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People are not Rain, Snow or Autumn leaves. They don't look beautiful when they Fall. #NavK

your body is an an
inventory of trauma,
a catalogue of heartbreak
a glossary of
unanswered questions.
scars and ruin
bookmark your past
disaster dogeared -all to remind you
where you have been
is not where you're going
poetry : @_navk

#aphiraapaints #navk

" radiance
is not always defined
by how much
light you emit,
or how much
talent or skill
you possess.
pleasant thoughts
show themselves
on your face.
that, too, is radiance. "
- Nav K #radiance #navk #poetry

..want to study the whispers on your lips, memorize every kiss that I've missed in the twenty years on this earth that I've spent in your search. #navk #sigh

Le persone
non sono
o neve,
o foglie autunnali,

non sembrano
cadono. πŸ‚

#navk #leaves #fallen #phrases

The English language at its finest. @_navk #navk

We reside in two continents at the same time;
our bodies here, our minds elsewhere. @_navk #navk


Happy Happy 1st Anniversary @navkofficial ! Keep Supporting ViceRylle!😘 Sana Ma-Greet nila tayo!


i spend most days wishing i was a sufi poet

We bid madness for madness, 
tease the withering shroud, 
adrift in that stream of
The formless path coaxes 
only the absence of return.
β€œWho curses upon her this?”
faceless whispers demand 
to know; such as in the world 
of the living, curiosity bears 
an irresistible, palpable tension
[excerpted, nav k]

People are not Rain or Snow or autumn leaves. They donot look Beautiful when they fall.


It has recently occurred to me, to my great dismay, that I may be very well fated to be painfully average. Perhaps then I should change my pen name, too, from Nav K to Average K, or Just K. But certainly not Special K. And not just because that would be a copyright infringement, I assure you. There's nothing quite special about being average other than perhaps being spectacularly boring.

Stunning πŸ“·@vvnnie
I've lived through winters in July, but you could paint new hues into the darkest parts of sky. While I waited for winters to subside, you appeared to my surprise and the overcast was cast aside. Now my eyes are finally open, and I'm finding it hard to keep my focus. So I'm looking at you right where your soul sits, down to your nose, lips, as the latter curls to brighten up the world like a summer solstice. I'm lost in the notes of the melodies you evoke, and more often than most I need to keep you close. Because before, I'd spend my days caught up in a daze or snooze. And now I'm awake, and so damn amazed with you.

some days, it comes in waves.
some days, tsunamis.

I want everything and nothing,
everyone and no one.
Right now and never.
All at the same time
always. -- @_navk

Semicolon Revisited by xq
#navk #poetry #poet #booknerd

Unlearning is a process in which we must question ourselves and our conditioning, and whether our thoughts, beliefs, and practices are still relevant, tolerant, accepting, and inclusive of others' and their spaces. It is not an experience in which others highlight our faults for us to examine and consider, it is one in which we must hold the spotlight upon ourselves and be brave enough, and at the same time vulnerable enough, to consider.
How do my actions affect those around me? Am I overly critical or judgmental? Am I partial to a specific race, sex, or creed? Do I favour one kind of friend over another? What are our faults? These are some of the questions we might ask ourselves. But this is not a game of Detective in which we find someone to blame. Blame is counterproductive because it does not guarantee accountability. The only way we can bring change is to admit that something that we had personally known to work or to be acceptable in the past is not as such any longer, and work to change or adjust the habit. – Nav K, Unlearning (excerpt) β€’ full post on blog, link in bio.

⚽Io e Vincenzo Dragone πŸ˜‚
#racists #facism #dividerinchief #refugeeswelcome #gopro #alternative #resistance #nevertrump #mitchmcconnell #writing #fascists #white #brown #beard #islam #navk #diversity #canada #toronto #people #revolution #face #beards #colour #peopleofcolour #supervillain #blackmagic #african #racist

@thi.nk.er thanks for the super moon πŸ“· I did a thang
slipstreams of tedium lay bare
for days without end. you,
in your complicated glory,
fractal pieces of soul
shimmering like images of
the moon caught in shards
of mirror's glass riddled
upon the floor. you entertain
ideas that you yourself
deem forbidden – they
would not be the worst thing
in the world, still it would
not be the best. the night turns
over to day and we live on, just so.

πŸ“·Joseph Eid / @afpphoto
That which ails us pales us, rots the insides and fails us. As incessant thoughts work to derail us. Distracts and impales what cannot be measured on a scale. Dreams are that which have us teeming with pride and are sure to cause a certain glint in the eye. But once forced aside something within us has died and the infection spreads to every organ inside. Madness demands madness like a fist demands a foe, and sadness commands our demons so steadily an army grows. With senses dulled and weapons sharp we let loose that final thread, that separates the present from the past, as we tread an economy of the dead.
Pictured: Mohammed Mohiedin Anis sits smoking his pipe and listening to records in his destroyed home in Aleppo, Syria. Anis refuses to leave his home as he wants to continue living and dreams to fix up his collection of classic cars that were either damaged or stolen during the fighting. Let this haunting image remind us of the destruction we are capable of, and the consequences which we keep so far out of mind because it does not affect us.

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