Don’t forget about our Adobe InDesign workshop tonight at 7! We will be hosting in Brooks IT Lab, room 203C. #ncsudesigncouncil #designlife

Joining @ncsudesigncouncil has easily been the highlight of my Spring Semester! This group of people... well the pictures kinda speak for themselves now don’t they?! 💛

@ncstatedesign #ncsudesigncouncil #designlife

We are absolutely thrilled with Studio Collective 2018! We had the best turn out in years & the work was absolutely jaw dropping!! Thank you to everyone that put work in the show and came out to see what this amazing College is all about! ❤️ Tag your friends!!!

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Studio Collective 2018 is coming together! Be sure to stop by Saturday between 1-3 to see what was created over the last year at NC State’s College of Design! Shoutout to the Art & Design Freshman for these pictures! #ncsudesigncouncil #designlife

Sneak Peak of this Saturday’s Studio Collective! This was done in Narrative Art & Digital Interface. The class has the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Durham’s Museum of Life and Sciences for one of their new digital exhibitions. Check it out the full version this Saturday, 1-3 in Leazar Hall! #designlife #ncsudesigncouncil

We’re happy to announce the April Workshop Series. Come improve your skills for the future! #ncsudesigncouncil #designlife

Sneak peak of what will be a large format poster by a Design Studies Sophomore in Studio Collective this Saturday! This entire class did a series of posters based on past College of Design faculty members highlighting the influence they had in their fields. Some of this series will be on display this Saturday. On that note, we are happy to announce this is the first year we will have all studio based majors as well as non studio based majors represented at the exhibition. This means Studio Collective 2018 will truth represent every member in the College of Design. Invite your friends, invite your family, invite your coworkers, and even invite younger siblings to get them to consider NC State’s College of Design as their home for the next 4 years. (Be sure to mention to them some of our amazing study abroad opportunities!!) And if that’s still not enough... we have food!!!!!!

#ncsudesigncouncil #ncsudesign #ncstate

Little bit of Snoopy for your Monday motivation! 🐶 Studio Collective is this Saturday! Please don’t forget to put it in your calendars. We will be doing some sneak previews this week of pieces featured in Saturday’s exhibition so stay tuned! Cheers

Sneak peak of some cool projects going up in Leazar right now! Exams start just 4 weeks from today, finish strong designers! 💪

#ncsudesigncouncil #designlife

Art, activities, games and pies in the face. See you guys tomorrow in The Pit between 12 and 3:30!

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Thank you to everyone that came out Friday and helped to make Roller Disco night a huge success! We’re thinking we will definitely have to do another event like this in the near future. Until then, we will see you guys at Studio Collective next month!


A beautifully crafted architectural model from @marcryan4
Thanks for using the #ncsudesigncouncil hastag and sharing your work!

As the school year comes to an end... Studio Collective is an annual exhibition of student work from across the design disciplines, with a focus on first-year student work. We invite you to come out and enjoy the live music, food, screen printing demonstrations, and incredible student work. This event will take place from 1pm - 3pm in Leazar Hall. We hope to see you there!


A tasty sketch from @prasad_92 inspired by @jonny_tran making my stomach rumble! Good thing we are providing free jimmy johns to all you hard working students! Come n get it right now at the pit!


A smiling Sarah Queen from last week's FYE architecture review. Always fun to see.
#ncsudesigncouncil #ncsudesign #architecture

CLEAN 👌✨ 3D model done in Fusion 360 by @ryancburt #eameschair #fusion360 #3dmodel #design #ncsudesigncouncil #studentwork

a multifunctional Tool prototype for cleaning potter's workspace. • Cleans surfaces • Removes any excess clay • Drains water from slip • However you want to use it. #industrialdesign #design #pottery #ceramics #potterytools #tools #productdesign #prototype #texture #studentdesign #details #ncsuid #ncsudesigncouncil @ncsuidsa @student.design

We want to see your work! Share with us for more eyes to see! Feel free to go back to an existing post and add the hashtag too!
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A busy morning buzzing around the design college this morning. Wishing all students best of luck with midterm projects and a happy spring break!
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