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Did you hear the news? One of our favorite gossip bloggers @necolebitchiedaily has decided to end her reign by moving on from the blog in order to fulfill her dream to inspire others. While we are sad to see @justnecole go, we can't wait to see how she creates a new path that feeds her soul. 🙌🏾 (btw she's wearing our Oprah Wasn't Built in a Day tee) #necolebitchie #floydmayweather #oprah #oprahwasntbuiltinaday

[And another one!] Sometimes, awesome things like this happen. They ARE awesome to me. And I'm super grateful that I can inspire ANYONE to dress well. It's not easy. It takes thought. But you can fall in love with it and there's much more to it than mere "shopping". Thank you [@xonecole @thefancyfriend ] for the feature and ANOTHER great article. In this community, genuine Recognition is hard to come by. Thank you for including me. Check out the www.xonecole.com site when you get a chance peeps! 🙏🏾 #Features #necolebitchie

#TBT So can y'all please leave my #ScorpioSister #Ciara alone and let her balance out her marriage and career the way she sees fit #NecoleBitchie

Words have power, but a picture speaks a thousand words! This was the image for the #NecoleBitchie website, now that Necole shut the site, we are starting to find out just how real the fight was between BITCHIE vs @justnecole! Want to know how Necole won, check out my podcast #BevySays on iTunes or Play.It, the link is in the bio

Showing these pearly whites with @justnecole I'm always inspired by people that build their own brands, carve out their own lanes & who are sincere. #necolexo #necolebitchie

I have been blessed to work with this gentle, caring and giving soul for the last 5 years. I didn't just gain a client, I found a friend. We've traveled together, closed deals, landed coveted magazine features and television appearances, we laughed, argued, challenged each other, spoke of dreams dreamed of and dreams realized. It has been an amazing ride, and I'm sad to say goodbye to #NecoleBitchie but excited for you all to get to know just Necole as she moves into the next phase of her journey. Read her farewell letter on necolebitchie.com. @justnecole @necolebitchiedaily

#TBT That time I met the digital queen @justnecole at #WomenWhoBrunchATL. Thanks for your transparency on @myleik's podcast. We digital entrepreneurs needed every word of that! 🙏🏾💻💖 #NecoleBitchie #xoNecole

A few years ago... on #necolebitchie blog

Blogger formerly known as Necole Bitchie keeps it 💯 in new vlog.

xoNecole.com is Necole Kane’s newest “platform for women of color and culture to share their personal stories, showcase their signature style, and speak their minds.” The founder of the once-popular gossip blog, necolebitchie.com talks going flat broke to follow her dream. Hit the link in bio to see her inspirational story.
#NecoleKane #XONecole #NecoleBitchie #Inspiraton #iamrollingout


This never gets old 🤣🤣 Follow @brannewtvcom_

Wait till his father see this video 🤣🤣 Follow @brannewtvcom_

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#tgt hey Sippers🍵 remember one of your fav #gossip #bloggers #necolebitchie ? Aka #necolekane , well she’s a #bodybuilder now and she looks great. Swipe left for the #glowup #greentea #fitness #muscles #fitnesscompetition #healthylifestyle

I need to find out this girls IG 🙄🤦‍♂️🤣 #bruh #fixitjesus Follow @brannewtvcom_

When your boy doesn't believe it's your girlfriend 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #baewatch (Via @sarahsooliver @kountrywayne @whoisjordanjackson) Follow @brannewtvcom_

Hey kid... you gonna share that milk❓ (.)(.) 👶 Follow @brannewtvcom_

#wcw The other day I received an email from XoNecole, which she expressed giving up material things to conquer the next chapter of her life. After reading @hellonecole story lead me to give thanks to her, my blog idol. She’s the reason I started blogging after being a loyal reader of Necole’s previous blog site NecoleBitchie.com. It took me a couple of years to finally start this blog, do to my own insecurities, especially with writing, and much more. I was intrigue how her story started, until the last day she shut down her site necolebitchie.com, to introduce Xonecole.com. Necole is a pioneer in the blog industry; she is also a woman that empowers other women. Please read the rest of the story www.plussizerocks.com (clicklinkinbio) #loveyourself #plusisequal #lovemylife #thankyou #plussizerocks #necole #necolebitchie #xonecole #blogger #blog #plussize #beauty #plussizefashion #plusisequal #inspiration #newyork #newstart #blessed #downsize

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