I rarely put a filter on nature photos 📷
Yes the sky was blue, the mountains purple, the water varying shades of greenish-blues and the foreground brownish-greens 🎨

Something about taking away the colors seemed to capture the larger beauty of it all though 📷💕 #natureinblackandwhite #homeralaska #bishopsbeach #angelclouds #endofsummer

Every Portrait you make, it imprints your emotions and also the judgment you have towards the people you meet. Some lighter conversations, little sharing and caring may actually help to know and capture the soul of the same who may no more be a stranger.
When I look back, if you ask their name or their story, I can say a little of some but not all, the reason, making an image was more important than knowing their details.

I make a point now to change this attitude towards this art.


Boats bobbin' away at a marina in Watch Hill, RI (gorgeous place to visit if you get the chance!). #watchhill #boatsinblackandwhite

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