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a thing of poland from earlier on last week or so? used it in the recent comic of poland and hungary, and currently using it as my profile picture. haha.
#nbeingthing_poland #nationbeingthing
so i’m working on a bunch of junk right now all the while being busy with other stuff. you guys’ll get your central asians soon, don’t you worry ;-)

#nationbeingthing #nbeingthing_poland #nbeingthing_hungary
PS: am genuinely sorry. i.. really had to draw this.
when will my good ideas and regular sleeping schedule return to me?
edit: so it’s the morning, my mind is fresher, and i just realised that the first panel was drawn really, really badly. however, i’m going to own and stick to my mistakes like a man

🇵🇱 #nationbeingthing #digitalart #nbeingthing_poland
a re-draw of something from last year (the second picture)!
also - this may be a bit late, but thank you guys so much for 8k followers! :-)

the slavs

#nationbeingthing #digitalart #slavs

you wanna know what's the most enjoyable part of drawing these kinds of comics? i get to draw people straight up brawling with each other and strangely, for some reason, i thoroughly enjoy doing that. :-)

some art, coloured during a livestream. thanks to everyone who came along and kept me company!

#nationbeingthing #digitalart #polandball #jjdkgksjfhnfbckdfo #nbeingthing_russia #nbeingthing_poland #nbeingthing_israel

i've promised myself that i wouldn't draw these two together again like this for at least a month or two, but since i and my art have both sunk to the bottom of the barrel i might as well stay there.
here they are :"-) #nationbeingthing #poland #hungary #yeeeeeee #nbeingthing_hungary #nbeingthing_poland

good lord i'm finally done. here they are! the visegrád group!

#nationbeingthing #digitalart #nbeingthing_czechia #nbeingthing_slovakia #nbeingthing_poland #nbeingthing_hungary
pardon the colouring on the portraits - i set up a challenge for myself to see if i could spend only 1-2 hours on colouring each portrait. i did it, but the result is far from my best work and i apologise. i also used references for them.
might've missed some things about them here and there on the info sheets, but i'm absolutely knackered. need my sleep zzz

#digitalart #nbeingthing_poland
dunno what the hell this is, i didn't feel like working on a comic so i digitalised a doodle while listening to bank dance hall by peat jr. & fernando on repeat, lol.
pretty proud of the colours though, so i thought i'd share!

poland as a winged hussar. i know i've posted this sketch yesterday, but i used what little free time i had today to polish it up a little and it looks a bit better now. :-) #nationbeingthing #digitalart #hahagetitiPOLISHEDit #imsofunnypleaseloveme #nbeingthing_poland

i made an overused joke like this last week during a livestream and i promised that i would draw it out for real and i kept my w o r d

#nationbeingthing #comic #nbeingthing_poland #nbeingthing_hungary

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