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let's go 🌿
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It feels weird walking on solid ground. Do you think this has anything to do with the fact that I spent over 30 hours on a boat this weekend? #ExploreSask

#TradeLife | Scrolling through some old photos and found this really neat gem from last year elk hunting in Montana. @dbrinker7 has some mad photo skills, I think at this point in the hunt @bradschristian was off exploring neature or something. // #TradOrDie #September #ElkHunting #Elk #SickForIt #MtnOps #Hoyt #StrikeAPose #Neature #ThatsReallyNeat #Montana #Bowhunting

happiest outside🌞🌳🌊 #neature

πŸŒ„ wilderness is not a luxury, but the most primitive need of mankind πŸŒ„ the solitude we normally encounter in this places makes us feel alive and truly connected to our selfs.
Once a good friend say'd to us 'you only need 7 weeks to know if you are a 'vanlife nomad'. We are about to turn 1 year of living full time on the road, and can't picture our selfs living other way. We feel truly blessed and grateful of taking this decision of leaving all behind, living small but experiencing big.
We love you all and hope you are having a great day!

Neuro 2k17 #neature #bench


A fun day filled with goofy friends and neat nature *happy sigh* @kmcguire72195 @seanzah #neature #funfriends

the prettiest walk with my bestest friend who is finally home for five minutes πŸ‘­ @_____anja

Back to back mystic post because I finally had a day off again.

Often it's the most simple things that root me into the earth, reminding me that my body is a magic thing, a world wonder. So I cling to these things, a full moon, sweaty kisses, sunsets and feeling the wind whisper past me.
As if they were the only thing that could save me.
And save me, they do.

Had to drive to Willcox, Arizona for a herbicide Train the Trainer Workshop for work. I stopped at Sunset Point which is north of Phoenix. Pretty good rest stop.
#arizona #az #sunsetpoint #neature

One happy camper ⛺️

Whooooaaaa Wednesday 🌿🌻
Woke up without an alarm today and felt reenergized and ready to move. I did a 40min Yoga practice, took care of my face and body and am now ready for the day!
I know it's hard to wake up early sometimes and I'd say most days I'm not feeling it myself (I'm on it though) but I really truly recommend trying it at least: take time to yourself and find something that makes you feel impatient to wake up in the morning 🌲

This kid is only love πŸ’— evening hikes and peeing in neature w @beadies9

Some days I could really use an 800mm lens.. #whycantiberich #wyhomeing #buffalowyoming #wyoming #wyo #baldeagle #neature

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