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@Regrann from @will_mcs - Here's a great deep stretch for the scalenes, upper trap and levator scapulae. •
Steps ⬇️⬇️⬇️
1. Get a loop band (@bmp.fitness is my brand of bands), stabilize it around your wrist. Stabilize the wrist above the middle delt •
2. Add tension with your opposing arm so that your scapula passively depresses •
3. Tilt your head away from the hand at the shoulder and slowly nod to your end range maximizing your ROM. •
4. Feel amazing 😉

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@maiseu #ifbb pro Anton Antipov getting #activereleasetechnique and #grastontechnique for #tenniselbow relief and #chiropractic care for back pain relief and mobility. Follow Anton Antipov @maiseu and at the 2017 Mr. Olympia!
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@roseau__pensant :

I have been feeling persistent neck pain after working on the laptop for long periods and quickly turning into a wrong movement. Our physio Aziz found many stiff and tight points, apparently because of keeping my head down looking at my phone and laptop all day long.👀🤦🏻‍♀ Aziz gave me a soft tissue massage and cervical adjustment to release and mobilize my neck and upper back and it literally feels so good afterwards🙆🏻, feel like my neck is released for good !!! 💆🏻💃🏻 @aziz_bharuchi  #chiropractic #sportsmedicine  #treatment #relax #recovery #tensionheadache #headache #neckpain #cervicalgia #painmanagement #physiotherapy #rehabilitation #DISCdubai #wegotyourback

#Repost @will_mcs (@get_repost)
If you deal with tightness in the back of your neck, base of your skull 💀 or tension headaches there's a good chance your suboccipitals may need to be released. One of the best ways of relieving the tension is with Active Release Technique. •
Steps ⬇️⬇️⬇️

1. Get a tennis ball 🎾 place it in one side at the base of your skull near the hairline- avoid the spine). Stabilize the 🎾 with your hand. •
2. On a scale of 1-10 as far as pressure goes I like to stay around an eight. It's just enough pressure but doesn't make you want to scream. The key is to be moderately uncomfortable. Too much pressure can injure the tissue. Not enough can be ineffective. •
3. From there you want to perform the primary function of the occipital group (in this case I am performing extension and rotation of the head) make sure you breathe with the movement and minimize any firm contractions, make the movement smooth and easy). Do this for 30-45 seconds. Make sure the movement is slow and controlled. *switch sides and repeat up to 3 times. •
End result can be greater mobility, less tightness and minimizing tension headaches. #smr #massage #massagetherapy #prehab #rehab #shouldermobility #triggerpoint #selfmyofascialrelease #healyourself #foamroller #foamroll #headaches #neckpain

Neck Pain Guidelines from 2017! 😊

For patient with pain and limited neck motion:
-Thoracic spine manipulation, -ROM exercises -Upper back/arm strengthening exercises

Persistent pain:
-more comprehensive approach

Neck pain after motor vehicle collision:
-Early return to normal, non-painful activities
-Manual therapy and exercises

Headache from neckpain:
-Manual therapy
-Neck mobility exercises
-Upper back strengthening exercises

Neck pain with pain radiating in the arm:
-Neck traction
-Strengthening exercises
-Manual therapy

What do you think?
Do you treat your patients like described above, or do you have a different approach?
Let us know! 😊

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Due to 21st century living, our shoulders are constantly rolled forward as we type, text, and drive our way to bad posture. In addition to loosening the tight chest and lay muscles that pull our shoulders forward, we need to strengthen our middle back muscles to be able to have the endurance to hold our shoulders back. Here @gregdonadio demonstrates two variations of a rowing exercise you can do at home or at work.

Aim for 3 times per week, 5 sets of 20 reps to combat office posture.
Hunchbacked is no way to go through life.

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💪🏽Trapezius Release
▪️Do you carry tension🙅🏽 in your traps or even feel like you carry one trap higher than the other? Try this trap release!
🔹Pin your trap under a loaded bar.
🔹Search👀 for tender areas and pause⏸ until pain subsides.
🔹Add head movement. Just explore all directions and move into what you feel you need.
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BACK AGAIN 🤣 @tommyaruss with some very handy mid-winter sport-season tips for self-treating TIGHT CALVES 😫 FULL VIDEO over at the FB page 💻 Thank him later for this tip 💪🏼


💣The 12 thoracic vertebrae of your middle back are not to be forgotten. While runners tend to think a lot about the muscles and joints from the lower back down through the feet, the thoracic spine, or T-spine, is crucial when it comes to being able to sustain a neutral position in your long-distance running. If you haven’t given much thought to taking care of your middle back (when you run, sit, walk, talk, type, text, breathe, and so on), then it’s time to start changing that today.

While we hear a lot about how important “the core” is to running—the core typically being defined as the bottom of the ribcage to mid-thigh or so, depending on who you’re listening to—be aware that if your T-spine is tight and out of whack, then“all the power that you’d like to have flowing from your hard-earned six-pack and taut glute muscles is going to get squeezed off.

A tight thoracic spine gums up your posterior chain, and you can’t get your shoulders and head into a good, aligned position, which transmits strain into your neck and lower back. It can also mess with your hip function, so stresses will seep and creep their way into the usual suspects: knees, ankles, and feet. And the longer you go in a run, the more your form disintegrates, and the uglier it gets.

