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Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities 👌
We all have things that hold us back 🔗
Learn to identify them 📍
And question them.
Recognize that more often than not, your insecurities were “taught” to you in childhood, or they stem from a false belief 📝
We all wear masks; sometimes we’ve had them on for so long we forgot we have them on 👹
Take it off, get back in touch with your true self…
…and let the whole world see your true light 🌟🌟
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Capturando la belleza
Valle de los Conejos

Tag Someone That’s Saving to Go Travelling 🔥

@funforlouis "Me Tarzan, you Jane! ❤️🍃 @rayawashere my heart hurts when I’m not with you." _____________________

Ningún camino es largo cuando un amigo nos acompaña🍃
By:@antos_af 🇨🇷

From my new spring collection ;) ... nothing better than a garden after rain. #ilovemymom #sisters #descansogardens #naturescape

Oh how I love spring peach blossoms

A nameless country lane winding through hills as far as my eyes can take in. Windows down, wind rushing through. Car racing through Americanah. Blue skies and winter's charm. This is Nirvana. Life could not be any more perfect.
#pennsylvania #road #roadtrip #countryroads #rural #landscape #winter #sky #skyline #skyporn #bluesky #nature #naturescape #naturephotography #traveler #instatravel #travel #gypsy #wanderer #peace #clouds #wintercolors #paradise #naturescape #americana #adventure #inthemiddleofnowhere #🇺🇲

Continuing with this palette knife exploration...#miniart 🖤

Comment with what you think! 💕

@lebackpacker "So, a month ago I returned home after 6 weeks of hectic travels in Namibia and Norway, thinking I would finally have time to relax, go through all my photos and edit them. The reality was much different to be honest!

For the past three weeks I almost didn’t leave my desk once. I’ve been busy with finishing the edits of my book , going through all the different steps of publishing that involves a lot of color check and re-re-edits of the photos to make sure they look on paper exactly like I see them on my monitor.
Tomorrow will be the final day of a 5-month-long process as I just have a final check to make with my publisher before sending the files to the printer! 🙏
I seriously cannot wait to show you the final result!
Now that I’m almost done working on my book, I’m already planning my next adventure which will start in... 4 days! It seems like things aren’t going to slow down for a while actually, haha.
Here’s a shot I took on my last day in Lofoten last month during a scenic flight that was for the books!" _____________________

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