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We often toss around the phrase "compound movements" & "multi-joint exercises". What that means is a bunch of joints and muscles are being challenged and moved within the same exercise😉
This is one of my favourite ways to get that done. I'm often asked to recommend exercises or how I like to workout. This one is gold🥇
Not only do you get to hit a bunch of muscles in one exercise you also get in a solid cardio session as it is a really high intensity movement😏
📷: @beverleyhchu .

💥How to Tackle Neck Pain with @theperformancedoc: Posture Associated with Neck Pain- Manage Your Time Wisely‼️
🔹The forward head posture and excessive neck flexion are two postures that get the blame for neck pain. For simplicity sake, we will focus on anytime the neck doesn’t sit on top of the shoulders. These postures have the potential to put some strain on the neck if you aren’t mindful of the amount of time you spend in this position. However, I can think of quite a few circumstances when the forward head or increased neck flexion is incredibly HELPFUL:
💥 Getting a crisp, clean shave!
💥 Using a cutting board to cut veggies!
💥 Unloading the dishwasher!
🔹Instead of creating fear by saying the forward head or flexed neck should be avoided at all costs if you have neck pain, a better solution may be to manage the amount of time we are in this position! How can we do this? Take an inventory of the activities or amount of time you spend the MOST time in these postures with MINIMAL change in position!
1️⃣ SLEEPING (8 hours/day)
2️⃣ SITTING AT WORK/SCHOOL (upwards of 8 hours/day)
3️⃣ iPHONE USE (do I dare to say upwards of 8 hours/day for some?)
🔹That’s a LOT of hours! Not to mention these activities are pretty mindless. If these postures are causing pain, we should focus our efforts on time-consuming and relatively mindless activities before we start worrying about the minimal amount of time we use these postures when they are actually USEFUL!
🔹Manage your time wisely, stay fear FREE & don’t forget to MOVE!
🔹In our next post, we will take a look at the ergonomics of the high volume tasks that can be contributors to neck pain to set ourselves up for success!

@tomfirekid getting another trapezius piercing after a hard week of training.

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Went for a float at @capitolfloats tonight. I spent an hour in the tank, most of it with the light off. I felt like I was floating in space. It was absolutely quiet, except for your own breathing or the trickling sound of the water when you move. It was relaxing and peaceful. #meditation .
An isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank. It's lightless, soundproof and filled with high epsom salt at a bath temp. You float effortless.
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✴️ Wrestler Damian @dswietlik1 ⚡️injured ⚡️his neck so bad 😖 that he had to wear a neck brace. The pain has totally immobilised 🚷 him.
He booked ☎️ in today and we could not touch him even slightly as it was 10/10 on the pain scale 🔥. I really wanted to help him so we did some progressive cupping (increasing pressure incrementally as it's less painful ) with the objective of taking the neck out of the spasmic state it was in . The session relieved the pain about 25% but was still bad. He's going to come back next week for another session...
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DBTribe make sure to follow to buy @dr.jacob.harden 🙏🏻
The Sternocleidomastoid, or SCM, is a muscle on the front and side of your neck. You have one on the left and one on the right. When one side contracts alone, it ↩ rotates your head away and bends it towards that side. But when they contract together, they pull the head ➡ straight forward.
The SCM often takes over neck flexion because we jut our heads forward in movements like rows, presses, and pull ups as well as sit in front of our 📱phones and 💻computers all day. And while letting our head go forward isn't necessarily bad, over time, the stress of doing that repeatedly day in and day out can accumulate and lead to your neck feeling a little irritated.
I call this the best stretch for forward head posture because it let's us ↔ stretch out the SCM and work on cervical retraction (chin tuck) at the same time. So we work on both our bad habits as well as any tightness and feelings of tension. Perform 10 to 15 reps per side, hold the stretch position for a 3 count, and do it a few times per day to feel your neck tension melt away.😏
Tag a friend with forward head posture and share the wealth!
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Simple advice for a better sleep and less pain from @dr.jacob.harden: "HOW I FIXED MY NECK PAIN
Finding the perfect pillow is a frustrating process. You can 💻 search and search and spend hundreds of 💸 dollars to just get home and find that the pillow you bought is either too high or too low. I've been there done that and my neck (and wallet) have suffered in the process. But I finally found a way to fix it.
😪The perfect pillow height is the one where you feel most comfortable throughout the night. Which means the perfect pillow FOR YOU needs to have a couple criteria met...
🔸️Doesn't put you in too much flexion or too much extension for hours on end.
🔸️Is able to accommodate your neck in whatever crazy positions you contort yourself into during the night.
What you need is a pillow that can be variable and adjustable based on how you feel. And lucky for you, I have a way for you to do that right at home. All you need to do is grab ✌ two pillows and create a ramp. One will be for you to lay your head on and the other you will adjust back and forth to create more or less support. So as you change positions throughout the night, you can adjust the height on the fly.↕️
Try this out tonight, get a good night's sleep, and wake up with less neck pain tomorrow! Tag a friend who needs a new pillow and share the wealth!

