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Do the bad thing on the right way. #Navin #matthailand

Annaaaaa 😭 Vanthu enne Pappa ne kupde 😟😫 Nee enne mattum tha appedi kupduve 😩 Why you won't call now ? That day we plan to makan chicken rice right why you gone ? Did you remember the day we play in the rain ? You also play using loges bottle.! πŸ˜¦πŸ™‡ When I stay back you are the one who drop me at house after this who will drop me Anna ? Yen Anna ivlo sikkirem pone ? We fight alot and I know I hurt you alot I won't do the same mistake again ! Vanthure Anna 😭😭 Kadaisi varaikkum un munje pakke videle anna they close your face ! You know very well I like to flirting with you but enge ippo anthey azhage ? Today naa unge kitte ore good news sollenum ne ninaichen but athey kekketha nee illeye 😭 Naa unakke WS le message pannirikken pare Anna 😒 I'm waiting for your reply 😩 Is that everything okay up there ? I scold god and ask him to keep you happy 😭 He will Anna 😡
I miss you anna 😭 I love you please come back 😩 Your GF needs me your mom want me 😒 Naa Enna Panrethu Anna ? Neeye solle Anna 😭
#Navin #Harrypotter #130417 #Myblood #RIP

#Navin peedi

Full on Masti with my friend #navin bidu 😎😎😎😎

Love you kamu dudududuuuu 🎡🎡 πŸ˜‚ .. .
P.s : @screenplayproductions , gaada niatan lanjutin ini sinetron !? Yang sesion 2 dulu nanggung banget lohh kepaksa di berentiin .. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #PAA #PAA2 #Navin

Ponnu moonje seri illaπŸ˜‚#musically #navin #neram #beardlove #peace

You Are Still lives In Me Cha ❀
I Can't Believe That You're No More With us😒..
#Navin 😒

selfie with my 2 hancy brothers.
#chandragiri ☺☺☺

Buying treats for munchkins at @bakerbots_baking #roadtrip #victoriadayweekend #navin


@ #navin cinema

4 of my uyir...

Full on Masti with my friend #navin bidu 😎😎😎😎

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