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Games, fellowship, sharing and hilarious skits — that’s a glimpse of what the tertiary students and full-time national servicemen were up to at a camp for our Arrow and Varsity youth groups.
The youths were also ministered to by our pastors and leaders, who encouraged them from the Word and assured them of their acceptance through Christ Jesus alone! #nccsg #nccarrow #nccvarsity #avcamp17

Hi I'm Sim Tien and I'm currently serving in RSM. I started serving because my friend inspired me to! I regard serving as an avenue to reach out to the lost and also learn about leadership. 👍🏻😊 I'd really like to encourage arrow youths to take time out to serve and reach out to their friends as God never shortchanges us even when we give Him our time and efforts 😊😊😊 - Sim Tien, ITE CG #nccarrow #arrowisfamily

Daniel, TPC, ketchup (destroyed) JonKoh, NYP @ 2.27pm. #Arrowisfamily #Nccarrow #arrowlegacy2016

Hehe didn't know whether to laugh or cry ... Thank you my awesome #westkia youths for giving me my FIRST EVER mothers' day flowers 💕 (including the Bros who aren't in this pic)
Never would've imagined receiving Mother's Day gifts at this age 😏😏 but haha secretly touched at you guys' thoughtfulness :') 🙌🏻 it's been crazy ups and downs whew but it is such a privilege to walk this journey with each of u for the last 7 months... HTHTs until 2am, sitting along the pavements or on train floors like hobos, lame jokes, taking lots of unglam pics of me, planning bday surprises, weekend after weekend etc ..
It's funny how now the littlest things I never used to notice make my heart leap ☀truly the greatest joy is to see you all blossom into WHO HE HAS CREATED YOU TO BE and know your AUTHORITY and INHERITANCE as a Son or Daughter, and to live lives bigger than yourselves 🙌🏻 .
We might not all have earthly parents with ability to love us, But we all have a heavenly Papa who will never leave us orphans and will fight for us until our calling comes to pass :')

Hey arrows of deliverance! Feeling like you're surrounded by darkness all around? That's because you are called to be the light in darkness, to be arrows of deliverance releasing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to those around you! 💫
Come join us for arrow service this Saturday, 10 June at 3PM! See you there! 🏹
#nccarrow #arrowisfamily #oneite #ItsTheEndThatCounts

God is good, all the time. | Beautiful people with beautiful journeys. 💕
#oneite #nccarrow #arrowisfamily #iteasties

Audacious & United. Those are the qualities the Lord relayed to u Janan @livelong7 and that's what pushed and motivated our cluster to go the extra mile and do our best, those are the qualities that inspired and grew amongst us throughout TP cluster and we're all very happy and proud to have u as our cluster leader and I wanna let u know that u have done an amazing job leading our cluster through legacy and our hard work paid off❤️🙆🏻. in the end everyone comes back from legacy a winner and an achiever! #arrowisfamily #arrowlegacy2016 #nccarrow

:) come as you are. #nccarrow

Had a blast hanging out w this awesome bunch of amazing difference makers tonight! God has a great plan in store for you guys! Your BEST days are up ahead of you 🖖🏻😎 #comeon #AI16 #nccarrow


A great appreciation to my beloved ❣️ Arts 🎭 CG who actually took the time to write down wishes for my birthday and baptism to congratulate me 😜 and even got me a bible for me too. You know who you all are. Love ya homies!!! Love ya families. Amen!! 🙆🏻‍♂️#blessed #appreciated #awesome #arrowisfamily #nccarrow #family #birthdaywishes

Check us out at NCC Resource The Star Level 5 Pop-up store, featuring our favorites @mienlabel.co @thecommandmentco and @sheepography. Receive freebie with purchase. T&C apply. . . .
#popup #christianliving #christiangifts #nccsg #rockgiftssg #nccgenrev #nccvarsity #nccarrow

With care group leader Melissa Lam before going off to dinner. #NCCarrow

Our squad before we started service. #nccarrow #NewCreationChurch

A week ago on this day. 😃The Lord has bless me of the inheritance of him. I feel so loved and grateful i made this choice. Amen! El shaddai! O Holy Spirit baptize me in this water and cleanse me of my past. A great thanks to my CGL @dominicseesyou @selaynay @bencwm @psalm1special #loveyoujesus #blessed #amen #baptism #nccarrow #arrowisfamily #waterbaptism

(Swipe left for more images )My creative Arts Caregroup🎭this are my family in christ. Throw back to yesterday splendid homecook posh dinner and My bro Dom belated birthday celebration!!!! #nccarrow #reuinion #awesome #foodporn #throwback #birthdayboy🎉

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