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CFA 🔆 Cure for Addiction. An inspiring story from my heart to yours. - 💙
Waterfall, rainforest and rainbows. -

In the midst of impossibles, I conquer this inner dragon I had as I become my own self expert conquering authentic person. The gentle purity of water drops falling in the deep crisp aired forest over cascading rocks get disrupted by light above hiding in the dark clouds that overshadows the lands with fear. This next moment is the fear memory points jolting for your attention, yet the slow acceptances of the sight of colour, a rainbow beyond the scope of normal gaze, a view that points the moment for what the sight is, an appreciation of the probably can exist.
Probability is way more helpful than possibility. View equations, geometric landscapes as you look and answer to the beat in the travels of each of our own interior landscape development. Each day you stride and with each moment you have the ability to hear more.
Its easier to hide, belief on the stardom of water falling from the infinite source is our first, last and foremost abundant acceptance I am grateful for now. Laughter and love to you. 💙✌

"Scar the sacred tablet of wax
On which the Lizards feed..."
#lizard #countryside #sunny #naturelittle #eðla #þorpið #sólríka #eðlilítill

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