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My lady debuting her body wellness line in the garden! CBD and THC infused body healing potions! #CaiaOrganics #NaturesCabinet

To the endless adventure I get to be apart of with you.

Giving this blend a try this afternoon. It has such a sweet and spicy scent to it that's perfect for a cold afternoon. Orange is one of the free gifts with purchase as part of my #blackfriday #deal (see prior post for details) and OnGuard comes with the Home Essential and Family Physician kit.
4 drops OnGuard
2 drops Juniper Berry
2 drops Clove
2 drops Wild Orange
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The healing in plants, fruits and seeds is boundless #naturescabinet #govegan🌱 #fortheanimals #plantbasedmarketing #plantbasedfoods #govegan

Nothing like an avocado smoothie bowl to start your morning. 😊#glutenfree #naturescabinet #vegan #wholefoods #avocado #breakfasttime #greensmoothie

#Healing begins from the inside...HEAL thy self ➡ HEALTHY self. Eternally #grateful for all 3 of these. Have a beautiful day 🌹 #theartofhappiness #dalailama #naturescabinet #cannaliens #cbd #cannabisheals

I'm barely standing (but still standing) in my office being thankful for this little guy here. It's an early morning after a long night of crying wake up calls. "Tummy hurtin! Tummy Hurtin!" You saved us twice in the last 12 hours. Good work. #NoCoffeeNeeded #NaturesCabinet #Tuesday

🌼 Coconut Turmeric Milk ....nicely posing next to my purple teapot 💜 a favourite souvenir from @victoriafallsphotos ...a trip to Vic Falls in Zimbabwe ...my home country 🙌 🇿🇼💕🍃 So this is Golden Milk 💛 Healing , soothing remedy for good immune function, fights infections, liver cleanse & even offers possible protection from some types of cancer.... I adore this Medicinal drink & believe in the power of Spice for Health & Wellbeing 🌸✨ This cup is a concoction of homemade coconut milk that I make with water from 100% creamed coconut - 1 Tsp @lucybeecoconut turmeric, 1/2 tsp ginger powder, 1/4 tsp black pepper (better absorption of the Turmeric) 1tsp apple pie spice mix (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom & vanilla) 👄 Gently heat your coconut milk and stir in your spices last...Serve up your body loving Elixir ❤️ #turmericmilk #turmericlatte #immuneboost #fightsinfection #naturescabinet #foodismedicine #coconutmilk #livercleanse #goldenmilk #skinhealth #fitness #cleanse #wellness #healthyremedies #diseaseprevention #hearthealth #fitandwell #healingfoods #healthydrink #healthybody #antiinflammatory #healingspices #turmeric


Palo Santo or "holy wood" is found in South America. The tree dies and it then rests for four years before it is harvested for its scared properties. Used for cleansing and raising the vibrations in rituals and ceremonies. We use palo santo in our soothing soaks to help relax, relieve anxiety. Help decrease inflammation. Aid in asthma and allergy symptoms. Not to mention it leaves notes of pine mint and citrus.

There is something so unquestionably magical about water that not only does it cleanses, it calms, it renews it restores.

1 oz sample/travel/purse size of our customer favorite, cure all cbd salve... As well as our soothing soaks and body scrubs. Come nourish your mind body and soul with plant magic ✨🌱

I spy with my little eye...
Dino drops now available in not only 250 & 500 mg but 1,000mg

Let nature do the talking

Our #petherboftheweek is Barberry. Studies have shown that barberry improves symptoms of diarrhea even faster than antibiotics! 😱it is possible because it has strong astringent and antibiotic properties. These evergreen shrubs are found in subtropical regions all over the world. It has been traditionally used to treat diarrhea, relieve stomach upsets and stomach acids.. It is also beneficial for reducing inflammation and infection of urinary and gastrointestinal tracts. Wow! That's berry berry useful, we'd say! 😁
Our experienced herbalists mix it with other herbs to make the Plantaeris. Which is our natural remedy for diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome in pets. It can help relieve spasms of the digestive tract.
By the way, did you know that dogs and cats are most upset when they have tummy issues? Like they don'y really know how to deal with gas or gurgling. Unlike physical wounds they can lick and hotspots they can itch, but flatulence and acidity is really difficult and painful for them to handle. A stiffened and hunching pet often means unbareable GI issues and needs emergency care. So if your pet has GI issues, don't take them lightly. ❤️🙏🏼
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Q: how will CBD help me ?
A: it will help your overall body function, from respiratory to GI to seizures and anxiety.

If you were a fruit you would be a fineapple
Jasmine rose handcrafted CBD soap 🌹

Happy to heal. 💜
Want to receive all the benefits from marijuana but none of the psychoactive benefits ? ✨
Try CBD to improve your overall body function.

I consider cannabis a cure all 🌿 From aiding those who need an appetite. Reminding those to breathe during an anxiety attack. To bring an awareness to ones place to others From stopping seizures to curing cancer ✨ What can't she do ?

From the bay to LA

Happy to heal

Keep your skin loved & nourished this summer.

The art of turning base metals into gold or healing elixir ✨

My grandmother has passed down her love for reading, her need for travel and her desire for exploration. Her appreciation and respect for others cultures and customs has had me fascinated with questions since I was little. My head filled with eastern ideas, silks, temples, ancient medicine and teachings. My love for healing, plant medicine and cannabis is creating CAIA.

What a time to be alive ... So many choices

Time to relearn everything you think you know ✨

Info about me: My salve was first made to help ease my dads pain with his arthritis and his shoulder he's had surgery on. I had to hear it from his buddy how much he used it. When I first asked he would tell me he hadn't tried it yet.
Thank you for giving me the space to develop into myself ✨ I love you Dad

#100%natural #africanblacksoap#acnescars #sale buy 1lb, Get 1lbs free, buy 2 lbs get 2 lbs free $20 per lb. Must buy soon! #limitedtimeoffer #picoftheday #sinegarethnicimports

This can be used over your whole body! #bodyshop#smoothskinsummer#getright#beautiful#protectyourmelanin. #motherland #pureblacksoap #westafrica #ghana#naturescabinet
100% Natural African Black Soap for Face, Body and Hair
This natural black soap is hand-crafted in West Africa using centuries-old techniques. Made with palm oil, palm kernel oil and plantain leaves, this soap is famous for relieving the effects of acne and removing blemishes. It is also an effective hair shampoo, preventing dry, itching scalp and dandruff. 8 oz. Made in Ghana.

Normal shelf life is 24 months. To prolong the shelf life of the natural black soap, keep it in a cool and dry location. After using your black soap in the shower you can then store it in an air-tight container or zip-lock bag in a cooler and drier section of the house.

Directions: Gently rub a large pinch of soap in your hands to create a lather. Rub the lather or soap on all areas of your face, and rinse. The Black Soap paste is powerful.

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