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“Like other nuts, an acorn is a seed, an embryonic tree-to-be wrapped in a hard shell. But only the lower end of an acorn's innards is occupied by a rudimentary root and stem; the rest is nutritive tissue loaded with protein, carbohydrates and fat. Its purpose is to sustain a sprouting seedling until the infant grows green leaves and can stock its own larder via photosynthesis. But far more often than not, a forest creature gobbles the nut and its stored nutrients first.”
- Terry Krautwurst
#nicoleringgold #handfabricated #botanicaljewelry

This is one of the most meaningful episodes we have ever done. I got to work with my dear friend @jamescookuniversity Dr. Jamie Seymour. Jamie was on the expedition with me and Steve Irwin when we tragically lost Steve and we haven't seen each other since it all happened. He is an amazing guy and an incredible scientist and it was so incredible to work with him again.
#Repost @xplorationstation ・・・
Box Jellyfish are the most venomous animals in the world! Join @pcousteau this week on Awesome Planet as he learns all about these deadly creatures, and studies the coexistence between humans and animals around the world. Check your local #FOX listings, or click the link in our bio to learn how to watch! Episodes are available on #Hulu, #Amazon, #Yahoo, and #Roku

Bracelet from The FLIGHT collection... Spread your wings #lilianalvesjewelry #newcollection #jewelry #portuguesedesign #natureinspiration

In love with this! I was tagged in this picture yesterday by @lauragoddardstyle. She snapped the picture on the left of the sky outside yesterday. It reminded her of the color I created a few months ago that she saw featured on @american_salon. She posted this side by side pic to remind us that inspiration is all around us and asked an important question...what inspires you?!?! Thank you @lauragoddardstyle for this pic! I appreciate it so much! 😘💕😍
Color created using @pulpriothair

E as folhas tomaram conta da mesa de hoje...
Jogo americano, pratos, guardanapo e argola de folhas em vários tons de verde complementam o tabledecor 💚🌿🍃
#tabledecor #tablesetting #homedecor #natureinspiration #semanamesahits_folhagem


Sometimes i don't see the purpose in life. What is life? Is life freedom? Am i actually free to choose who and what i want to be?
Mhh .. often i don't feel this freedom. Why do i have to do just one thing for my whole life? I want to do many things and learn from everywhere .. be who i want to be. But there are limits. For everyone, tvhere is something that stands in their way. - "Just live your life!" - they say. How? And am i not a fool to always think positive and hide the issues. Sometimes i don't understand this world ........
📜 P.S.: Thoughts/Notes from me to myself and who might read it.

Sunshine on my mind ☼ Very grateful to have been working with the lovely lady behind @phoebeandknox • Her new collection 'Daisy' has just dropped • Sun kissed babe featuring our Summer Essential Pouch ☼ Available online now.
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There are many benefits to using mixed wood chips as garden mulch, including getting to see all the different mushrooms that appear as the chips break down over time.
#mushroomlover #fungusamongus #fansoffungi #woodchipmulch #natureinspiration

GIRASOLES PARA MI !! Sabías que el #girasol es el símbolo del Sol y simboliza el #amor y la #admiración.💏 Pero también la #felicidad, la vitalidad, el positivismo y la energía. 🌻Es un regalo de flores perfecto para miii y para alguien que está esforzándose por conseguir una nueva meta y que necesita apoyo y ánimo.!! Príncipe. ..Gracias por tanto amor!! 💑#tips #Símboloespiritual: su movimiento siguiendo la posición del sol representa un modo de #vidafeliz y una búsqueda constante de #luz, de iluminación, de amor al sol. 🌻Es un símbolo de aquel que busca permanentemente a Dios,🙏 a lo divino, ya que el astro rey simboliza a Dios!! 💫 💫 💫 💫 💫
En la mitología griega, la ninfa Clytia se enamoró locamente del dios del Sol, Apolo, el cual no sentía lo mismo por ella.
A Clytia se le partió el corazón y murió de pena, convirtiéndose en un girasol que seguía al sol allá donde fuera. No quería perder de vista a su amor, el Sol.

En la #culturachina simboliza una larga vida y buena
El nombre original del girasol es #Helianthum, que surge de una combinación helios (sol) y anthos (flor) #felizviernes #girasolesparami #gracias 🍃💛🍃🌻🍃💛🍃
#happyweekend #sunflowers #thanks #yellowflowers #naturelovers_gr #flowersgarden #fleurs #inbloom #naturelovers #photooftheday#natureinspiration #floral_perfection #flowerstagram #igflowers #flowersphotography #m2accesorios ⓂⓂ

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