Dr. J explains the importance of having the correct “C shaped” curve in your neck! If you, or someone you know, is suffering from neck pain - Divine Spine should be your next call.

1. 在手機上安裝提醒軟件,每半小時小休5分鐘。
2. 拿手機時,手肘貼著身體或手袋上,分擔手碗壓力。
3. 避免躺臥用手機,頸部和手部會特別疲累。
4. 使用手機時保持正確姿勢。
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“We brought our son Jackson, age 6, in to Platinum Chiropractic after he was complaining of neck pain and we noticed his neck posture and shoulders were uneven. A few days prior he had either fallen playing around at gymnastics or on the playground, or slept on his neck wrong, or some combination of them. His injury was limiting his ability to turn his neck and  move freely, which was limiting his activity level and mood.
We thought maybe with a couple days of rest, things might improve. But after a few days, there was no improvement so we brought him to see Dr. Karo. Dr. Karo was great. He alleviated Jackson’s nervousness about having his neck and shoulders examined. Jackson had steady and noticeable improvement after each visit. After seeing Dr. Karo four times, he does not have any more stiffness in his neck or limitation of movement. Jackson is no-longer experiencing pain in his neck, his shoulders are even again, and he can move and rotate his neck freely. Plus he has been sleeping better. Jackson has returned back to normal, continuing with his gymnastics and playing as if nothing happened.” -Jackson’s parents

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#painrelief & #healing aren't the right of just some people. Good health is EVERY persons birth right. Claim yours NOW and experience the gift that KCR can give to you! Xx

Green juice with dinner.
Spinach, apple, orange, ginger, and tumeric root.
Mix with 24oz water in high speed blender
Tumeric and ginger are anti inflammatory
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Un TIP sencillo para cuidar tu columna🗣️👩🏼‍⚕️: el famoso "text neck" debido a la tecnología 📲🖥️nos trae como consecuencia:
-Dolor cervical
-Dolor dorsal
-Dolor de cabeza
⚕️ A largo plazo, alteras tu anatomía cervical y puedes anticipar un proceso de degeneración de la misma. Cuando te sorprendas chateando, cambia la postura, CUIDA TU COLUMNA!
Si tienes dudas, siéntete libre de preguntarme😉!
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Cannot wait for the #rydercup2018 this weekend! Remember mental focus is key to any sport and if you are suffering from an injury but are still playing, your brain needs to prioritize while on the golf course. Put simply, is playing a great round more important AT THAT MOMENT than your knee pain, for example? Your choice!

When your structure shifts, it can cause many secondary conditions, otherwise known as symptoms. Examples include neck pain, sciatica, migraines, shoulder issues, low immune system function, and anxiety. With our focus on Neuro-Structural Correction we utilize objective indicators to look beyond those symptoms to address the real cause behind them, resulting in lasting improvement over the long term. ...
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💥 Do you have terrible posture?🚶🏼‍♂️Neck and shoulder pain? 🤕 Do you feel like you have tension stacked on tension in your neck/shoulder region? 👨🏾‍💻 Try this out.
💡One of the most common things I see is tight traps and neck muscles. This leads to neck pain 🙇🏻‍♂️, shoulder pain 🙋🏽‍♀️, headaches 🤯 and more. Rather than just stretch those areas, strengthening and fixing your posture can do wonders. 💪
👊 Here we go. 1️⃣ Find yourself a ball and stabilize yourself on your stomach. 2️⃣ Now reach straight out with both arms. 3️⃣ Bring your arms down and bend at the elbows making a “W” shape. Most important part is squeezing between your shoulder blades 🔪and feel the contraction. 💪 Make sure you keep your shoulders low and don’t shrug upwards. 🤷‍♀️ You should feel the contraction in the middle of your back not the top of your shoulders. 👍
😻 If you need to fix your crappy posture 💩 or need our help with your neck and shoulder pain 😪, contact us at anytime. 😁 📧📲💻 We are always here to fix you up. ✌️
🎶 Happier - Marshmello

🙌Sometimes when it comes to annoying neck pain you might wake up with in the morning or after a heavy lift, you need to take matters into your own hands... LITERALLY‼️
🏋️‍♀️In these 🎥’s I’m using my own hands to mobilize my cervical spine. These are called mobilizations with movement, and they’re an effective way to help move your neck according to the arthrokinematics.
In the first 🎥 I’m addressing a limitation in right rotation by pulling the left side of my neck into rotation. My fingers are placed just on the left side of my spine and as I rotate they’re applying an Anterior (forward⬅️) force
In the second 🎥 I’m addressing pain with extension by putting my fingers in the same position but applying force inferiorly (down⬇️)
In the third 🎥 I’m using a strap to apply an inferior force again but this time on the lateral aspect of my neck to help with painful side bending.
👉These techniques are helpful when with pain/stiffness in the direction that you’re moving, that might result in a “pinching sensation”. These techniques should not be painful. If they’re are, stop and take the guesswork out of it and go see a physical therapist who can determine what you actually need‼️
How do you deal with neck stiffness ⁉️
TAG, COMMENT, SHARE with a friend who needs to stop complaining about there neck‼️
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A happy child is a well adjusted one ...

Trouble with your neck and/or shoulder?
Every day I see people with neck and/ or shoulder pain. It's the most complain about body part I see in my clinic.
If you're hurting let me know. I get good results treating it.
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