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Our graduation pictures turned out great. If you can’t tell I like to be cuddled gently. #independentdutycorpsman #8425 #hospitalcorpsman #uniform #navybound #navylife #militarylife #militarymuscle #futuresailor

It's really happening #navybound #imanavymom

I’m going to miss your hilarious ass!! Don’t let his color fool you, he talks like a straight Caucasian dude😭 love you cousin #navybound #Navy #2moreyears #Japan

It’s officially been a week sense i last saw your face or felt your touch. Its been a rough week, but has done alot for me at the same time. It’s hard missing the one you love and your best friend all together. Its sucks honestly. But it makes me so proud and my heart happy for my best friend to be making his life his own, following his dreams, doing what makes him happy for a change!! It’s fucking amazing and i will support him in every way that i can. So that i can bless him and can be blessed to the fullest by God. I miss him but I’ve come to realize i can deal with it. Ans i cherish the moments we have together! I miss him to death but the love will never change. I will always have his back! #imissyou #missmyfuturesailor #iloveyou #sailor #navybootcamp #navybound #loveofmylife #bestfriend #navyfiancé #militarygirlfriend #inlovewithmybestfriend #waitingforyourreturn

Today was the last day I was able to see you. Today was the last day you got to hold me in your arms and kiss me and grab my butt. Today was the last time we rode in the car together and laughed over stupid things. Today was the last day for a lot of things for a while, but we will get all those moments back soon enough. I will miss you more than anything in the world but I know you will support me every step of the way and be waiting for me to come home. Thank you for never giving up on me and always believing in me. Thank you for always making me laugh and filling my life with more joy than one person needs. And thank you for loving me endlessly. I’ll see you soon❤️❤️❤️ #navybound #illbeback #seeyousoon #loveyou

So right now ima do something different I’m going to show a little emotion... So there was this total stranger that got into a relationship with my close friend more like a brother. In the beginning she was shy and quiet and never really talked and doesn’t remember the first time I met her smh but supposedly always down to drink and could “hang” as other have tried and failed. But then out of the blue she spoke.. we talked a little and then some more & then I figured she’s a cool chick who would have known in a couple days in I would call her “CUÑADA” (Sister-In-Law). This amazing but explosive little firecracker is one of if not THE coolest person I have ever met, despite her little abusive side. Although she does what most nighas wish they would be able to do which is smack me around I still grew very close to her. We have drank, we have raved, we have partied, we have done just about it all. I have so much love & respect for this FUTURE SAILOR I salute you. I’m going to miss you oh so much dude. Even though you doubt it and say otherwise I WILL. I’m glad my brother @downnout_driver chose you, he couldn’t have done a better job. Thank you for all the amazing and great memories we have created. Some people don’t get the chance to meet awesome people and I’m glad I did. Be safe & I know you will and make everyone proud!! More than they are now! Just know you will FOREVER have a CUÑADO (brother-in-law)/FRIEND here for anything you need!! You can forever count on me!! When you return for those two weeks we already said two weeks full of mischief and fun with a lot of partying like never before.. this isn’t a goodbye this is an UNTILL THEN @maarry.g I appreciate you!

Good luck Jenn, we will definitely miss you! 💙⚓️ | #navybound

I’m going to miss this man it’s only two months but it’s gonna feel like years stay strong bro #navybound

Day 4 without my life. It’s been a slow one a drag. Everytime i turn around something reminds me of you. My #music the times of day we talked the cuddles on the couch. The warmth of you touch. Everything about it flooded my brain. I just want you by my side to hear your voice. Your kiss your hug. Something! My heart is filled with love and faith. My body is filled with pride. For the love of my life is on a journey fulfilling his dreams of becoming a #usnavysailor and i am truly Proud of #him! He’s following his dreams and i will be here by his side no matter the distance or time we spend apart for everywhere i go he is always in my heart. My better half, my best friend, i will support you, ride or dis til the end!! I love you baby @ant_johnson21 #bondunbreakable #loveofmylife #him #navybound #militarygirlfriend #navybootcamp #imisshim #bestfriend

This right here is what made me snap out of being in fairyland and decide to join the Navy. I made my mind up that day. This person opened my eyes with out even knowing it. Thanks to this person I decided to make the perfect choice for my future. I’m a soon to be squid all thanks to them. #navybound #navy #aglobalforceforgood

I guess now is where the countdown really starts! I can’t believe that in just a few short days, I’ll be getting on a plane (for the first time ever!) and going to boot camp. #futuresailor #futurecorpsman #americasnavy #navybound

Day 3, I write you and take a trip back to the beginning of our relationship. damn time really has flown by. It’s like just yesterday u smiled at me and caught my eye. It’s like just yesterday i sent you a message hoping to start a conversation with you. Its like just yesterday i woke up each morning saying “good morning bootz” waiting for your reply. Its like just yesterday you became the one person i could count on to catch me wen i fall. Its like just yesterday, we had our first kiss that filled me with butterflies from my head to my toes, like just yesterday i fell in love with you, letting God take us wherever he needs us to go!!! Its like just yesterday I looked into your eyes and felt unconditional love!! I miss you so much!! I love you!! I can’t wait to feel you love and kiss your face!! #love #bondunbreakable #loveofmylife #missinghim #militarygirlfriend #missmyfuturesailor #navybound #bootcampbound #letterstomysailor #jookiezjourney

Just signed my Navy contract!!!!!
I’m shipping to basic in May!!!!
#gunnersmate #usnavy#navybootcamp#navybound#futuresailor#navygirl #navyqueen#forgedbysea

Welp, its day three, I’ve cried a little!! I miss him face bunches😞!! It sucks not having my best friend to share my excitement with!! I got my first hoodie I designed myself in the mail today!! He would be so proud of me. @ant_johnson21 I’m trying to make you proud. I know I haven’t been optimistic about alot. So i am working on being a better me for you. Sense i have been with you my problems have gotten better. Your efforts never go unnoticed! I love you to pieces baby!! I’m blessed to be a part of your journey and even though your #bootcampbound I’m at home rooting and praying for you every step of the way. It’s hard being here without you!l, but i can manage it some how! So today, my goal is to do my best to make you proud!! I love you, I’m #praying for your #success and #strength that you may need to make it through this time. I can’t wait til i can kiss him face again!!! #youreonmymind #militarygirlfriend #missinghim #loveofmylife #bondunbreakable #love #fiance #imhis #navybound #ididthat #mydesign #proudofhim #proudofmyself

I can’t send u these yet but you have a whole lotta catching up to do sir @ant_johnson21 i hope these help you wen you do get them!!! I love you and miss you to pieces!! #love #militarygirlfriend #missinghim #loveofmylife #bondunbreakable #navybound #youreonmymind #hesmine #lettertomysailor #letters #iloveyou

Goodbyes are never easy so I figured the best way to express my love for this brohan would be a post of some unforgettable memories we shared. Good luck Critter #navybound #crittagram

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