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My dad was the orginal guinea pig for my first tester products. The salve was instantly his favorite bringing relief to his arthritis, shoulder and back which he has had surgery on both. The mixture of cannabis and other herbs delivery a powerful punch on pain relief, immflammation allowing our bodies to heal easier while being smooth and moisturized.

I dubbed it the "Heal all salve" due to its endless healing potential💕
CBD effects our entire body through our endocannaboid system. Thus healing all within ourselves ✨

First day of spring, the new year
To be spent outdoors planting seeds and becoming aware of all the new life 🌻

Just painting the water ✨

Sure is happy to be smoked

From the inside out 🌀 from the outside in

Once CBD is entered into our bodies our endocannaboid system is able to operate and run, more effectively

When you cant decide

Spring is just around the corner ✨🌼

CBD heals @cannaliens provides @caiaorganics creates ✨

CBD rollers ✨
coming soon

All moved and now getting settled in. House is still in boxes but I'm creating so what's really important?

Natures antihistamine 》 • Peppermint oil 🌿
• Lemon oil 🍋 • Lavender oil 🌸

Use for seasonal allergies either by putting one drop of each in a glass of water or in a veggie capsule until symptoms cease
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Citrus awakens the senses and revitalizes cell development 🍊

Full moon magick

Step 10 for these lovely Grapefruit, Jasmine and Tea tree 💣s

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