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Earlier this month, more than 5,000 youths joined our youth services to mark the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday. We rejoice over the salvation of close to 100 youths. Glory to Jesus! #nccsg #nccdare #nccarrow #nccvarsity #nccgenrev #JesusSaves

Hi I'm Sim Tien and I'm currently serving in RSM. I started serving because my friend inspired me to! I regard serving as an avenue to reach out to the lost and also learn about leadership. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š I'd really like to encourage arrow youths to take time out to serve and reach out to their friends as God never shortchanges us even when we give Him our time and efforts 😊😊😊 - Sim Tien, ITE CG #nccarrow #arrowisfamily

God is good, all the time. | Beautiful people with beautiful journeys. πŸ’•
#oneite #nccarrow #arrowisfamily #iteasties

Audacious & United. Those are the qualities the Lord relayed to u Janan @livelong7 and that's what pushed and motivated our cluster to go the extra mile and do our best, those are the qualities that inspired and grew amongst us throughout TP cluster and we're all very happy and proud to have u as our cluster leader and I wanna let u know that u have done an amazing job leading our cluster through legacy and our hard work paid offβ€οΈπŸ™†πŸ». in the end everyone comes back from legacy a winner and an achiever! #arrowisfamily #arrowlegacy2016 #nccarrow

:) come as you are. #nccarrow

Had a blast hanging out w this awesome bunch of amazing difference makers tonight! God has a great plan in store for you guys! Your BEST days are up ahead of you πŸ––πŸ»πŸ˜Ž #comeon #AI16 #nccarrow

To the best cluster ever, it has been an honor serving you guys! A cluster that is truly marked by His love.
A people who have been set apart. A chosen generation, a royal priesthood and a holy nation, called out of darkness into His marvelous light.
In the moments to stillness I know the Lord has worked in all of our hearts and in these 4 days I know that friendship that will last a lifetime were forged.
Thank you JC SOUTH for the best cluster anyone could ever wish for 😍😎😭.
#JCSOUTH #nccarrow

β€’ thankful for love
β€’ thankful for life
β€’ thankful for friendships that will all last
β€’ thankful for my CG
β€’ thankful for my ministry @nccarrow
β€’ thankful my work serves Him
β€’ thankful for His blessings
β€’ thankful for 2015
β€’ thankful for Him
#Nccarrow #thanksgiving

Hey Arrow! My name is Pierre Ng, and I'm currently serving in my CG as an Armour Bearer :) I was first inspired to serve in His house by my DGL, Julie Low @jurierow ,during my time in DARE:) As a youth, her heart of love and patience really touched me. I was amazed by how she had managed to carve time off her hectic working schedule and to prioritise being in the house of the Lord. When I started to see how much the Lord has blessed her, I too wanted to serve the Lord.
Something that I've learnt from serving is that the Lord is a debtor to no man and He always gives us back more than we give, be it in time, energy or even our youth :). And it's amazing to see how He shows us that He loves us in ways that we don't really expect, in ways that touch our hearts so tangibly. - Pierre, @pierrehahang #FacesOfArrow #nccarrow #nccdare #arrowisfamily


Earlier this month, more than 5,000 youths joined our youth services to mark the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday. We rejoice over the salvation of close to 100 youths. Glory to Jesus! #nccsg #nccdare #nccarrow #nccvarsity #nccgenrev #JesusSaves

What are you trusting God for today? Believe in your heart, with man it is impossible but with God, all things are possible! Amen! πŸ™Œ

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#godlovesyou #hehasovercome #faithful #2017TheYearOfJubilee #rest #listen #flow #nccsg #nccarrow #nccvarsity #nccgenrev

Hey beloved, know that Jesus bore the crown of thorns so that the crown of great price can be placed on your head eternally. The Father sees you as priceless and precious in His sight. πŸ‘‘
We believe that your friends have been impacted at the Evangelistic services last arrow! Come join us for Arrow service this Saturday! Deets as shown! Contact your CGLs or DM us if you are coming!
#oneite #ItsTheEndThatCounts #nccarrow #arrowisfamily #itecc #itece #itecw #iteeast #itewest #itecentral

This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved usΒ and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10
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#Firstlove #godlovesyou #christianliving #perfectlovecastsoutfear
#2017TheYearOfJubilee #rest #listen #flow #nccsg #nccgenrev #nccvarsity #nccarrow

Whatever you are faced with, whatever matter is troubling your heart, know this - Our God is GREATER! ☝️#thebattlebelongstothelord

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#godlovesyou #faithful #2017TheYearOfJubilee #rest #listen #flow #nccsg #nccarrow #nccvarsity #nccgenrev

Our heartiest congratulations to our dearest graduates of 2017! Remember our cluster vision? That #ItsTheEndThatCounts? Truly each of you have made it count in your season here in ITE cluster! It might be the end of your journey here in ITE, but it's just the start of another smashing journey ahead with the Lord in this new season be it in poly or work! Go forth and hit the mark our arrows! #oneite family is proud of each and every one of you! β™₯️ #livinglegends #πŸŽ“xπŸŽ‰ #oneite #ItsTheEndThatCounts #nccarrow #arrowisfamily #graduation2017 #itecentral #itewest #iteeast #itecw #itece #itecc

My 4 years in ITE has indeed been covered by the fingerprints of God, it was God guiding me and growing me throughout.
In my 1st year, I didn't come church at all. However thanks to Miguel and a few other friends, I came back after 8 months.
Eventually I was given opportunities to serve in the CG like helping with events and worship! I really feel that serving in this house as hands and feet for God is really amazing, He always blesses me back one way or another!

Besides seeing fruits in the ministry, God also prospered me in other areas like Foosball!
God gave me favor with the Foosball teacher, gave me influence among my peers and even opportunities to represent the school and Singapore!

Recounting these moments, it couldn't have happen if I didn't place my trust in Him. Whatever you have trusted Him in, He will take it and do great things with it, leaving us with nothing but amazement of His awesome work. I am really grateful for the Kingdom friends whom God has surrounded me with, who never gave up on bringing me back home. I'm really Glad to call OneITE my spiritual family. - Keith Brandon Ng (ITE Central Others)
#oneite #storiesofite #nccarrow #arrowisfamily #ItsTheEndThatCounts #itecc #itece #itecw #itecentral #iteeast #itewest

Hey #oneite! Come join us as we rejoice and celebrate the graduation of our Living Legends in ITE cluster to their new season ahead in poly/genrev! Come in White (or Black if you are a grad!) and we'll see you there! πŸ›‘πŸ—‘ #livinglegends #oneite #gradlo #nccarrow #nccgenrev #arrowisfamily

On this day he had conquered the grave and death, resurrected from his death after heading to Sheol( a place in hell) to pray for the souls. He is now risen!!! Amen!! β›ͺ️ Yaweh Yaweh El Shalom #ressurectionsunday #thankyou #nccarrow #2k17

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