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"The belly button represents the beginning of our life"... Ever since I can remember, I have always found comfort in massaging my belly button. It may sound weird but sucking the thumb was something I never did as a child, it was all about my baby bottle and belly button massaging 😁👌 Now, I still find as an adult that I find comfort in this process, however I avoid doing it and I can comfortably not do it, maybe because I am quite happy and satisfied in life, with knowledge and FREEDOM to control my lifestyle, however I choose to 🤗
Therefore, I don't NEED the soothing elements that it provided me with throughout the miserable, early years of my life, where I had no choice or control of my own life.

Interestingly, looking at this article, the fact that it may release #Serotonin would make sense, as to why I would have opted to do it. However, it could also have been my body's natural way of trying to stimulate my gut; read about the stimulation of the gut, through navel massage. It actually can help alleviate discomfort by increasing the rush of toxins out of the body.

Hopefully, others out there pondering why they may have a 'strange' habit, can now relax and research! 🤓

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If I'm angry with her, she knows what to do. #NavelMassage #Cat #Spots

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