brown is a red dot.
the sad thing about this is that i shouldn’t have to write this, but at the same time i did. all of this is from listening and observing over the course of less than a week. the truth of the matter is that this continues to happen.
but rest assured, i will most definitely call you out on your shit. always. next time, there will be names 🙂

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another tragedy.


I’ve recently been reflecting on my passions and thinking about why I chose the paths that I did. That and a few other related experiences lately made me think back to this piece that I wrote as a reminder to myself sometime ago.
It’s no secret that we all feel pressured in some way or form to excel, to succeed, and become the best versions of ourselves in whatever endeavour we have taken on. But whatever that process looks like for you, it’s often hard not to compare with those around you.
Adding to societal, environmental, religious, cultural, and other stressors, we place tremendous pressure on ourselves to achieve expectations that may not always be grounded or reasonable.
We fall off the path when we fail to trust it. The journey and growth become compromised. To fear failure so much as to not to fail at all is a terrible failure in and of itself.
Trust your path, trust yourself, and trust the process. Your journey and your struggle is supposed to be as unique as you are, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


BY BODIES OF WATER up in the beautiful mountains of Alberta, by the lovely @arezou_adventures & @rolandortizdelacruz 🙏🏽
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By Bodies of Water 🌊 • www.naveedk.com/water
The prefix “re-“ when placed in front of a root word signifies “again” or “again and again” (think “re-peated”) and/or “back” or “backward” (think “re-verse”).

📷 @mazadohta 🙏🏽
Zimbabwe by @tapiwamugabe and By Bodies of Water

Every revolution starts with language. Language can be so powerful, but the history of language, its origins, and its journey also determine its specific strengths and weaknesses. If I’ve learnt anything it’s that if you want the language to work for you, you have to redefine and recreate language using language. Not to reinvent, but to manipulate rules and conventions until it speaks YOUR truth through YOUR experiences -not through those of someone else who hasn’t lived your experiences (but still gets to choose definitive meanings and convoluted language rules). Live the language that tells your story, give it its own life. Give it yours.


conflict at the core of our existence. revived from months-old drafts.

| Day 23 | of the @themakeshiftunion ’s #MakerShuffleHustle is *taking chances* and @_navk has pretty much summed up how I feel on the matter so here are his words; let them sink in 🤞
In my own words: worry less and take a chance on today; there’s no braver feat than being the very best you can be right now, in this present moment 😌
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this olive time⌚️💭

still can’t feel my face, what are we smoking anyway

peel back the wreckage
search there for any
thing worth salvaging -
scrap pieces of soul
excavated from ruin
that begs the question:
by holding on do we
breathe life into memory
or attempt to breathe
life back into the dead?

“Learn from the earth, from her calms, and from her storms. When to be still, when not to be. 
How to be loved and ignored and continue being everything.”

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