Just quick #sketch using #ink pen 😙

Kaptan Neslihan! 💛❤ @nesli177 #NeslihanDemir #Neslihan #Voleybol #ND17

Daffodil' #sketch 😊 using watercolour

Proposed entry level Convection Heater for the Dimplex brand.

Daffodil's #drawing 💛🌞

Welcome #spring 💕 🍀 🌼 🌸 🐦 ducks #pattern

Bird pattern design inspired by my last drawings 😀👍🐤

About five years ago, I received a letter that would complete change my life. I came home to change before crew practice to my mom smiling like a kid on Christmas with a thick package in her hands. I was accepted to the University of Notre Dame, her late father’s alma mater. It’s a moment that will forever live in my memory, the tears, the hugs. While there’s plenty of things I take issue with at ND, those four years altered my life in ways I can’t even name. And mostly due to these amazing, crazy, hysterical, neurotic, caring, beautiful people. Even if I don’t keep in as good of contact as I maybe should, I will love these fools for the rest of my life. As high school seniors get their acceptances and denials this month, I just hope they know that no matter what things happen for a reason. And these people are my reason ❤️

#tbt New Designers 2017.
As I was entering The Hand and Lock prize for embroidery I was really mindful of not posting any images of my Phoenix on social media. .
This was my display for #nd17 - a more refined version of my degree show. .
Listening to the staff @surfpatstaffs brief the 3rd years today took me right back to this time last year, the mad panic of feeling behind, of all of the work ahead, deadlines, degree show, photo shoots , Hand & Lock submission, new designers, graduation and figuring out what the hell I was going to do afterwards. .
I needn’t have worried - one year one I’m still on what feels like a crazy rollercoaster ride, and still figuring out what the hell I’m going to do next. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Be brave, take a chance and embrace the craziness - it’s all worth it in the end #followyourdreams #motivation #phoenix #handembroidery #embroidery #silkscreenprinting #devore #hlprize17 #goforit #show #beads #handdyedsilk #stitch #textiledesign #defiantembroidery #goldworkembroidery #madeirauk #nevergiveup #takeachance #prize

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