Shenanigans aboard the #TUoRINGmachine ❤️ #titanic #nearfarwhereveryouare #boat

Our last day took us on an unexpected trip to Northern Ireland. First stop: Titanic 🛳🇮🇪🍀 #Ireland #Belfast #Titanic #TheMabesDoIreland #NearFarWhereverYouAre

Neaaaar farrrr- wherever you are. My love for you is titanic. 💍💋 #walmartruns #titanic #nearfarwhereveryouare #iloveyou #26goingon12 #livelovelaugh #mybestfriend #hemustloveme #thecalmtomystorm

7 years of brothers I never asked for but got blessed with anyway. Like I said a few years ago, my life would suck without you.
#nearfarwhereveryouare #brosforlife

My heart will go on and on... only song I feel like singing right now #myheartwillgoon #titanic #faracrossthedistance #andspacesbetweenus 😊😊 #nearfarwhereveryouare #godsplan 😊😊 #gardensbythebay #singapore #throwback

Paint me like one of your French girls #titanic #nearfarwhereveryouare #australianshepherd

I love this photo because we are all smiling for different photos. This team makes work so much fun and worth it. They pay to have their buns kicked in a F45 Training class. Can you believe that? Haha, really though, everyone shows up, gives 💯 and it makes me frickin proud. Thank you team for an amazing first year! Here’s to many more years of keeping in good health, challenging ourselves, making friends, and dancing during class! Love you all!

“Don’t worry Jack, I’ll never let you go.”...#NearFarWhereverYouAre#1sttimers#Titanic#worklife#islandlife

So that’s ___ he travelled. ( ___ is « where »,« why », « how ») So he travelled, to let her know

No, it wasn’t to let her know
But all his actions gave it away and « where » he goes
Scratch the « where »; it is rather the « why » he goes...« how » he goes though attests to his love. Merci- cz it already shows

She would always inquire about where to go
And often it was a happy surprise that she saw
So she goes back happily to the « why » row
She would always ask why.. she already knows it though

So he travelled ... Travelled to get her bread; he loved his Computer stuff loadz
He also knew her dream was to listen to a scientist live , not just a show
Thus, he aimed to add a plural ‘s’ to that - muffling it being titled to him & ate raw
No, he actually cooked; for he desired that his fam savours better than the raw

Ysellem yeddik ou rijleek baba. So that’s (where,why and how) he travelled.
There are lines yet to be filled .. and hearts yet to be felt
to describe more about where, how and why my baba travelled.

But, I hope we travel well to meet a good end so that, however, the lines are filled, the last one continues the blank __ in the sentence below with the best for me, dad and the world around us.
So he travelled __ (far,well,candidly... ) - facetiming today, i said : « do u know what that little figure... » to which he quickly interrupted « yea who is that Kolaib (small cute doggy?!) » when in fact, I intended to say that that figure was supposed to be me exploring with him like we always did 😂😂
#nearFarWhereverYouAre #thanemeerth_yaba #skypaintingIsSisInspired #SisCopyRightsMatterToo #FridaysNight_Fall2018#indebtedBigTime_aConstant

Fun fact: during the occasional flood, when the water on Piazza San Marco gets ankle high the orchestra at the famous Cafe Florian will play "My heart will go on". #venice #venezia #italy #italia #PiazzaSanMarco #flood #highwater #myheartwillgoon #celinedion #nearfarwhereveryouare

This past week, I was blessed to have my bestie and her girls visit us from CA. First there were two of us, and now in the blink of an eye, there are six in our #girlsquad...Oh, how times have changed!
Even though we spent about 75% of our time in our pajamas 🤣 we made so many amazing memories in the span of a week: the zoo, Gravity Bar, making slime (cause we reach for the ⭐when we're together), herding the girls at Target not to mention all the silliness that took place at the house! .
After 17 years of friendship, we've seen each other grow in so many ways and now our girls get to grow up together, too! .
@qtisthebestkindofpie Thank you so much for making the time to come and visit!! The girl time was much needed and I feel restored! Love you so much my sister and can't wait for the next time!
#besties #bffs #nearfarwhereveryouare #17years

I don't even need to tag them. They know who they are ;-) #mytribe #ilovemygirls #nearfarwhereveryouare

Just did a KILLER photoshoot with @rachelnevillephoto promoting tangible actions for change this voting season! It doesn’t matter which box you check, it just matters that you get out there and do it! #movethevote #yourvotematters #nearfarwhereveryouare

Our friendship could be based on the titanic theme song. 🚢#nearfarwhereveryouare Happy birthday @abrillyyyy ❤️ wish we could celebrate together! #amigas #newyork #mimosagirls

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