Even if your not in the running population a stiff middle spine can lead to symptoms and restrictions such as:
➡️Neck pain and restrictions
➡️Overhead range of motion
➡️Tension from forward-head-on-neck position fault
➡️Tension headache
➡️Thoracic (upper back) restrictions and stiffness
➡️Upper trapezius tweak/pain
🎯These Mobilizations are both in the rotary plane. Two different interpretations of a similar drill. The first is a personal favorite of mine using the TRX in a windmill like action. The second is more common and had more sensory feedback from the floor.
Please drop a comment if you need more details.
📖Bookmark this for a later reference. 🏷️Tag a runner friend who this could help🏃‍♂️


Hi folks! We did a ton of chest, lat and neck work to help her get better over head range. 90 min session. #cltfitlife #cltcrossfit #cltathlete #charlotteathleticclub #bemorehuman

A month ago my neck was hurting so bad, I was dizzy, in a mental fog, nauseous, I fainted. I hit a parked car???? in hindsight probably shouldn't have been driving, anyway My doctor said it was anxiety and gave me Zoloft, which I took for a few days because I thought I was going insane and then I came to my senses and stopped taking it (no offense if you take it, wasn't for me)I went to the chiropractor totally thinking they were quacks he said my symptoms were all from my neck being out of whack, probably from looking at my stupid phone. Yeah right, I thought but sure enough he was right. So long post short, thank goodness for chiropractors 🙌🏻 and that I'm not going insane #healingmybody #neckpain

Wrist injuries are common in #golf. If you do not have the rotation in your forearm and the mobility in your wrist, you will compensate elsewhere and have more bogies than birdies

#repost @deskboundtherapy my brother came home asking me what to do about the pain in his upper back, he works at a computer all day and I came across this post to try and help a bit. HOW TO FIX YOUR ACHING MIDBACK. The thoracic spine naturally curves forward called kyphosis. Staring at a computer or down at something all day can increase the curve. Continuing looking down for many days/weeks can lock that curve into place called hyperkyphosis. The muscles need to do more mobility work and strength exercises to increase the range of motion. 💪🏻. #physicaltherapy #neckpain #mobility #strength #deskbound #worklifebalance #workfromhome #computerscience #muscles

Come visit us right here in beautiful Andover Township, NJ! We will take care of you and make sure your neck and back pain is relieved. With no long-term treatment plans, we can help you live the wonderful pain free life you deserve!
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"Christ, can we lower these god damn arm rests?" #neckpain

Cupping Massage is beneficial for relieving back and neck pain, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism, and even cellulite.
Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist put special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.
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@urban_fitgirl pairs our Essential Bra and Control Tights together for a day on the go in NYC 🍎 #STANDTALL

Need a tune up or maintenance Bowen ?... we do Saturday appointments for busy people ....there's a spot with your name on it at 10.30 Saturday 🐸 www.redgateclinic.com.au Text to book #earlybirdgetstheworm #firstinbestdressed #heatedbed #bowen #backpain #neckpain #shoulderpain #Redgatebowenbreastfeedingclinic

"Traffic was suuuuuuuch a pain in the neck today."
Le us help you out with that.

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Rested and got some tea made. Now down to some work! ~
I have to keep from flaring myself up further by switching my activities as much as possible. Just spoke to my physical therapist and she thinks I've been overdoing it with my exercises for the stage of my flareup. I'll be dialing it back now - but not skipping it, it's important to get that muscle tone and blood flow going - and also resting more. ~

The team at Lively Physio & Pilates are focused on providing personalised, professional, holistic health care for the community of the Upper North Shore.

We offer a unique combination of Physiotherapy, Massage, Pilates and Yoga services to fulfill the needs of our patients with a broad range of musculo–skeletal and neuro-muscular problems.

We are 100% focused on genuine patient care and wellbeing, and are especially committed to tailoring individualised treatment plans for all of our patients. We are an honest and caring bunch, and will endeavour to do all we can to help you bounce back to meet your goals. We only use the most current methods and highly specialised techniques to ensure that you are provided with the most efficient and effective treatment possible. All of our Physios, Pilates instructors and massage therapists are constantly attending further courses to continue enhancing their knowledge for better management of your particular condition.

Our clinic is located in Turramurra and is easily accessible by local residents and visitors alike. There is ample parking near the clinic, but if you prefer to go green, the train station and bus stops are right at our doorstep. We provide expertised Physiotherapy treatment, therapeutic Massage sessions and Rehab equipment sessions and small Pilates mat classes.

We also run small, patient specific yoga classes. #physio #pilates #turramurra #physiotherapy #health #rehabilitationtherapy #rehabilitation #injury #injuryprevention #treatment #kinesiotape #sportsinjury #sportsphysio #sportsphysiotherapy #pilatesreformer #sydney #spine #ankle #kneeinjury #backpain #neckpain #headaches #relief #painrelief

Back pain? Give your spine time to heal. Open until 7pm tonight. Ph: 88395364 or book online www.waverleychiro.com.au

Rollin into the weekend like Fred durst 🎾⚽️🏈🏉

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