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Another day saving lives. Minimally invasive spine surgery. #elpasospinecenter #elpaso #backpain #neckpain

Should Exercises be Painful?
All too often rehab practitioners stop exercise whenever a patient experiences pain. In many cases, this approach is not optimal as it may not train the nervous system to be less sensitive. Read more below.
Great post from 👉@physicaltherapyresearch
Treatment with loading and resistance programmes 🏋🏼 that temporarily aggravate a patient’s pain have been proposed in the treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions.
Such an exercise programme could reconceptualize pain by addressing fear avoidance and catastrophising beliefs within a framework of ‘hurt not equalling harm’.
Smith et al. (2017), systematically reviewed the literature to compare effects of exercises 🏃‍♀️ when pain
is allowed/encouraged vs non-painful exercises and the effect on pain, function or disability in patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain.
Exercises into pain for chronic musculoskeletal pain offer a small but significant benefit vs. pain-free exercises in the short term.
Adults with musculoskeletal pain can achieve significant improvements in patient-reported outcomes with varying degrees of pain experiences and postrecovery time with therapeutic exercise.
Pain during therapeutic exercise for chronic musculoskeletal pain is not a barrier to successful outcomes.
Could alter appropriate advice healthcare practitioners give regarding short-term exacerbations of musculoskeletal pain during physical activity or exercise.
Exercise into pain could address psychological factors such as:
Fear avoidance
and reduce overall CNS sensitivity, with a modified pain output.
📚Smith et al. Should exercises be painful in the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain? BJSM. 2017.


Children and babies need chiropractic care too. Babies may be in a difficult position in later pregnancy or have minor birth trauma especially affecting the cervical spine. Mothers come concerned about colic, sleeping troubles and excessive crying or noticing baby has a crooked neck for example.
Feeding difficulties are often due to baby issues such as upper neck or jaw problems.
For baby and children's check ups - Call us now at 04-3481166 to book an appointment or visit www.chiropracticdubai.com for online booking.

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Daugelis iš jūsų atsikelia su skausmu kaklo srityje, vieniems tai trukdantis normaliai funkcijonuoti dienos metu skausmas,
kitiems tai skausmai, kurie neleidžia normaliai išsimiegoti ir priverčia pabusti nakties metu.
Šio skausmo priežastimi gali būti jūsų pagalvė.
Pagalvės funkcija yra prilaikyti jūsų galvą neutralioje padėtyje, kai jūs pasineriate į gilų miegą. Bet jeigu pagalvė yra netinkamoje padėtyje jūsų kaklas gali atsidurti nepatogioje stresinėje būsenoje ir išbūti joje viso miego metu 😴 nuo 5 iki 8 valandų🙄.
Neautrali padėtis yra tokia, kurioje jūsų kaklas ir slanksteliai bei sąnariai patiria mažiausiai streso. Rasti tinkamą padėtį jūsų kaklui yra labai sunku, tačiau įmanoma.
Pagalvė, kuri yra per aukšta - sukelia prailgintą lenkimą ir jausite skausmą vidurinėje kaklo srityje. O pagalvė, kuri yra per žema, sukels raumens ištempimą ir skausmą jausite kaklo apačioje arba viršuje.
Jeigu norite surasti tinkamą kaklo poziciją miegui, siūlau nadoti dvi pagalves, vieną paguldyti tiesiog paprastai ten kur dėsite galvą, o kita pagalvę uždėti įstrižai, kad vienas jos kraštas būtų viršuje, o kitas apačioje liestųsi prie lovos, vidurinė dalis turėtų remtis į neautralioje padėtyje gulinčią pagalvę. Tuomet badykite padėti galvą ant skersai pastatytos pagalvės ir jeigu jūsų galva yra per aukštai, leiskite skersai padėtą pagalvę žemyn, o jei galva yra per žemai, kelkite skersai padėtą pagalvę aukštyn, kol rasite neautralią padėtį. 🤗✌🏻
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There's nothing special about this photo, but I wanted to highlight two products that have immensely helped me over the past day. I tweaked my neck yesterday morning, and was in tons of discomfort. I dug into my #premiumstarterkit and pulled out Panaway. It's perfect for sore muscles. Last night I used cool azul sports gel and again this morning. Relief is on the way and I already feel a ton better. Glad I had these on hand! 💙💙 #blueforthewin #yleo #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #panaway #panawayoil #panawaytotherescue #coolazul #coolazulsportsgel #neckpain

The newest addition to my arsenal for fighting chronic widespread pain... Red Dragon Ointment from Master Growers! I simply went to their website and signed up with my email and address--this morning I received a free sample of their Red Dragon ointment containing CBD extract and lots of wonderful essential oils, bees wax, Arkansas oil, cocoa butter... Visit them at www.master-growers.com! #chronicpain #painwarrior #naturalpainreliever #cbdoil #freesample #fantastic #grateful #autoimmunedisease #hashimotosthyroiditis #fibromyalgia #degenerativediscdisease #ddd #arthritis #backpain #neckpain #jointpains #natureoverchemicals #healerhealingherself

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