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#Hubble time! 🚀🚀 This image shows part of a bubble-like cloud of gas — a nebula named Sh2-308 — surrounding a massive and violent star named EZ Canis Majoris.

EZ Canis Majoris is something known as a Wolf-Rayet star, and is one of the brightest known stars of its kind. Its outer shell of hydrogen gas has been used up, revealing inner layers of heavier elements that burn at ferocious temperatures. The intense radiation pouring out from EZ Canis Majoris forms thick stellar winds that whip up nearby material, sculpting and blowing it outwards.

These processes have moulded the surrounding gas into a vast bubble. A bubble nebula produced by a Wolf-Rayet star is made of ionised hydrogen (HII), which is often found in interstellar space. In this case, it is the outer hydrogen layers of EZ Canis Majoris — the bubble — that are being inflated by the deluge of radiation — the air — coming from the central star. The fringes of these bubbles are nebulous and wispy, as can be seen in this image.

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA

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It was such an honor to be asked to paint this memorial piece . Really touches my heart to be entrusted to create such a special personal painting. 🙏 (acrylic on wood 12"x12" sold)


Happy birthday, Sally Ride - physicist and first American woman in space!

"Interstellar" (16"x20")

Bu fotoğraf Hubble teleskobu tarafından dün çekildi ve NASA sağ tarafta görülen toz bulutuna "the Dancing Chicken Nebula-TFD ZEYBEK" yani kısacası Zeybek Oynayan Tavuk Nebulası adını verdi diyemem çünkü fotoğraf @kafiledeyiz sayfasının hazırladığı çok güzel bir videoda kullanılmış. İzleyin mutlaka 📽 😉 / The Dancing Chicken Nebula 😜😲😂 photo used by @kafilenglish ... for amazing informations Follow

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The Cat's Eye Nebula... First discovered in 1786 by William Herschel, it was the first nebula which after observations by astronomer William Huggins revealed the non-stellar but rather gaseous nature of planetary nebulae. The term planetary nebula itself is controversial because a closer look at such nebulae reveals that although they're rounded and planet-like, they are just central stars surrounded by loads of gas blown off from a red giant in the latest stage of its life. The bright central part is thought to be a binary star system, that is two stars orbiting around a common centre. #nebula #nasa #esa #hubble #astrophotography #planetaryscience #stars #astronomy #universe

Better late than never!
Day 52 of #100DaysofColorwithSteph
An unexpected "adventure" kept this little beastie from being posted yesterday, but everyone survived.

Yüzük Nebulası 🎆 #SosyalUzay 👨‍🚀 #Cosmos #Space #Nebula

Space 🚀 girl: #Gamora traveling and saving the 🌌 galaxy!

В моём городе снова тепло и солнце 😊

И зелёный фон, везде 😉🌿 Серьги Флора
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Flora – богиня цветов и весны🌿

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