down frequently- but I have gotten back up. I am a better wife to my husband. I am finally living my dream and I’m teaching beautiful, multilingual second graders. I am training again (slowly, with the help of a coach and my dietician) with the goal of running Boston healthy (right now that’s my only goal- that and finishing with a smile). Going to treatment has helped me rediscover the joy in life. I am truly blessed. Do it for yourself. You are worthy. #wedoact2breakstigma #neda #edwarrior

Eggs on errythang 🍳🌱// 📸: @andapinchoflove

Dog approved! We’re here at #NEDA Fall Festival steaming hay and helping people take a load off on our ComfortStall flooring. #dressage #HaygainUSA #Haygain

🌟🌟Transformation Thursday🌟🌟 In the past, I battled anxiety, depression and an eating disorder for almost 15 years! 🌟 The mind is such a powerful thing. If you nourish your mind and soul, it has the ability to heal you! Whatever your struggle, CHOOSE to fill your mind with truth, love ❤️, and positivity. 💕 Whether it’s a struggle with Weightloss, Emotional Eating, Depression, Stress or Lack of Motivation.....There is hope!!! The picture only shows my improvement in PHYSICAL strength. However, the strength on the inside far outweighs the strength on the outside ! ✌️ What are your best tips for struggles in your life? 💛

Look in the comments below for some quick tips to help you push through. 👇🏻 #mentalhealthawareness #fitnesstips #health #weightloss #strongmoms #dailymotivation #fitnessmotivation #mindset #selfawareness #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #neda #transformationtuesday #weightlosstips #emotionaleating #mindfulness #bestself #couplegoals

Taking time for yourself each day is not selfish. Why do we feel “guilty” if we spend the day watching TV, or reading a book?? Let go of the need to be “busy”, and take time to read a book, watch tv , go to a yoga class, go for a walk, get a manicure or just sit and listen to music. Take care of you first! #selfcare #selflove #ormondbeach #cope #neda #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorderawareness #read #meditate

Thank you for this reminder from @gaudianiclinic 👍🏽. Very excited to read your new book, Sick Enough. #eatingdisorderrecovery #mentalhealth #counseling #neda #recovery #recoveredliving

motto for life 💪🏼

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