Real Entertainment News Three Things We Like About @hellonecole from @xonecole: •

First Thing We Like About Necole •

We like the fact that she is a woman that is not afraid to start over and start fresh. •

Second Thing We Like About Necole •

She was able to take her influence, plus her star power and send a positive message to young black women, by way of showing them, leading by example. •

Third Thing We Like About Necole •

She is doing big things in the fitness industry. Winnning first place in competitions and showing her journey in that field. •

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Mental health is as important as physical health. Last night I watched this panel of successful people @silencetheshame @hellonecole @kerihilson talk about their mental break downs and all I could do is think about a time in my life where I had to be the strong one. Walked around for a long time (YEARS) with hidden pain. ____________________________There's a stigma in our community (🍫) that Mental Illness or Depression is a sign of Weakness or Attention. "They say you'll be AIGHT". "Pray it away, that ain't nothing but the devil". (It can be lower level energies affecting you, that's a different topic.) Some people NEVER mention it, never talk about it. That was me. I never shared anything with anyone. ___________________________
It seems to be that people think money will make them happy or having a man/husband, material possessions . Or if I looked like this chick, have what she has, or he.. I'd be fulfilled. ____________________________

No, it will not. Not if you've been hiding your pain. At some point in your marriage, depositing that nice check into your account, and driving in that luxury vehicle, won't mean a thing. Because you still aren't happy. Something, anything can trigger that hidden feeling of internal sadness.

HPDL Women’s History Month
In honor of #womanshistorymonth we are honoring old and new trailblazers. Join us in giving them their well-deserved accolades. Born as Necole Kane in Cambridge, Maryland — this is the woman that we know as Necole Bitchie. Necole Kane, was the visionary and CEO behind ‪Necolebitchie.com‬, one of the hottest urban gossip websites in the country. She is a great inspiration not only to women, but to us all. Her story is filled with sacrifice in exchange for the journey and adventure of discovering herself and her own destiny. •
Having to keep up with breaking celebrity news each and every day made for long hours, a lack of sleep, vacations that were never vacations. Necole states she wasn’t happy; she felt empty and unfulfilled. The emptiness came from a sense of guilt for having a career that was built off of reporting the dirt on innocent people. On July 2, 2015, said goodbye to the celebrity gossip blog ‪NecoleBitchie.com‬. •
She then launched a women’s lifestyle platform that featured articles on beauty, relationships, travel, wellness, and career advice as well as encouraged women to share their personal essays and stories. It was important to Necole to create a safe space for young women of color on the Internet that was inspiring, empowering and motivating them to be their best selves.

 She recently competed in a NPC bikini fitness competition and ended up bringing home two trophies. Currently, I spend my time traveling the world, speaking on panels, and journaling my experiences. I am also the proud CEO and Editor-In-Chief of the women lifestyle brand xoNecole.com, which encourages young women to share their personal stories, and it also features articles on career tips, self-care, relationship advice, beauty and travel. •
Necole is proof that purpose will find you. She made decisions to reset and evolve into the woman she was destined to be. She is authentically living as Necole Kane.

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I sincerely enjoyed hearing @hellonecole formerly of #necolebitchie speak at the @bosswomenwhobrunch workshop. Her story is so inspiring! I laughed, I cried and I took away so many jewels from her. 💓

The women for today’s #WCW are experts on THE #PIVOT... transitioning can be difficult and downright scary at times, but with out leaving or being kicked out of the nest how will we learn to fly???
To kick of this weeks #WCW #WomenCanWednesday we have the #Empowering and beautiful @hellonecole of @xonecole a women’s lifestyle platform focusing on Career | Love | Fashion related topics that matter to us as #women
We may remember miss Necole for her game changing blog #NecoleBitchie. If you were like me, you checked her site daily if not more, looking for a non bias report on all things celebrity! Her blog was thee real first/cult favorite of its kind blog... >
However success was not the end all be all for miss Kane, peace of mind was more important and she decided to walk away fro all of that success to begin a new journey, this time built off of Love, Empowerment, and Informing the masses. She talks about, how not letting fear drive you can be a life changing thing. “When it feels scary to #Jump, that’s exactly when you jump. Otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life.” - Necole Kane >
Do yourself a favor and jump on over to her pages and get a dose of fresh positivity to boost your day. Tell me what you think, and as always share | share | share ✌🏽♥️
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#necolekane as blogger who had created one of Our favorite gossip sites #necolebitchie which is now @xonecole. She started her sites after moving from #mayland to #newyork , hopping to land a job as a #recordlabel Executive . After a while not lending any job @hellonecole had to move inn with her ant . With back ground in marketing doing her radio days ; she had a aaahha moment after reading a book the secret. she laid out plan and rest is history. If you want more inspired info about me ole Check her website #necolekane.com . #blackexcellence #blackentrepreneur #blackenterprise #blackownedbusiness #blavity #afrotech #blacktechweek #drboycewatkins #bet #tvone #ebony #ebonymag #essence #essencemag #grio #shaderoom #balleralert #lunionsuite #vibekreyol

I started blogging back on January 26, 2012 my favorite blog was #necolebitchie it was everything... So when @hellonecole decided to stop blogging and venture outside of her normal gossip blog I was upset.. Today @hellonecole has a website of positivity and inspiration that will blow your mind. I watched her elevate, travel, and find herself which inspired me on unbelievable levels... @hellonecole I just want to say thank you for being a force to be reckoned with..... #shadylipz #loveher #findyourself #purpose #god #shadylipz

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