Gorgeous Howlite jewelry will be available for our online shop launch on October 1st! Link in bio.

This Southern girl is countin’ the days until the #southerlydirection shop launch! Still have some #smallbusiness items to take care of, and some inventory to photograph, but other than that....I think I’m ready, y’all!

Squash blossom necklaces will be fully stocked in time for falling temps here in the South! 🍑🍁🍂Shop Launches October 1st!!!!

At $19, the “Go South” beaded fringe earrings will have you feelin’ like the country girl you are! Limited quantities, so if you want ‘em, you need to shop #launchday on 10-01-2018!

Pendant bubblecap millied out!
Let me know if you want this one it is going in a sales case so will be available just dm, thanks !!! #love #glass #bubblecap #bubblecaps #pendant #pendy #pendants #pedals #boro #neckware #ghcfootpedals #kineticsculpture #functionalglassart

The “Charming” ivory charm bracelet is the perfect FIRST item uploaded into the #onlineshop 🛍💕I can’t wait to get all the other pieces uploaded and ready for the launch!!! (My biggest difficulty is that I want to keep it all for myself!😂)

Fall & winter accessories arriving daily, ladies! I can’t wait to launch this shop in October....just in time for cooler temps here in Georgia! (Dang, it’s been hot y’all!)

Been super busy this week building our online shop, ordering new accessories for late fall, & designing cute logo stickers for packaging. It’s getting REAL y’all! Shop opens early October!!!!

We are super excited to be launching a new online boutique! We are stocking up on gorgeous jewelry and fashion tops for the real Southern belle. Look for our #launchparty in early October!

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