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Are you guys aware that this life you're living is a game, a movie, an orchestra-- and you're in control? Every thought is a seed that can eventually grow, plant and nurture wisely.
Years ago I came across @nigelbarker's @instagram and I thought to myself "someday- I want to shoot with him" it only took 3 years 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 but hey.
And not just any shoot! The camera he and @aloyoga used to capture this was unlike anything I had seen before. I think they said there are 8 of them in the world- we used two that day 😂🤣 Add to that a dream team crew? #blessed #grateful #internationalyogaday #aloyoga #nauli #aloxnigelbarker Featuring my badass base @acrowithjon

Kisbo express
Mwanza DSM
#nauli:45,000/= Photo credits @mjeuri_force

Morning routine Nauli kriyas. Not easy to take a selfie of a nauli "in motion", and not pretty, so appologies for the alien look 😂but I wanted to share that I have been trying to do naulis every morning after a glass of lemon water. It massages my organs, fires up my Agni, my inner fire and helps me kickstart into the grey winter mornings. It's also really good for abdominal strength and

Practicing Nauli breathing in an attempt to rid of the remnants of this cold. It also tones and massages the abdomen. #winwin #nauli #krya #yoga

💕Happy Friday 💕
Still working on #nauli #deepbreath 💨
Have a wonderful weekend 💕

Nauli practice at its best 🙏
@aubrymarie demonstrates how she adds #nauli into her #yoga practice.
Tag someone who can do this!

Прям #horror получился😱🙈Приятного аппетита всем, кто сейчас кушает😜И доброго утречка тем, кто только проснулся🌊Я вспоминаю технику #наули 🐍 Долго не практиковала по ряду причин! Позор мне🙊 #nauli #ohmygod

WOW! 💪 Incredible #Nauli practice by @aubrymarie 🎥: @aloyoga


Этот нереальный сине-фиолетовый цвет 💜💣

Видите рука из ниоткуда? Это самое ВАЖНОЕ на этом фото! Да, да! Не мои ножки 😋 и не тот факт, что "встать на руки лицом к стене - это вообще как?!?" На видео показываю как😄
Когда мы учимся стоять на руках СПИНОЙ к стене, ноги все время падают на стену, потому что мозг пока не умеет прессом держать ноги и чуть сгруппировывать корпус.
Когда же мы стоим ЛИЦОМ к стене, моментально включается инстинкт самосохранения. Если вы потеряете контроль положения тела на долю секунды - упадёте назад😱 Понимая это, мозг группирует туловище, притягивая ноги к стене - к опоре. А нам именно это и нужно!😄
Обязательна Надежная Страхующая Рука! Заодно проверите уровень своего доверия уровень понимания ответственности за вашу безопасность с другой стороны!

So next time you're at the doctor's office, you know how you stand!
Learning to engage bandha (muscular/energetic locks) on demand (and even before your brain thinks you need them) is a ten year practice at least... but hey - start this nervous system connection today!
Like, share & ask questions! 🙌🏾🤸🏽‍♂️🍓🙏🏽

Yoga beyond leggings....? Nauli is an essential Kriya (cleansing technique also known as "Shatkarma"). This practice is a churning of the abdominal contents by way of isolated contractions of the abdominal muscles. It serves to clean and tone the organs, harness prana (vital life force energy) and heal digestive maladies.
Four nauli variations, which are gradually learned sequentially:
-Madhyana Nauli: Isolated contraction of the central muscles of the abdominis (shown at the end of the video).
-Vama Nauli: Isolated contraction of the left part of the central muscles of the abdomen
-Daksina Nauli: Isolated contraction of the right part of the central muscles of the abdomen
-Nauli Kriya: the circular movement of the central muscles of the abdomen.

Nauli is generally done standing or in a pose where the trunk can be bent forward, supported by hands upon thighs.

Exhale completely as you bend forward, hold air out but push out through the ribs as if you were inhaling. The entire belly will auction in towards the spine. This is Udiyana Kriya. You can begin with Madhyana Nauli, isolating the center also recurs abdominis. Over time, move you hips slightly side to side as if you were walking (feet remain rooted). After months of practice, you will hone in the brain-body connection through the nervous system to churn your entire abdomen.
Please let me know if you appreciated this post! I'm writing a Kriya & Pranayama section for a yoga teacher training manual, and I'm happy to share more as it flows. So if you're keen to see more... Comment, like and share 💕🤸🏽‍♂️🙏🏽! 😂Re-Born in Born!

Kisbo express
Mwanza DSM
#nauli:45,000/= Photo credits @mjeuri_force

Кто знает, чей такой солнечный цветок? Сегодня утром начал распускаться😍 он такой геометричный, такой сочный, что прям 🙌💃 #суккуленты #succulents

Kisbo express

Mwanza - Moro - Dodoma - singida - shy - mwanza

Daraja la kawaida
#nauli 42,000/=



All you need is right here. Breathe in. Retain the breath. Play with it. Create with it. Let go of it. And breathe in again. This is not something you learn to do, you just know how to do it. This ain't anything fancy or beyond your ability, this is natural flow of your being that you can and should evolve each time you taking your next breath. Feel what it takes and what it gives. It's all about being here and now and allowing yourself to express your natural creator. Look within. This is your focus from now on. It's been too long you've been looking outside yourself. Change it. Now. #breathwork #nauli #kriya #breath #breathing #breathoflife #todayistheday #instayoga #yoga #connect #within #changeyourlife #now #hereandnow #awareness #mokshala #you #makechanges #breathe #naulikriya

Сегодня на уме одни ноги😍😋 #зарядка #МнеНеЛень_ЖелезнаяВоля

Siap dikejutkan Naposo??? .
Sampai ketemu di Retreat PN-GKPA Parl. Batam goes to Mubut Island 25-26 Jun 2017
#pngkpabatam #pngkpa #ngkpabatam #ngkpa #naposobulung #naposo #nauli #bulung #youth #GKPA #gkpa #retreat

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