We across the bridge to visit the waterfalls in Sungai Mudal, and also we visited nearby waterfalls in Kedung Pedut waterfalls.
Unlucky day because of the dry season, so we didn't get the best captures of the swiftwater falls :(
But these places are full of greatness views..

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Piejura nature park❤️
Awesome place and because we were in nature park, we don't disturb any animals but it was still very exciting traced Grass snake track and finally see that in the forest 🐍😀

In Miami, South Beach isn't the only thing to keep my attention. My favorite place is Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. When you go here, you will be in the company of:
1. Thousands of rare butterflies and their chrysalis'🏵 2. Colorful orchids as far as your eye can see💮
3. 83 acres and 23,000 plants of pure bliss🌴

Best of all, the environmental and scientific conservation efforts here are bar none. I was in heaven. Thank you for refreshing my soul, @fairchildgarden

‘Believe you can and you’re half way there’ As I watched Roxi step up with full determination to reach the top I realised the valuable lesson she was teaching me: that you become unstoppable when you believe you can. To never underestimate the power of self belief in achieving your goals and never quit or give up easily. Half way makes you go all the way 😉💪#motivation #believeinyourself #doyou @aspectsofkingspark @kingsparkandbotanicgarden #varietyplace @perthparks #treehouse #naturepark @perth_life

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