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Semoga menjadi yang terbaekkk😘Laflaflaf😍😘#Ndaa

The 2017 Index of Military Strength shows a more dangerous world—yet a decreasingly ready and able American military. Link in profile. #ndaa #defense #usmilitary #conservative #supportourtroops

Swipe to read through just some of what I'm fighting for as the Senate debates the National Defense Authorization Act this week.
#militaryfamilies #supportourtroops #jbmdl #militarydogs #NDAA

Welcoming people into church this morning. A church where all are welcome @lotn_pta (Light of the Nations church) 🔥 with my brother @samkekana 👊🏾 #KingdomMinded #DiaryOfAVenda #Ndaa

Karena hnya cinta yang tulus yang mampu buat Qu bahagia... #Ndaa

From the 18th floor 💋💋💋 #inimukapadategang #senyummaksacin #NDaa

Se mentir à soi ou être hypocrite envers dieu ? #NDAA #meknes


#bushdid911 in order to go to war with Iraq due to them selling oil for gold instead of the #petrodollar Also to take away more of our rights with the #patriotact and to create #homelandsecurity a new military to go after its own citizens in the future. #obamanation spoke against the patriot act when running for #potus then created the #ndaa act which took even more rights away from US citizens he sold our #internet to Russia and China to limit our information and knowledge. If all these leaders were about a particular party then why did #georgebushsr vote for #hillaryforprison when he's a #repulican and she's a #democrat and Jr. Didn't vote for either. So it's not about party about who's going to get us into the #nwo like Sr famously said in a nationwide speech. They all hate #trump for a reason just like they all hated #jfk bc they haven't sold out to the #illuminati wake up people and see what's going on before it's to late for all of us. @enemymedia I'm gonna guess 4 its chemical warfare like fluoride and chemtrails.

@uncommon_cense 'I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers' ~ John D Rockefeller. Guess who made your common core indoctronation mandatory?.. #operationmkultra #operationmockingbird #operationearnestvoice #nwo #repent #jesussaves

Discipline. Consistency. Commitment. Patience. Endurance. Obedience. Improvement. Focus. Composure. Prayer.

These seem to be valuable keys to unlocking potential 🔑
#DiaryOfAVenda #Ndaa

Karena hnya cinta yang tulus yang mampu buat Qu bahagia... #Ndaa

Semoga menjadi yang terbaekkk😘Laflaflaf😍😘#Ndaa

Jgn pernah bosen memeluk bunda ya nak, sampai maut memisahkan kita..😘😚
#ndaa #babayy #kita

⇨Sekolah tempat kita untuk bertemu dan sekolah membuat kita juga berpisah, namun persahabatanlah yang membuat hati kita dan kenangan kita selalu indah⇦💞. #diss#ndaa#ndii#mput#ikma#dinn#lika.💜🌸

Reppin’ The U at a Saturday Board meeting of the National District Attorneys Association. (Probably better than wearing my turnover chain.) Still #undefeated! #GoCanes #TheU #turnoverchain #NDAA 🙌🏼

This has been a very tough week of training. After racing last weekend and clocking a SB in the 400m on Saturday, Sunday I hit extreme FATIGUE which came with a monster migraine (headache) so I reluctantly rested on Sunday. Monday woke up feeling good and pushed a 21:35min 6km in the morning and a super tough hill session the afternoon which pushed me over the edge

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I felt the worst I’ve felt in a long time. Extreme fatigue, bloated, nausea, dizzyness and no energy. Sleeping was the worst because waking up only brought more tiredness and lack of energy so I was under forced rest. Went to gym Thursday and pretty much stretched and left because of lack of energy, so I ran an easy (super slow) 3km on Thursday afternoon which was almost 20min long but felt strenuous 🤦🏾‍♂️ so had to remain patient

Friday I went to gym and...Guess what? The machine was firing again and my rejuvenation had begun so I had a solid session. Saturday (this morning) I told coach how I felt all week so she says take it easy and just relax whilst we did 400m hills. I smashed the session running PBs on all cases and getting my spring BACK!!

Simple lesson to myself and all, be patient. Know your body and listen to it. Rest is sometimes the best thing that can happen to you. Next week I’ll be putting in my last race (dance session) for 2017 🕺🏾

#Patience #Rest #Run #DiaryOfAVenda #Ndaa

Lets talk about #ControlledOpposition

I see people getting excited about the potential #impeachment of #DonaldTrump for starters let me help you get that out of your head right now. It's too early for that, #Trump has too many useful years left. It is a counter-productive effort of #SocialEngineering to install a figure head, sculpt #PublicOpinion around him in the way that it has been done, and then not use that public opinion to your advantage.
What I mean is that you are not the only person who hates Trump. #Republicans hate Trump now #Democrats hate Trump people who like #rapmusic people who like #countrymusic #youngpeople #oldpeople etc... it is the popular thing to hate Trump. Do you know what happened when everybody hated #GeorgeWBush? The #housingbubble and then the troubled asset relief program #TARP remember #TooBigToFail? Do you know what happened when everybody hated #Obama? #TPP #DarkAct #NDAA the unveiling of U.S. #BlackOps programs and #blacksite(s)... I know you remember that.
When it's not possible to hate a #publicfigure anymore than he/she is hated at one particular time, that is when you attach everything sinister and everything nefarious to him and he becomes a #scapegoat. The same way Republicans voted to overturn or #ReplaceAndRepeal #Obamacare every single month until they had the votes to actually do it... and then of course they just wanted to use the authorities of Obamacare to implement their own agendas. Democrats will move to #impeach president Trump until of course they actually have the votes to do it and then they won't move to impeach Trump, at least not anytime soon. That's my opinion anyway, I don't believe Trump will be impeached but maaaaaybe he will. Maybe it's a two-year long impeachment process, maybe that - but between then and now every evil agenda item will be lain on the head of that goat so that when it's slaughtered everyone involved with those agenda items will be atoned for.
That's a quick crash course in controlled opposition and #ScapegoatPolitics.

#politics #Key400Fams

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