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Teamwork makes the dream work! 💪🏼 SO proud of us today! From tire flips, to brain teasers, to ocean swims, to hitting my PR of 16 kipping pull-ups nonstop (where did that come from), today has been absolutely fantastic having you as my partner🤼‍♀️ Swipe to see more pics😁Oh yes, and we can never forget this: "I'm connecting to my inner kangaroo" 😂 #hew #hewpla #tridentchallenge #navysealmuseum

My firstmate @am_smitty and navigator aboard a Mk-V at the #navysealmuseum

Raven bringing joy to the folks at @treasure_coast_hospice ... Thanks for having us. #NavySEALmuseumworkingK9 #NavySEALmuseum #mpc #belgianmalinois

XXX1 Navy SEAL muster @trifitkb #navysealmuseum

I will never forget tonight. #navyseals #navysealmuseum #usa

We couldn't be more honored! We had to share this post for our HEWPLA IG and show you all the hard work has paid off! Thank you so everyone that made this possible!
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Hector Delgado from the Navy Seal Museum stopped by to thank Matt, Randall and the HEW team for supporting the museum. We couldn't have done it without the help of all of you! Thank you for all the dedications and hard work, we are honored to give back to the Navy Seal Museum! #itsnotcomplicated #hardexerciseworks #navysealmuseum

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Take a minute and read the Navy SEAL Ethos which is engraved on the Medal of Honor statue here in Ft. Pierce, FL at the museum. #militarymonday #NavySEALMuseum #nsm #navyseals

Paying Respect to fallen heroes today at @navyudtsealmuseum #navy #navyseals #navysealmuseum #frogmen @am_smitty


Had an amazing day yesterday celebrating Father's Day with my dad, mom @djiruska , and Daniel @label.1 . We had a great time at the #navysealmuseum , hanging out in downtown Fort Pierce, enjoyed dinner on the water at Chuck's Seafood, and finished the night with lots of laughs and making great memories. These two men are amazing fathers, friends, and supporters! I'm very #lucky to be able to call these incredible men mine! 🤗#fathersday #amazingmen #outstandingfathers #greatfriends #makingmemories #lovethemtopieces #happyheart #familyfun #grateful

Squad up from last Poole function at the Navy Seal Museum. It was an awesome day, with my brothers and sisters. We did a Mini Navy Seal obstacle course and after had the opportunity to walk around the museum and learn history and also play around with the fake guns and camo gear . Honestly, I am honored to have the opportunity to join the marines to combat against evil, saw a captured Isis flag put upside down to show those bastard murderers of women and children that we are coming for their ass. Motivated the hell outta me cause Isis is just a group of coward preying on the defenseless. Thank you so all who serve to keep this country safe and secure. Can't wait to become a marine and have my own gear. 💪💪 Also if you would like to visit the museum, it's in Port Saint Lucy and the Mini obstacle course is on the outside part but definitely pay a visit and see the many great things these brace warriors did. It is honestly moving man.👌
#futuremarine #USMC #navysealmuseum

It's been awhile. Life has been pretty amazing. I gave birth to a handsome boy. I've done some lite traveling. This was my last mini vacation to Fort Pierce and Vero Beach. This time I was blessed to enjoy this trip with the kids. There's lots to do that doesn't involve digging into your wallet.

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