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THIS WEEK'S HIT: The Wicked and the Divine #36.

This came out last week, but there was no better issue this week, so deal. After the events of the previous issue, so groundshaking that I was forced to reread every issue from this series, I was salivating for this one.

Honestly, if you aren't reading this series then I literally can't speak about this issue without spoiling a damn thing. If you started, but fell off, immediately reread this series and catch up.

As we close in on the end of this entire series (About 10 issues left I think), Gillen and McKelvie are somehow still putting as much on the table as they remove. Just when you think you have answers, which isn't always often, they introduce or show something in a manner of, "Yeah, that theory is cool, but here's this revelation to fuck it up." It's frustrating at times, but in a way you have to respect.

I said a while ago that I think I'll look back on this series, in all its scope and density, as a modern comparison to Watchmen. This was before I know a lot of what I know now. I hold that assertion true. It feels like the events of this series are genuinely too immense to comprehend, at times. It truly feels like you're witness to something your mortal brain can't process.

This issue does that wonderful Wic/Div thing of showing you everything while telling you little. Then they drop another bombshell. It is a GIGANTIC revelation. We are approaching the endgame to what is one of the most mythologically and narratively ambitious comics...maybe ever.

Gillen needs to be lauded through the ages for this, and McKelvie...well, what is there to say? Flawlessly blending pop art sensibilities with comic book style photorealism isn't easy. He does it. He innovates. He does so every issue, superbly given life by Matt Wilson's colours. This whole team is legend, this series is scripture. Blessed be those who are reading it.

Your eternal damnation may very well await you for missing out.

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My Birthday is about a week away, and for fun I will be having a comic giveaway! The Prize is a NM unread, unopened, hand picked copy of Amazing Spiderman 798 1st full app of the Red Goblin plus free shipping! TO PARTICIPATE: all I'm asking is leave a comment explaining your weirdest, strangest, cool mind blowing Mandela experiences. On Sunday night May 27th, my family and I will choose are favorite and annouce a winner. Again, this is free to play for all of IG no strings. I will be reposting this everyday for the next week... Also, this is for FUN! Trying to gather as many M.E.'s as possible, thx for all participation! 😎

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Another great Marvel Number is on the racks this week - Check out INFINITY COUNTDOWN DARKHAWK #1 from Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, Lim, and Gang Hyuk!

For any orders or price queries, please email us at dublin@forbiddenplanet.co.uk with your contact details!

On Earth, Chris Powell is a patrol officer with the NYPD, protecting and serving the people of New York...but out in space, he's Darkhawk, the galaxy's only line of defense against the return of the ancient army of the Fraternity of Raptors! Spinning out of the Infinity Countdown storyline, the 'hawk is back to fight for justice from the edge of Manhattan to the edge of the universe!s!

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